Wu-Tang @Wakanda

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Let me start off by saying thanks to everyone who jumped to Poptart’s aid during her traumatic experience.  You guys are awesome! Warmarama: 19 x ssh IC 16 x mountain climbers IC 10 each x sun gods both ways IC Run two laps around the circle at the entrance of the track. PAX then counted


Seeing things differently

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Wakanda Saturday September 4, 2021 0700 – 0800 60º of beautiful Pax Square, City Slicker-RESPECT, Akron, Jingles, John Coctostan, Bogart, Poehler, DontChaKnow– RESPECT, Tommy Boy, Root, Snakes On A Plane, FNG – Robert Bullard now First Class-REPSECT, King Jaffe, Steel Drums, Serina, FNG – Thomas Zengeya now Dr. Hoya, HBO, Bruce Lee - QiC We


Credo Grinder – Reflecting on 4 years

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Wakanda Saturday February 20, 2021 0700-0800 27˚ Sunny   4 more years! 4 years ago on February 20, 2017, this unsuspecting man posted at Latham Grinder alongside longtime friend, FlavaFlav, as FNGs.  Much has happened after 4 years, but one thing is true, I wasn't left behind, and I am not where I was 4


Coupon Party at Wakanda

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Wakanda Saturday, May 11, 2019 0600-0700 Dudley High School 72 °F,  no rain unfortunately Pax Paula Dean, Coach K, Short Circuit, Joseph Burks (FNG Kenny J), 8 Mile *RESPECT*,  Jonathan Stacker (FNG Whopper), Hoser, Square, Mall Cop - QIC The weather forecast the night before showed a small chance of rain in the morning but


Uphill Battle at Wakanda

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PAX: Flo Jo Luke Cage (FNG, Flo Jo's 2.0) 8 Mile (Respect!) Nomex Mr. Belding (Respect!) Gilligan Butt Fumble Square Smooth Jazz Paula Deen (QIC) 10 determined PAX fight an uphill battle YHC was fired up to Q Wakanda for the first time. The AO affords virtually unlimited opportunities - bleachers,

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