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20/10 Tabata at Shake Weight on 10/20

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A.O.: Shake Weight Date: October 20, 2020, 5:30 - 6:15 AM Location: Signature Place Parking Deck - P1 Level Weather: Always Sunny PAX: Tommyboy, Puddle Jumper, Gekko, Frosty, Picasso (Respect!), Gunny, Slur #Kotters, Longtime, Ramses, Poehler, Drifter, Boywonder, Etch-a-Sketch QIC: Etch-a-Sketch Lucky 13 veteran PAX post in the secret underground lair for a weight driven


Rest day

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YHC is still recovering from Monday beatdown by Gunny. Everyone at Quaker Crater agreed it was terrible, just terrible. Wanted to fartsack on Tuesday, only to remember that I had signed up to Q Shakeweight. Hey but the good thing is that I get to pick the exercises. PAX: Poehler, Streamer, Norwood, Phoenix, Houlihan, TJ


Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

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Shake Weight March 6, 2018 5:30 AM P1 Level Signature Place Parking Deck PAX: On Time, Longtime, Dr. Phil, Dirty Laundry (Respect), Sacked (Respect), Snowflake (Respect), Gold Digger, Phoenix, Slur, Hot Cocoa, Tea Party, Boy Wonder, Etch-a-Sketch QIC: Etch-a-Sketch On a very comfortable Tuesday AM, 12 gloom studs joined YHC at the subterranean AO known


Tabata Jam Sesh at ShakeWeight

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The PAX: Phoenix, LongTime, LightYear, Poehler, Sacked (Respect!), Gold Digger, Boy Wonder, Etch-a-Sketch (QIC) VW Microbusses lined the parking lot at ShakeWeight, where 8 of the tie-dye wearin-est, patchouli smellin-est, crunchy granola-est, bearded, long-haired PAX formed a drum circle, kicked a hacky sack and got down to some underground jam band and Tabata. No FNGs


A Meet-n-Greet good time at Shake Weight

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Shake Weight - Tuesday, December 5, 2017 Fresh off of Q School, YHC was eager to put new knowledge into practice. As luck would have it, 7 brothers of the gloom descended upon the Shake Weight AO on Tuesday morning to join in the chase for our #DRP. No FNGs were present, so the F3


ShakeWeight 11

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On a humid Tuesday morning 11 PAX including YHC entered the deck with weights in tow. Serious group with little fanfare ready to go right to it this morning. After welcome and disclaimer here's how it went down: WARM-A-RAMA Sun Gods x 15IC each direction String Ripper x 15IC Hillbillies x 15IC Spine Stretch on 6


A Bucket of Yuck

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Conditions 76 degrees Not a cloud in the sky 96% Humidity The great thing about the Shake Weights AO is that the weather never changes under the parking deck. The worst thing about the AO? The weather NEVER changes underneath the parking deck. So when it's hot and humid... it stays hot and humid. Such


Dr.Phil's BS Staircase Shuffle

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6 pax braved the ShakeWeight Dungeon for another one of Dr.Phil's BS Beatdowns. WARM-O-RAMA: [All exercises were IC] Mnt. Climbers (x20) SSH (x 20) Imperial Troopers (x20) Sungods Forward (x15) Sungods Backward (x15) THANG: Dr.Phil's BS Staircase Shuffle  Weighted Right Lunge w/ Biceps Curl + Weighted Left Lunge w/ Biceps Curl + Burpee + Plank


Bundle's impromptu Bday Bash

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Respect to Bundle. No better way to start your birthday, than by rising in the Gloom and getting beat down. WAR 20 SSH, IC 12 Imperial Walkers, IC 12 Hill Billy's, IC 20 Sun Gods, IC 10 forward, 10 Reverse The Thang. With light weights, 10-15lbs, the PAX performed a top to bottom Super Set.


Strong Crew Hit ShakeWeight

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On a cool and wet morning 10 PAX with no FNG's descended upon the ShakeWeight AO to get stronger in body and mind. With welcome and disclaimer administered we got right to it. WARM-A-RAMA Sun Gods x 15IC ea. direction String Rippers x 15IC Hillbillies x 15IC Lucky 7's Crab Cakes x 15IC THANG The

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