Shakin’ Off the Turkey

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When: 11/29/21 The PAX: CJ, JZ, Bobby Knight, Bulldog, Sir Charles QIC: Ozone 6 Natville Pax brought their ‘A’ game and made a tough workout look easy on a beautiful November morning at the Crater. Warm-A-Rama 1 SSHs X 15 – 1 Burpee Toy Soldiers X 15 – 2 Burpees Squatting Chinooks X 15 –


We fall but we rise again

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PAX: JZ, Bulldog (Q), Yupper, Nails, Wolverine, FNG Jedi Mindtrick, Wojo, Explosion, Ozone, Lynda Q mentioned this was a tough workout but had done this with 2.0s before, so should be hard but still doable. That got the PAX motivated, if the 7yr old girl did it I should be able to do it, right,


Dec 21th Crater Splinter Run

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PAX: Bulldog, Sir Charles, Dovetail, Stretch, Graffiti, Bobby Knight, Bones Warmarama: none THANG: Ran to New Garden, planked in front of Sky Zone and performed 50 merkins. Note to self: FIA meets at the same parking lot so maybe avoid that area in the future so no confused pax end up working out there. Q


Growing Pains

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AO : Quaker Crater When : 11/16/20 PAX : Marvel (Happy Birthday + 1 day), Stickshift, Udders, Bulldog, Ozone, Nancy, Vader, Shakespeare, Crayola, CJ, Sir Charles, Don't Cha Know, Bushwood, YHC QIC: Bobby Knight/Marvel November 15 was Marvel's 11th Birthday, so the theme was 11s. Welcome Disclaimer Mission Mosey to the 3-way stop Warm-o-rama (11

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