11s = Fun at Circle Time

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Circle Time Monday July 27, 2020 0530 – 0615 Temperature - check!; humidity -check! We had both of em Pax Jingles, Akron, FNG, 8 Mile-RESPECT, TJ Hooker, Rick Flair Woo!, Slumlord, Drizzle-RESPECT, Steely Dan, Bones, Droid, Don’t Cha Know-RESPECT, Etch a Sketch-RESPECT, Yellow Card, Everest-RESPECT, Lynda-RESPECT, Airball, Red Dragon, Good Hands, Stick Shift, Hall Pass,



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Lunatic Fringe : Temporary Home;  Jesse Wharton Elementary June 5, 2020 (Friday) QiC : Spackler Pax: Udders , Huffy (Respect), Stickshift, Bulldog, TPS, Xerox, Patch (Happy Birthday), Everest (Respect), Sacked (Respect), Longtime, Hooker, Eggplant (Respect), Defib, Collin Whiting (FNG- VESPA), Bushwood, Pocahontas, Baby Bop, Bobby Knight, Drifta, Guiding Light, Explosion, Opie, Airball (I know I


On the 12th Day of Christmas my true love gave to me…pain.

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1/4/2020 7:00am-8:05am Cornwallis' Nightmare Weather: Soggy with a strong chance of tears PAX Jitterbug (RESPECT), Sir Isaac (RESPECT), J-Love, Schnitzel (RESPECT), Windmill (RESPECT), Magellan, Wojo, Marvel (2.0), Snowflake (RESPECT), Bobby Knight (Q) YHC arrived early with my 2.0, Marvel, to drive around the Country Park lake and drop cones, only to discover that the gates


Monday , Funday @ JTown

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AO - J-Town Temp - 39 degrees 0530--615 Q - Spackler   Pax: Jitterbug (RESPECT) , Earhardt, Blacktop , Heisenberg (RESPECT) , Ranger , Gold Digger, Drysdale (RESPECT) , Streamer , Prophet , Bootlegger , Bodett , Spackler (RESPECT)   This was just  YHC's second post to JTown. I had a great beatdown last week


Dealing with Half a Deck at Sweat Angel 12 06 2018

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11 post at Sweat Angel and delt a beatdown hand in slightly less than warm weather. #below30 PAX: Schnitzel, Hoser, Pheonix, Jitterbug, Mall Cop, Robin Hood, STP, Etch-a-Sketch, Buffy, Slumlord, Huffy WARM-A-RAMA: 10 min Side Straddle Hop / String Rippers / Windmills / Imperial Walkers / Mountain Climbers / 5 Burpees OYO THE THANG: 1


Dealer’s Choice at CircleTime

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23 PAX came looking for a magic dragon, but was dealt a beat down hand of cards with Q by committee. Wicked, Foot Ferry, Jelly Bean, Grimsley, Boddett, Magnus, Stage Fright, TPS, Xerox, Sacked, See Thru, Schnitzel, Red Dragon, Air Ball, Jitter Bug, Spackler, Phelps, Ketchup, Drizzle, JR, Buck, Spike, Huffy WARM-A-RAMA: See Thru stepped


DrPhiL’s Therapy Session IX: The Punisher

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"To punish" means subjecting someone to severe treatment or discipline. In the context of the inner-workings of DrPhiL's delirious mind, "to punish" entails leaving no man where he found him. In practice, this means a ton of high intensity full body exercises intended to push one's being into becoming better. 19 courageous and vulnerable pax posted


Bodett’s Bear Crawl

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2/16/2018 Pax: Wojo, Smokey, BedBug, Snowflake, Avocado, War Eagle, Scooby-Do, Italian Stallion, Slum Lord, TPS, Leap, Huffy, Round & Round, Matlock, Butt Fumble, Bodett (QIC)   Some 2-3 months ago YHC thought of a workout. Let it marinate for a bit and just could not shake the idea. So, the Q list was pulled up


A Tropical Morning and a Spiral of Death

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AO - ARISE, Grace United Methodist Church When    1/9/18 The Pax:  Nancy, Magic, Norwood, Leverage, Houlihan, Sacked RESPECT, Gold Digger, Welcome, Don’t Cha Know, Pocahontas, Snowflake (QIC) Summary 11 PAX enjoyed a tropical morning starting from Grace United Methodist Church.  Mission statement and disclosures were delivered. We moseyed to the Grasshopper's Stadium for the following


Discs of Tron

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YHC spent the evening before Slammin' Sammy's cutting out pieces of paper, replacing headlamp batteries and getting the 3rd F coffee setup for the 4:30am autobrew.  Rolled up to Lindley Park the next morning to scout the parking lot and add a couple of last minute pieces of paper to the bag-o-pain.  Back to

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