Rainbow Dash

Going to School with Billy Madison

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Date: 11/16/19 Time: Gloom Temp: 40 Weather: Blowing Strong Location: 36.109236, -79.799235 SF: Present Slight scheduling SNAFU put YHC on the last minute Q for the #Daische.  As Robert Plant belts it out so well, "It's been a long time, been a long time, Been a long lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely time!" Good to


Quarter Deck at the Dash

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Date: 10/6/18 Time: 7AM Gloom Temp: 75 Weather: Clear, humid Location: 36.109166, -79.799224 SF: On Point (T-claps Viagra) PAX: Viagra, Ozone, Striker, Ikea, Expired, Brisket, MVP (War Baby), I-Beam, Nutmeg (War Daddy), Chips(QIC) One of #Natville's most popular (for good reason) Q's was called away last minute. He is a #HIM, so when family needs


No Expiration Date for This Q’s Unique #DRP!

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PAX: Bodett, Poehler, Gunny, Jingles, Fanatic, Pyle, IKEA, Viagra, Wingman, Apollo, Schnitzel, J-Love, Huffy, Wildcat, Chips, Expired (QIC) and FNG Pillow Case (Maceo Mendonca). What is better than meeting the Dash Pax in the post gloom?  With ample discussion around the flag about F3 and such 1 minute was called and soon we were off.  Chips


Glory Days @ The Daische!

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Time: Gloom (Sat. Version) Temp:  65 Weather: Sticky Location: MMS 36.109178, -79.799243 SF: Standing firm in ALL it's glory   YHC tried to keep the Daische vibe alive in the absence of Woody with some pre-launch tunes.  A humid morn met 5 #salty vets and one 2.0 + Deuce as they set to embark upon their


Red, WASH and a Daische of Salt!

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Time: Gloom (Sat version) Temp: 54 Weather: Clear Location: MMS 36.109140, -79.799220 SF: MIA   Cool & clear, we gathered in the not-so-Gloom for some Daische like fun.  RBD regulars (a little #salty at that) only for this perfect morning to attack the first of the 3 F's.  YHQ struggled a bit with planning today's adventure


The Pentagon of Pain

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8 braves souls and 1 ferocious canine braved the stagnant humidity and the excessive mumblechatter in order to make themselves better.  Here is what went down: Warm-o-Rama:  Run the "Woody mile" (actual distance = .7 miles) from the flag to the baseball field for warm up exercises.  Selections included SSHs, Abe Vigodas, merkins, copperhead squats, LBCs, and


Wyld Stallyns & a #DRP

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Conditions: 67 degrees. Sunny. Perfect. Playlist: HERE YHC always enjoys dropping in on Rainbow Dash. Not just because of the epic beatdowns or comedic stylings, but because of the wealth of new, sassy and oiled-up Twitter followers YHC earns when tweeting about Rainbow Dash. #BroniesDontPlay After walking the AO, a sense of doubt crept into the ol'


Cut Like a Diamond

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12.5 men met at the Dash for a work down called "Cut like a Diamond."  Here is how it went down. Mosey to the top field for an extended Warm-A-Rama.  SSH, Don Quixote, Rat Slaps, Sun Gods, Chinooks, Mountain Climbers, Squats, Imperial Walkers, X Toe Touches, Lunges. Mosey to bottom field for the Thang: Part


Derby Day? Seis de Mayo? I don't know…whatever

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10 Pax including 2 FNG's (what??) met in the gloom this am for a little pre-derby day/post cinco de mayo fun. YHC was alarmed at Viagra's early arrival. I-Beam came in hot and in a notably salty mood. This had the makings of a good workout. After a truly terrible disclaimer by the Q we

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