Dealer’s Choice at CircleTime

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23 PAX came looking for a magic dragon, but was dealt a beat down hand of cards with Q by committee. Wicked, Foot Ferry, Jelly Bean, Grimsley, Boddett, Magnus, Stage Fright, TPS, Xerox, Sacked, See Thru, Schnitzel, Red Dragon, Air Ball, Jitter Bug, Spackler, Phelps, Ketchup, Drizzle, JR, Buck, Spike, Huffy WARM-A-RAMA: See Thru stepped


DrPhiL’s Therapy Session IX: The Punisher

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"To punish" means subjecting someone to severe treatment or discipline. In the context of the inner-workings of DrPhiL's delirious mind, "to punish" entails leaving no man where he found him. In practice, this means a ton of high intensity full body exercises intended to push one's being into becoming better. 19 courageous and vulnerable pax posted


Bodett’s Bear Crawl

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2/16/2018 Pax: Wojo, Smokey, BedBug, Snowflake, Avocado, War Eagle, Scooby-Do, Italian Stallion, Slum Lord, TPS, Leap, Huffy, Round & Round, Matlock, Butt Fumble, Bodett (QIC)   Some 2-3 months ago YHC thought of a workout. Let it marinate for a bit and just could not shake the idea. So, the Q list was pulled up


A Tropical Morning and a Spiral of Death

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AO - ARISE, Grace United Methodist Church When    1/9/18 The Pax:  Nancy, Magic, Norwood, Leverage, Houlihan, Sacked RESPECT, Gold Digger, Welcome, Don’t Cha Know, Pocahontas, Snowflake (QIC) Summary 11 PAX enjoyed a tropical morning starting from Grace United Methodist Church.  Mission statement and disclosures were delivered. We moseyed to the Grasshopper's Stadium for the following


Discs of Tron

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YHC spent the evening before Slammin' Sammy's cutting out pieces of paper, replacing headlamp batteries and getting the 3rd F coffee setup for the 4:30am autobrew.  Rolled up to Lindley Park the next morning to scout the parking lot and add a couple of last minute pieces of paper to the bag-o-pain.  Back to


4 Corners at Natty’s Hump

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Date:  9/20/17 Location:  Natty's Hump Beautiful weather; gloomy and low 60s. PAX:  Thurmanator (Respect), Scooby Doo (Respect), Hootie, Brown Noser, Mister (Respect), Tea Party,Poehler, Bundle (Respect), Sir Purr (Respect), Birds Nest, Xerox (Respect), J love, Speedtrap, Silicone, Nomad, Jitterbug (Respect), Hush Puppy, Tommy Boy, Over Run, Daphne, Stage Fright, Long Time, Bed Bug, Sacked (Respect),


Four Corners

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PAX Phoenix (Q), Tesla, Amphibious, Mistrial, Tow Mater Warmup Side Stradle Hop x15 Imperial Walkers x15 String Rippers x15 Sun Gods x15 Windmills x15 Mountain Climbers x10 Thang #1 Moosey to Starmount Presbyterian Church parking lot Ladder x12 between cones/lights WWI situps x1 Squats x11 Thang #2 Moosey to Medical Building Four corners around the


Back Blast The Nightnmare

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Hot & Steamy start to the day and 35 Pax came out to play! The goal was to run hills and torture the Pax, but my week was so hectic I had to relax. So if you noticed the beat down not so abounding, and the Q seemed to be somewhat  confounding, I'll be back


GROSS Monday @F3gsoCircleTime

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  17 PAX arrived (16 ahead of YHC in classic fashion) ready to get this week rollin' .... Finding no FNG's, we started with quick disclaimer and we were off with a short fellowship-paced mosey before launching into... WOR: SSH Moroccan Night Club 5 burpees OYO IW Toy Soldier 5 burpees OYO THE THANG: Today,


4 Corners of Cadet Lab

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On a beautiful and breezy July morning here in Oak Ridge, 9 PAX defeated the fartsack, though 1 of the PAX struggled to defeat his stomach issues.  The workout went like this... WARMARAMA Mosey to the concessions building and SSH, Sun Gods, Cotton Pickers, Imperial Walkers, etc THANG Mosey to the playground and get a partner.

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