Starmount Stampede


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  Natville HIMs celebrate Lindleystock, a musical celebration of speed and violence A couple months back, Leverage caught YHC after a Wednesday beatdown with an idea. Slammin Sammy's and Starmount Stampede share the same location, so how about a 2-day combined beatdown? YHC couldn't say no...I mean that'd be pretty lame right? the two AOs


Wild Horses ran free at the Stampede

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Workout Date: 08/24/2017 "Blame it or praise it, there is no denying the wild horse in us." - Virginia Woolf 16 Natville Wild Horses answered the bell this morning for the weekly running of the Starmount Stampede. They came from neighborhoods near and far, including three brothers from the 08 'hood, for some out


Gatorade Oasis

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YHC had been dreaming about this Q for weeks and had a fun little surprise in store for everyone halfway through the run.  Read on to find out what it was… YHC arrived at the AO and greeted Hazmat and Everest on the basketball court.  Then others started trickling in from the parking lot or


Shake n' Bake at The Stampede!

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18 PAX posted at Starmount Stampede this morning and trusted YHC to deliver their DRP!  Good times were had, we all got better and there was even a chippendale sighting along the way.  A bit of an unconventional Stampeded workout, but YHC wanted to do something different. WARM-O-RAMA After a brief discussion on the punctuality


Keeping the fam together

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18 men joined YHC on a romping stomp through Starmount Forest. All were promised a solid run where no one gets left behind. Warm-a-rama Don Quixote x 20 IC SSH x 20 IC Broga: Downward Dog, runners stretch/lunge with arms raised.  Maybe something else. 5 minute warm-up mosey to corner of Starmount Drive & Knollwood


Stampede Late BB

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18 runners showed up to get some straight mosey in on that fine morning. Pleasantries where spoken. Mini Me was still in town peddling some pipe and camping out at the convention center. Please forgive the late and short BB as I could not remember if BB's were required for the Stampede.. oops. My VQ


A fun run

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YHC drove through the route to the shovelflag to find a seasoned group of PAX. Maneater showed up, pretended looking very surprised, "what is this? PAX showing up to an AO?" He was referring to last week when he Q'd Arise, and no one showed up. Much laughter was generated amongst the PAX. Something interesting about


The Pacer comes to Greensboro

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A little over a month ago YHC was asked by Tebow to consider Qing in the month of April and it only took 1 second for me to immediately respond with a YES! Although I’ve Q’d many times with the PAX in Summerville, SC I’ve never had the courage to step out and lead a

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