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You want variety? You got it.

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I was really impressed by Thurmnator's Quaker Crater Q early this week, kept us moving and before you know it 45min is over. So I try to recreate that same experience here in Sweat Angel. Went to home depot and bought 6 20lb pavers for $20, which btw is well worth the money. July 11


HITTING the Curb again at Sweat Angel

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By now YHC is quite bored with his own inventions. There's got to be other ways to motivate/trick the pax to give their all in a 45-min period. Maybe I need more variety of exercises, or a different pace, or... It was decided the best way to get better was to look at what other


Dealing with Half a Deck at Sweat Angel 12 06 2018

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11 post at Sweat Angel and delt a beatdown hand in slightly less than warm weather. #below30 PAX: Schnitzel, Hoser, Pheonix, Jitterbug, Mall Cop, Robin Hood, STP, Etch-a-Sketch, Buffy, Slumlord, Huffy WARM-A-RAMA: 10 min Side Straddle Hop / String Rippers / Windmills / Imperial Walkers / Mountain Climbers / 5 Burpees OYO THE THANG: 1


No Bitter Tears Were Shed at Sweat Angel

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AO: Sweat Angel Date: June 21, 2018 Location: Jaycee Park Middle Parking Lot PAX: Spackler (Respect!), Scott Nix (FNG ~ INXS), TommyBoy, ESL, Fannie, LightYear, Slur, Ketchup, Longtime, Huffy (Respect!), SpongeBob (Respect!), Schnitzel (Respect!), Dontcha Know (Respect!), Etch-a-Sketch QIC: Etch-a-Sketch Thursday dawned hot and humid, in other words it was perfect conditions for a Sweat


Thoughts of Rebellion at Sweat Angel

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Sweat Angel April 12, 2018 - 5:30 AM Jaycee Park Middle Parking Lot PAX: Stage Fright, Jitterbug (RESPECT!), Hoser, Schnitzel (RESPECT!), Slur, Phoenix, Bundle (RESPECT!), LEAP, Face Plant, Long Time, ESL, Puddles (RESPECT!), Etch-a-Sketch QIC: Etch-a-Sketch It is always great to kick-start a Thursday at Sweat Angel, but when you are greeted with milder weather


First time Q’ing with hurt ankle, a great morning

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PAX: Etch, Long time, Joe Wolak FNG MSL, ESL, Don't Cha Know, Slur, Short Circuit, Schembechler (I've had such a hard time with this name), Bulldog (QIC) YHC overused the ankle. According to the specialist my right foot was fine, just that my tendons are inflamed, need to rest up. But thanks to accountability, YHC


20/10 Tabata is hard y’all!

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Sweat Angel March 8, 2018 5:30 AM - 6:15 AM Jaycee Park Parking Lot PAX: Phoenix, Stage Fright, Stinky Cheese, Slur, Shembechler, Longtime, Ketchup, (FNG) Matthew Lawing / Slim Shady (Respect), (FNG) John Turner / Flatline, Etch-a-Sketch QIC: Etch-a-Sketch Splinter Ruckers: Bodett, Slum Lord, Smokey, Leap, TommyBoy, Stubing, Hoser YHC was stoked to head out


HIITing the Curb at Sweat Angel

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Sweat Angel - 12/21/2017 YHC has recently wondered if the Police's Synchronicity II was written about a Sad Clown? “Another suburban family morning Grandmother screaming at the wall We have to shout above the din of our rice crispies We can't hear anything at all Mother chants her litany of boredom and frustration But we


99 Problems

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On a relatively warm November morning, YHC was excited to be the Q at the best non-running workout in Natville. Recent travels to B-Town for their anniversary convergence gave great inspiration for a workout. Sweat Angel was the perfect place to share. The setting: ~ 41 degrees, calm winds, clear skies. Country Park lot. Disclaimer

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