J-Town Beat Down

A Little Rain Does Not Deter The J-Town PAX From Getting Better

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July 30, 2018 Jamestown: J-Town LCC Beatdown Q: Heisenberg PAX:Menace, Prophet, Rubble, Emmett, Heisenberg (Q) With just a few drops falling upon arrival, YHC was excited to be back at the Life Community Church, leading a beatdown. A steady, light rain would start after the Warm-A-Rama. Here is how things played out: WARM-A-RAMA: 20 SSHs


“J-Town Copy Cat” – 5/1/17

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A pax of 8 gathered at the LCC to get faster,  stronger, better this morning with Prophet on Q using a workout he borrowed from Slammin' Sammy's last week.  It was the same format anyway, but definitely had the J-Town Beat Down way about it. Here's how things went. The pax moseyed around the complex


“JTown Beat Down!!” – 2/13/17

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Though only 4 showed this day, it was a strong 4 and ready to tackle anything Dean could dish out.  The morning went like this: Warmarama 25x Jumping Jacks 15x Windmill 5 Burpee on your Own 15x Sun Gods Each Way 15x Toy Soldier 15x Mountain Climber Thang Mosey to Shelter – Jacob’s ladder 8


“Music and Merkins” – JTown LCC – 2/20/17

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Six Pax started the routines and were soon joined by two more who pushed back the covers of the fart-sack to “make F3 Jamestown Great Again.” Warm-O-Rama Started with Mosey then the following: 25xSSH 10 slow Don Quixote on one leg 10x fast Don Quixote 20x Sun Gods 20x unwind Sun Gods 40x Mountain Climbers


“The F3 Christmas Carol” – JTown LCC – 12/19/16

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  A pax of 7 gathered in the cold, wet gloom; grabbed some heavy-ass concrete cylinders; and set off to visit Christmas past, present, and future...and get our butts kicked by all three!! Warm-Up 25x Side Straddle Hop 15x Windmill 5x Burpees on Your Own 15x Sun Gods 20x Prayer Squats Thang Ghost of Christmas


“Jammit Circuit” – JTown LCC – 12/05/16

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7 faithful PAX gathered in the wet for a beat down to some Beats. Started with a little mosey around the complex for some warm-up:   Warm-Up 15 SSH 15 Sun gods each direction 15 Morrocan Night Club 15 Peter Parkers 15 Imperial Walkers 15 Old-man style windmills (low and slow).   The Thang: Part


“Back to the 90's” – 11/14/16

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  Pax of 9 gathered to go back in time where we all said we wanted to be Kurt Cobain, but secretly we really wanted to be part of a boy band!  This is how the time warp went:   Started off backwards in honor of Kris Kross Mary: American Hammer x 20 Low Flutters

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