Uptown Funk

Turn up the FUNK – UF 3/15

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PAX: Huggies Square Thurmanator (Respect!) Norwood Hoser Ozone A6 Secretary Mare LYnda (Respect!) Gold Digger Houlihan Earhardt Lite Brite Confusion Graffiti (Respect!) Paula Deen (QIC) YHC's playlist shuffles between agony and despair YHC has a thing for funk and soul music. So when Sly Stone's Birthday popped up on the list


Coping with the Cooper

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AO: Uptown Funk Friday, November 30, 2018 0531-0615 Weather: 41F/ 5C, Cloudy PAX: O-zone, Earhart, Drysdale (Respect), Tesla, Snowflake (Respect), Woody, Phelps, Ketchup, Lite-Brite (QiC) As the last few Pax wondered in just after 0530, the F3 mission statement was stated and disclaimer disclaimed.  In typical Lite-Brite fashion, YHC encouraged the Pax to modify as


Uptown Shake Down – UF 11/16

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PAX: Coach K Drysdale (Respect!) Thurmanator (Respect!) Gold Digger Lite Brite Ozone Earhart Sir Charles (Respect!) Dial Up (Respect!) Paula Deen (QIC) "Put the screws on 'em" Earhart said... YHC wasn't scheduled to Q as of Wednesday this week, but Earhart had a "favor" to ask... You see, Site Q Earhart had


Meters are running out at Uptown Funk 10/19

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PAX: Earhart Coach K Ozone Thurmanator (Respect!) Sir Charles (Respect!) Square Paula Deen (QIC) 7 PAX desperately searching floorboards for change. 6 Natville HIMs joined YHC for an early morning jaunt through the not-so-mean streets of Greensboro. YHC was concerned it was going to be a mano y mano


Picking Locks in the Parking Deck – Uptown Funk 7/6

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PAX (from memory due to tech incompetence): Nomex Thermanator (Respect!) Rudy Butt Fumble Mayor Ozone Drysdale (Respect!) Beaver Huggies Coach K Bolt / Flo Jo Tetanus J-Wow Terripoo Prophet Earhardt Paula Deen (QIC) PAX advance through different levels of gameplay 21 HIM got down at uptown this morning and


Freestylin’ at the Funk – UF 4/13

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PAX: Quicken Ozone HUD Elsa (Respect!) Sir Charles Birds Nest Nomex Thurmanator (Respect!) Huggies J-Wow Prophet Hoser Maneater Mayor Golddigger Earhardt Tesla Light Brite Boy Wonder Leverage Coach K Paula Deen (QIC) We have nothing; we have everything we need. At 5:10am, YHC decided to fartsack. At 5:13am, YHC


Partners + Ladder + Spirals = Improvement @ Uptown Funk

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19 of Natville's finest pax, including YHC/Q posted this morning at Uptown Funk.  At 0530, seeing there were no FNG's, disclaimers were disclaimed, and the pax wasted no time in moseying to the Wells Fargo parking lot across from the Bellemeade parking garage for the Warmorama. Warmorama: 20 SSH (IC), 15 Sun Gods (IC, Wind


Uptown Friday 13th Nightmare on Elm St.

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Time: Gloom Temp: 63 Weather: Pre-Mist Location: GCM 36.074452, -79.786464 SF: Standing Proud after Lost Then Found - Thanks Hermie! No better place to be on Friday the 13th than with #Natville Uptown Funk PAX who denied their "Freddy" fartsacks with vigor to attack the day.  Thanks to Hermie, the UF SF is no longer


James Brown Soul Center of the Universe

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The famous poet, George Clinton, once waxed philosophically, "The desired effect is what you get when you improve your interplanetary funksmanship."  While YHC has no idea exactly what that means, it seems appropriate. 26 of Natville's finest decided this morning that they were Givin Up Food For Funk.  We set off for a quick mosey. 

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