Independence Day Carterican Convergence

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Yesterday's sermon at the Rise was poignant in terms of what the upcoming holiday should mean to Christians.  In the mouth of the New York Harbor stands a gift from an ally.  She stands 150 feet tall and standing on her base her golden torch stands 305 feet above the ground.  Her right hand holds


5/29 Memorial Day Convergence

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  A bright, clear, humid Carterican morning awaited a Pax of 50 at the Memorial Day Convergence at Rotary Park.  Fifty!  Just, wow.  A two-minute warning had to be given to try and get arms around a group this large, and then a 1-minute warning.  After welcoming our visitors from off, and our 4 FNGs,


Help for My Daughter….

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  UPDATE: 1/23/17 It’s been quite a day. The appointment at Raleigh Neurology went well. They conducted a comprehensive including verbal & written memory, visual motor speed and reaction time. We were shocked to learn that “normal” is the 10th-90th percentile and that Anna scored


3 Year Celebration Convergence

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Thankful for the gift of F3, 72 men (including 4 FNGs) gathered at Hanes Park where it started for them just over three years ago -- 1,106 days ago, to be exact.  Starfish reminded them of the occasion, Burlap offered a disclaimer, and off they went. The Thang: Mosey to field inside of track for Warm-o-Rama,


Addition Thru Subtraction

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In week one we got started, week 2 we eliminated 3 common ingredients in mass produced food ( High Fructose Corn Syrup, Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, and Hydrolyzed vegetable Protein). This week, we focus on adding something– water. Our goal is to increase intake of H20–pure h20, no sweeteners–by drinking one ounce of water for every


My Pain is Your Gain….Make That Loss.

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Its that time of year, only this time it's a little more pressing. YHC has done a fuel challenge in the past during August. This time my gout has pushed the importance of it all the more. For those of you that haven't suffered from this ailment, you get it by bad eating choices. Yes,


F3 Dads: A Night with the Knights

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The Boys of Summer are taking the field and F3 Dads will be there in force on Saturday May 14th. Load up the 2.0s and leave mom with a good book and a bottle of wine as we kick off the Summer of Sixteen at BB&T ballpark. We have a large block of tickets reserved


Pre-Blast Spartan Beast – November 14, 2015

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Less than 2 weeks before go time for the nastiest Spartan Race in the Carolinas.  The Beast at Winnsboro will show you what you are made of. 32 F3 men have signed up for the race but for some reason we are spread across 11 teams.  Spartan has kindly consolidated us into one morning wave


Blue Ridge Relay–Time to Step Up

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As of this writing, there are 77 days left to the 2015 edition of BRR. There are 53 F3 Teams registered from all over our footprint with an additional 3 on the waiting list. That’s about 500 men who will be traversing the rugged NC mountains on foot and in a big white van. Teams

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