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Clinton is a Brony and other facts – LG 2/18

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PAX: Explosion Coach K Eyeroll Paula Deen (QIC) PAX subjected to a Presidential beatdown When YHC agreed to take the 2/18 spot, he forgot that happened to be President's Day. Poor President's Day, Christmas never gets that disrespect. So YHC felt he needed to honor the long line of men who


Nine Look back on 2018 and ahead to 2019

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Latham Grinder 12/31/18 Q:  Minnie Mouse The PAX: Butt Fumble, Bird’s Nest, Stinky Cheese, Coach K, Mr. Belding, Sugar Cake, Cheddar, Gilligan A total of nine PAX came out on a beautiful Monday morning.  Rain held off until final 10 minutes.  Stinky Cheese was the lone splinter runner. Warm-O-Rama Mosey to parking lot adjacent Iron


DrPhiL’s Therapy Session IX: The Punisher

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"To punish" means subjecting someone to severe treatment or discipline. In the context of the inner-workings of DrPhiL's delirious mind, "to punish" entails leaving no man where he found him. In practice, this means a ton of high intensity full body exercises intended to push one's being into becoming better. 19 courageous and vulnerable pax posted


Ideals, Valor and Sacrifice – Memorial Day Convergence at LG

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PAX: Nancy Stretch (Respect) Stage Fright Matchbox Gilligan Coach K Amphibious Butt Fumble Prophet Verlander Cecil Light Bright Xerox (Respect) Paula Deen Lynda 3 for 1 Shotgun Earhardt Fletch (Respect) Cheddah Birds Nest Mall Cop (FNG!) Square Sugar Cake Unicycle J-Love Nomex Valet Compound (Respect) Leverage This embattled shore,


Hey Cheddar, hold my legs! – LG 4/30

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PAX: Quicken Birds Nest Amphibious Graffiti Hermey Refi Hoser Maneater Jingles Scooby Doo (respect!) Boatshow Nancy Cheddar Light Brite Lynda Leverage Coach K Paula Deen (QIC) Breakdown in Q's beatdown had PAX feeling fiesty. An eager crew of 18 of Natville's finest HIM descended on Latham Park this morning.


Latham Grinder PAX: “We got you Monday!”

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Time: Gloom Temp: 67 Weather: Passing Clouds Location: LP - 36.086918, -79.795173 SF: In Attendance Day 268 of 2017 (aka 25th of September......a theme????) saw 24 #Natville athletes join YHQ to exercise their right to 1st F & attack MONDAY. The PAX gathered on Cridland to exchange Gloomish pleasantries and loosen up the bodies pre-beatdown.

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