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The BedBug 600 with a side of Broga

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Date:  June 19, 2020 Workout: Lunatic Fringe Location:  Jesse Wharton Elementary School Pax:  Bed Bug (QIC), Akron, Spike, Air Ball, Buck, JR, TPS, Guiding Light, Pocahontas, Sacked (Respect), Xerox (Respect), Red Dragon, Bobby Knight, Hoosier, Huffy (Respect), Schnitzel (Respect), Baby Bop, Canary, Stick Shift, Nomex, Bruce Lee, Root, I Pitty The Fool (Respect), Center Fold,


Bodett’s Bear Crawl

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2/16/2018 Pax: Wojo, Smokey, BedBug, Snowflake, Avocado, War Eagle, Scooby-Do, Italian Stallion, Slum Lord, TPS, Leap, Huffy, Round & Round, Matlock, Butt Fumble, Bodett (QIC)   Some 2-3 months ago YHC thought of a workout. Let it marinate for a bit and just could not shake the idea. So, the Q list was pulled up


Captain Burpkin: Civil War

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Lunatic Fringe Friday, November 24, 2017 36.146980, -79.835842 28 °F , 69% humidity Pax Bed Bug, Slum Lord, Carrot Top, Fanny, J Love, Wicked, Drizzle (RESPECT), Xerox (RESPECT) WoJo, Graffiti, Amphibious, Matlock, Tommy Boy QiC Matlock & Tommy Boy You never know what to expect from an early morning, post-Thanksgiving beatdown yet this morning proved to


Fire Drill at the Fringe, Nov 3 2017

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33 PAX came out for the “Fire Drill”: Brown Noser, Xerox, T-party, Norwood, Matlock, Italian Stallion, Defib, Lion, Sully, Silicone, the Menace, Splinter, E.coli, Don’t you know, Jitterbug, T-rex, G-string, Hamilton, Night Stand, Lamb Chop, Bodett, Pocahontas, Fanny, Tammy, Milli Vanilli, Leap, RoundandRound, Pamela, Etch-a-Sketch, Poehler, Cecil, Wicked, Huffy WARM-A-RAMA: Mosey around the track, stopping


Fringatics Take on 7-7-7

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Time: Gloom Temp: 48 Weather: Clear Location:  36.147006, -79.835822 SF: Present   YHC was mighty pleased to see weights showing up with Fringe PAX.  Pre-blasts were like voting in Chicago: early & often.  A clear, near cold morning greeted the men of #Natville for today's workout which was originally intended for July 7.  As YHQ


Dumbbell Grinder with Sprints @Lunatic Fringe, PAX spared Option B

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Workout Date: 10/04/2017 Temp: 70°F Under the early gloom light of a FULL MOON! Given recent history and the sometimes difficulty of getting the weights to an AO, YHC had two workouts prepared for today's version of Lunatic Fringe: Option A and Option B. As YHC explained pre-workout to Matlock, hopefully for the PAX' sake,


1st Time is the Charm at the Fringe

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Workout Date: 9/15/2017 Somehow YHC had never led at the Lunatic Fringe.  And, YHC had never led a workout with weights.  So, why not kill two birds with one stone?  It seemed like a nice morning but the Pax quickly realized that it was a bit humid today.   32 Pax gave it a shot


Don't Mind If You Grind

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28 PAX, including FNG Fenway, arrived with greet cheer on National Nude Day and National Mac & Cheese Day.  The group was subjected to not only an Old School Wilson 3-Man Grinder but also to some sweet cheese pop and some nude inducing/thought provoking tunes on each end of the course.  After a brief mosey


The Last Resort

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It was yet another beautiful morning to post in the gloom, only the scheduled Q (Chips) was not able to post. That’s when the back-up plan kicked in….or so Matlock thought. For some reason, Huffy elected not to answer Matlock’s tweets / texts…or if you want to believe Huffy, he never received them. So Matlock


A Couple of Laps and a Few Exercises

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26 PAX showed up for a little summer snowstorm brought to you by your less than professional Q at Lunatic Fringe.  No FNG’s today (need to change that), there was a brief intro and the F3 mission statement.  Enough exercises were planned for a 2-hour workout (#lessonlearned).  We got about ½ way through thanks to

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