Northern Ruckus

Who's Q is it anyway????

By |2017-07-03T20:27:26-04:00July 3rd, 2017|Categories: Greensboro, NC|Tags: |

Apparently there is a google doc out there somewhere which lists the Q for each site everyday of the week. But the question is does the AO Q know who it is??? Perhaps, no. Luckily, the band of 4 was prepared for the Northern Ruckus Q or no Q. With 2 minutes to go, Blue


I ruck Alone

By |2017-06-17T13:51:28-04:00June 17th, 2017|Categories: Greensboro, NC|Tags: |

YHC was up early. Excited about his Q at Northern Ruckus after a week out of town. Highlighted by seeing Bed Bug in GSO airport on Monday and having Dirty Laundry in Wisconsin for lots of laughs. but i digress. I had planned a simple ruck workout experience. 20 lb weight vest. walk 5 minutes


Thumbs Up For The Ruck

By |2017-06-11T02:23:24-04:00June 11th, 2017|Categories: Greensboro, NC|Tags: |

Conditions 68 degrees & nary a cloud in the sky Roker put the word out the there was a Q position to fill. YHC has been enjoying the camaraderie Northern Ruck provides, so why not. Not 1 hour later, a fellow F3er from the Lexington PAX used his Twitter powers for good and asked if he could


Northern Ruckus BB

By |2017-05-22T01:42:16-04:00May 22nd, 2017|Categories: Greensboro, NC|Tags: |

Great morning for running it was and with a great group of men at that! Here is how the fun went down.... warmarama: Wilson Thang : Trail run 3.5 miles with various exercises along the journey Mary: Suicides and Hammers 🔨 6-7am for 5 with YHC coming in hot for the 50 minute version? Rolled


Ruck – The Cure For What Ails You

By |2017-05-07T01:33:36-04:00May 7th, 2017|Categories: Greensboro, NC|Tags: |

So here's the thing... YHC has been trudging through a difficult two months; fighting uphill agains the daily corporate slog. Oh, woe is me. #CryMeARiver However, YHC has only himself to blame, for if he had only leaned into the Brotherhood of the Gloom, he would have remembered that all three Fs converge into one hell


Bike stacked w/a Run, AKA a BRICK

By |2017-04-25T02:51:15-04:00April 25th, 2017|Categories: Greensboro, NC|Tags: |

I took the liberty to change up the normal workout routine at the Ruck. Don't get me wrong, Rucking can be hard, but a Brick is a whole new level. Nothing like riding your bike a few miles, then jumping of to run a few miles. The legs and hips get a shock treatment. Warmarama:


Northern Ruckus Stroll

By |2017-04-15T12:13:23-04:00April 15th, 2017|Categories: Greensboro, NC|Tags: |

A faithful 3 and a youthful, wary FNG gathered in the predawn hours at Country Park this morning.  The POD was simple and straightforward.  A few miles on the Copperhead trail to: Continue knee rehab Break-in new boots, and Build TOF (time on feet) to prep for a future trek When all things were said


Filling in the Rucksack

By |2017-03-15T13:37:13-04:00March 15th, 2017|Categories: Greensboro, NC|Tags: |

The gloom was waiting Saturday morning. YHC had to bring his 2.0 (Face-off) to try out his new backpack prior to a Scout hiking trip. As pax started to arrive everyone looked around for a Q. According the tweet the night prior, Roker would be leading us. However, at 6:00 with no Q, we improvised


Where's Matlock?

By |2017-02-25T12:50:44-05:00February 25th, 2017|Categories: Greensboro, NC|Tags: |

6 PAX (not including Matlock) came out on a beautiful morning to do some exploring on the trails.. Started with a little Warm-O-Rama - Don Quixotes to loosen the joints. The PAX did about 2 miles on the trails. There were sightings of various wildlife...some deer were bedded down, and didn't seem phased by Bodett's


Exploring the back 40 with a 40

By |2017-02-20T20:05:30-05:00February 20th, 2017|Categories: Greensboro, NC|Tags: |

First of all, an heartfelt Cobains for posting a backblast 2 days after the event. YHC stepped into the Q spot late Friday night with no plan in place and no idea. This is an approximate account of what was completed. There is no guarantee of any historical accuracy in this backblast, but an attempt

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