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I read with great fervor the post from CrotchRocket about the success of the Spring LEAP season. There is nothing quite like the thrill of seeing more and more men #FreedToLead. And then I thought about my own LEAP experiences, from the very first time I went to another area to launch all the way


DRWs in Brunswick County NC Beaches

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Are you a #SadClown when on vacation at one of the Brunswick Co, NC Beaches?  That includes Sunset Beach, OIB, Holden, Oak Island, Bald Head, Kure Beach, Carolina Beach. @F3BrunswickDRW is a service to connect the southern-NC-beach-vacationing men of F3 Nation for DRWs to help you avoid #SadClown syndrome.  Here is how it works: You


Preblast: SPEEDFORNEED 1st Race Metro- American 4miler 7/4/17

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*RACING CHARIOT IS HERE! Here is updated preblast with movie trailer video for the Metro American 4miler race (click above).  Please follow @F3SpeedForNeed as communications will be transitioned to that Twitter handle. YOU MUST REGISTER BY JUNE 21 TO GUARANTEE YOUR GENDER SPECIFIC SHIRT * SPEEDFORNEED Inaugural Race!!! After months of planning, marketing, praying, fundraising, and


Introducing: @F3SPEEDFORNEED / HELPING Kids & GROWING F3Nation

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*UPDATED FOR LINKS... Our website is up! Please go to  for all contact and social media information! Email: Website: Facebook: Twitter:  @F3SPEEDFORNEED ______________________________________________________________________________ CALLING ALL MEN IN F3NATION:  PLEASE take just a few minutes to read about this new and exciting charitable initiative, watch the video link, consider making a donation


Inspirational Words from F3 Grease Trap's M

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Men- I am sure many of you have seen this on twitter already (Bagger Vance sent out yesterday), but I thought it was worth posting in this way to ensure everyone had a chance to read this. Chase Kemp is F3 Grease Trap.  His M wrote the message in the link below...please read.  Powerful stuff.


A Big Leap for F3 Gear: MudGear Shirts to be Built in the USA

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    MudGear is a company born from the F3 experience. In 2012, a FEBA-filled Malkovich and a small crew from F3 Charlotte Metro stepped up to take over F3 Gear ordering responsibilities from OBT, who had grown weary of handing out shirts from the back of his car. The operation nearly failed to launch


Through The Eyes of an M

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'Twas the night before the weekend, and all through the house, Not a creature was stirring, except for my spouse. His compression socks were hung on the towel rod with care In hopes that gloom soon would be there; His F3 shirt laid out, oh so neatly pressed Teenaged girls don’t take as long to


Operation Sweet Tooth- Time to make an IMPACT

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So today marks the 6 month anniversary of Sweet Tooth’s passing.  Let alone a difficult day but a difficult past week with Halloween, All Saints Day, All Souls Day and a special Mass for those lost with St. Marks Church.  But, as difficult as this road has been and will continue to be until the

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