“Serve You Meat” – Warriors Breakfast @ Hobble & Gobble

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At 0450 hours YHC loads the truck with all the essentials for a bare-knuckle warriors breakfast.  Those essential ingredients are as follows: Two industrial grade tractor tires, a 6.5' log and orange cones. Warrior Mindset Too often we try to be "something" to "someone".   Even more dangerous is the desire to be "everything" to "everyone". 


Credo Grinder – Reflecting on 4 years

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Wakanda Saturday February 20, 2021 0700-0800 27˚ Sunny   4 more years! 4 years ago on February 20, 2017, this unsuspecting man posted at Latham Grinder alongside longtime friend, FlavaFlav, as FNGs.  Much has happened after 4 years, but one thing is true, I wasn't left behind, and I am not where I was 4


#Ruck Sack and 6 stations SS

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Slammin Sammy's Wednesday January 6, 2021 5:30-6:15; 33F 13 pax & YHC average age 52 (Respect) Pax Big Sky, Bushwood, Defib, Pocahontas, Sir Charles (respect), Nails (respect), Nancy, Picasso (respect), Flap Jack, Saban, Aurora (respect), Don't Cha Know (respect), Pacer (EC Mosey/respect) QiC Fletch You know when Bushwood and Pacer plant the Flag "It's on!!!!" 


Pre New Year’s Day Workout

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Arise December 29, 2020 5:30-6:15 am, Tuesday Temperature:  32 degrees Fahrenheit, clear, full moon Total distance of workout:  my Garmin showed 1.92 miles (accuracy questioned due to working out in sub terranian garage);Graffiti's GPS said 2.2 miles (he did run more than me since he finished his exercises faster than everyone else and I called


Growing Pains

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AO : Quaker Crater When : 11/16/20 PAX : Marvel (Happy Birthday + 1 day), Stickshift, Udders, Bulldog, Ozone, Nancy, Vader, Shakespeare, Crayola, CJ, Sir Charles, Don't Cha Know, Bushwood, YHC QIC: Bobby Knight/Marvel November 15 was Marvel's 11th Birthday, so the theme was 11s. Welcome Disclaimer Mission Mosey to the 3-way stop Warm-o-rama (11


First Post, New PM Site Western Guilford Middle School 401 College Rd, 27410

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Who has time for election outcomes when their is work to be done?   Local is where it's happening and locally we are expanding the PM work options with a 5:45 PM Tuesday AO at Western Guilford Middle School, 401 College Drive, Greensboro, NC 27410. Why?  Closing time established by Apollo currently led by Schnitzel  has


“Endless Summer”

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October 19,2020 AO: Latham Grinder Q: Spackler Pax : Graffitti (respect) , Scooby Doo (respect), Birdsnest, Boy Wonder, Amphibious, Gilligan, Ricardo, Daisy, Longtime, Spackler (respect), Hermey   They say you learn something new everyday. Well today I learned that not too long ago  Latham Grinder was the only Monday morning workout. We've definitely come a


Grand Slam!

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07/27/2020 5:30am-6:15am Col"Hard"Fax Weather: Fairly clear with a hint of balmy PAX of 4 Byrider (EC), Pitino, Cottontail, YHC WARM-O-RAMA Mosey to the side lot Side Straddle Hop Sun gods Abe Vigoda String Rippers Mountain Climbers Nolan Ryans Mosey to the back baseball field THE THANG PAX moved together around the base path 4 times


The BedBug 600 with a side of Broga

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Date:  June 19, 2020 Workout: Lunatic Fringe Location:  Jesse Wharton Elementary School Pax:  Bed Bug (QIC), Akron, Spike, Air Ball, Buck, JR, TPS, Guiding Light, Pocahontas, Sacked (Respect), Xerox (Respect), Red Dragon, Bobby Knight, Hoosier, Huffy (Respect), Schnitzel (Respect), Baby Bop, Canary, Stick Shift, Nomex, Bruce Lee, Root, I Pitty The Fool (Respect), Center Fold,

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