The Murph FFF

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Personal Reflection - i woke up early this morning, and i selfishly left home and drove to the MURPH thinking I would be there to be present for someone, how can TPS serve the PAX today. But just a few short minutes later Wicked arrives with his devotional book in hand ready to share from


Donde esta Wicked?

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The tweet was sent so the PAX all knew #Wicked was going to deliver something epic. Something you tell your children about like the men who stormed the beaches of Normandy, or that time you waited in line on Black Friday to get 25% off a new tv. I it was 5:28 and no


Even without Viagra Impressive Results

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YHC arrived at the AO to see Wilson leaving. It was only 5:15 AM, but he had it on his mind to abandon the MURPH and head elsewhere. Actually, he was measuring off the 1/2 mile out and back to make sure we got our steps in. Back to the story... So last calendar year



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THE usual suspects began arriving in their cars with five minutes to spare. I will note, it has been so long since JR made it to the MURPH, he parked in the wrong lot, or maybe was expecting to have valet/curb service. 7 PAX hit the road across from the school and headed out into


Back Blast The Murph – Failure W/O

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5 Pax posted to the Murph on Thursday for a Failure Workout. This was a new twist on the reps that make up the Murph, pull-ups, push-ups and squats, as we added lots of core reps and worked muscle groups to exhaustion. YHC was most definitely the 6 for this workout as the Pax that


Mini Murph

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Note to self - when Wicked sends you an unsolicited text, run... So the AO Q was going to be upstream in Maine (i think that's in Canada) lobstering. Not sure if that is code for running with his shirt off or actually trying to catch lobsters. Without pause, YHC accepted the mantle of leadership


The Murph – Straight Up No Chaser

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5 PAX that took the challenge today for the venerable "Murph"...  Awesome to see some new faces and get one more Murph in prior to the Memorial Day Murph Challenge.  On this day there were no revisions, alterations or straying from The Murph.  We hit it hard and got in the day's work.  Below is


BB Memorial Day Murph Challenge

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Memorial Day - Murph Challenge 1 mile run 100 pull-ups 200 push-ups 300 squats 1 mile run To the 26 Pax that took the challenge today, great work men! This is the ultimate You vs you workout and it's supposed to render you utterly breathless at times. A feeling that reminds us that anything worth


Back Blast The Murph

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8 Pax took this weeks challenge at the Murph W/O and it was a great way to prep for the Memorial Day convergence Murph at Jesse Wharton School for the official Murph Challenge.. Here is what went down: No running at the Murph this day Pull-ups, Merkins, B2W's , with lots of Sun gods to


BackBlast The Murph

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On quite possibly the most comfortable morning of the year, 8 Pax took on the official Murph challenge with minimal shenanigans. After a brief albeit enjoyable conversation the Pax took to the mile with a spring in their step and carrying a sweet 6min/ mile pace! Ok, that was Boat Show, but the rest of

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