Quaker Crater

Shakin’ Off the Turkey

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When: 11/29/21 The PAX: CJ, JZ, Bobby Knight, Bulldog, Sir Charles QIC: Ozone 6 Natville Pax brought their ‘A’ game and made a tough workout look easy on a beautiful November morning at the Crater. Warm-A-Rama 1 SSHs X 15 – 1 Burpee Toy Soldiers X 15 – 2 Burpees Squatting Chinooks X 15 –


We fall but we rise again

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PAX: JZ, Bulldog (Q), Yupper, Nails, Wolverine, FNG Jedi Mindtrick, Wojo, Explosion, Ozone, Lynda Q mentioned this was a tough workout but had done this with 2.0s before, so should be hard but still doable. That got the PAX motivated, if the 7yr old girl did it I should be able to do it, right,


Dec 21th Crater Splinter Run

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PAX: Bulldog, Sir Charles, Dovetail, Stretch, Graffiti, Bobby Knight, Bones Warmarama: none THANG: Ran to New Garden, planked in front of Sky Zone and performed 50 merkins. Note to self: FIA meets at the same parking lot so maybe avoid that area in the future so no confused pax end up working out there. Q


Welcome to the stamped…no I mean Quaker Crater

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Disclaimer: Preblast warned there will be hills, YHC also emphasized you-versus-you, if you need to stop, go ahead. Listen to your body. Looking at Fitbit afterwards, this was a very hard workout, very light on exercise, mostly up and down hills. On average YHC burns 350-500 calories in a workout, YHC burned 600 during this


Circling the Wagons at Quaker Crater

By |2018-06-12T10:10:30-04:00June 12th, 2018|Categories: Greensboro|Tags: |

PAX: Slumlord Joystick CJ Cummings Lockjaw Terripoo Milli Vanilli Iptay Polo Stretch (respect!) Sir Charles (respect!) Short Circuit Bushwood Glow Tammy Nomad Paula Deen (QIC) "It looked good on Google Maps..." 17 salty vets looking to start the week off right showed up for a hearty serving of pain


Hilly B.O.M.B.S. at Quaker Crater

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Date: 2/26/18 Weather: 57 degrees with drizzle and strong threat of rain PAX: Stretch (WD), Slum Lord, Doublecheck, Lockjaw, Dovetail, Ashley (WB), Ozone, Ripken, CJ (WB), Pocahontas, Wojo (QIC) With rain imminent for Monday morning according to all weather outlets, YHC expected a smaller than usual PAX at Quaker Crater. I even, following the disclaimer


30% Chance no wet stuff

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Quaker Crater Monday, February 12, 2018 0530 - 0615 62 degrees F, 96% Humidity, Overcast Pax Flo, Fromage (Respect!), Slumlord, JR, Buck, Stubing, Stretch, Ozone, CJ, Nomad, Sir Purr (Respect!), Tammy, Don't You Know, Rypkin, Ashley, Bulldog, Pocahontas, Short Circuit, Earl Grey, Double Check, Pyle, Therminator QiC Dovetail YHC went to bed with visions of down


A Chilly DORA at Quaker Crater

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Date: November 20, 2017 Weather: 30 degrees with a slight breeze PAX: Lockjaw, Don't Cha Know, Bulldog, Magnus, Slum Lord, Thurmanator, Dovetail, JLove, JR, Ashley, Stretch, Short Circuit, Wojo (QIC) The pre-blast predicted a cold morning, but YHC promised that the PAX would be warm. So how do you do that? With HARD WORK! 13


Make the workout hard and they will come

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Well, YHC sure tries to make it hard.  Tclaps to Flo Site Q, txt'd me of my upcoming Q. Thanks for the reminder. Then strong warning was blasted on Twitter of the impending doom. YHC was promising 3.5mi and 100 burpees---And there were 23 of us in the gloom at Quaker Crater. You didn't disappoint.

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