Ruck and Rulk

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AO: Wakanda Date: Saturday, April, 17, 2021 QiC: Boy Wonder PAX (20): Backdraft, Humphrey Bogart, Cloudstrife, Mockingjay, HBO, City Slicker, 3-for-1, Mall Cop, Bruce Lee, Mr. Incredible, Boy Wonder (YHC); GoRuckers: Phoenix, Dial Up, Akron, Tommy Boy, Earhardt, Square, Root, I Am Legend "Da Rulk" (Joseph Sakoda) is inventor of Raw Functional Training (RFT) and trainer


Finally, Pull Ups!

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WARMORAMA The  Motivator Shoulder Stretch Triceps Stretch Hug Thyself String Ripper Windmill The Thang: STATION 1 BACK Standard grip Pull Ups 10 Superman- 10 Rounds (10 sec on 5 sec rest) Alternating Arm/Leg Raise Reverse grip Pull Ups (Curl Ups) 10 Fire Hydrant (10 each leg) Carolina Drydocks 10 Close Grip Pull ups 10 High


Leave Your Mark

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PAX: City Slicker, Phoenix, Rubble, Messi-Mozart, Drysdale, Bruce Lee, Newhart, Akron, Boy Wonder, Fletch, Cyborg (FNG), Boiler Room, Gold Digger, Purl 2, Stretch, Dish TV, Backdraft, Picasso, Sparta, John Coctostan, Nomex, Verlander, Ginobili (FNG), Three Card Monte, E.Coli, Don’t Cha Know, Square, Confusion, Tommy Boy, Mall Cop. QIC: P-o-e-h-l-e-r The PAX contributed to building the


Credo Grinder – Reflecting on 4 years

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Wakanda Saturday February 20, 2021 0700-0800 27˚ Sunny   4 more years! 4 years ago on February 20, 2017, this unsuspecting man posted at Latham Grinder alongside longtime friend, FlavaFlav, as FNGs.  Much has happened after 4 years, but one thing is true, I wasn't left behind, and I am not where I was 4


A Lotta Tabata

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Date:  1/23/2021 AO:  Wakanda PAX: Backdraft, Square, Scratch, Double Pump, Nomex, Double Check, 3 Card Monte, Mall Cop, Poehler, Demo, Akron, Bruce Lee, Root, Bueller, Chomp, Chewy, Tesla, John Coctostan, Stinky Cheese, Stretch, Humphrey Bogart, Mockingjay, City Slicker, Radiator, STP, Cliffhanger, Paula Deen, Wildkratt, Settlement, Messi Mozart, 3-For-1, Boy Wonder (YHC) FNGs: Sonic, Boiler Room


Wakanda Beatdown w/ 3 For 1

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Have you ever heard the phrase "perception is reality"?  This workout was designed to get the group talking about how you are perceived by others and how you perceived yourself. Thinking deeper into where we get our 80% of information that builds our perception of things.  Facebook, the workouts we attend, the things we like


12 Days of Fit-Mas

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January 9, 2021 BACKBLAST Pax Picasso, Stretch, Back Draft, Check Point, Earhart, Triple Threat, Gilligan, HBO, Rick Ross, Flo Jo, Bobby Knight, DontChaKnow, Herlander, Snap Fade, Gunny, Sacked, Boy Wonder, Tommy Boy, Thor, Mall Cap, Shallow Hal, Double Pump, Humphrey Bogart, Mocking Jay, Cliff Hanger, Snookie, Wiffle Ball (FNG), TJ Hooker, City Slicker, Tik Tok


Ball Pulling at Wakanda

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PAX: Limp Bizkit, Norwood, Demo, Rick Ross, Mix Tape, Tommy Boy, Double Pump, Twinkle Toes, Tesla, Chewy, Mall Cop, Verlander, Akron, Stretch, Nomex, Saban, Cool Runnings, Root, Square, Houlihan, Pledge (F3 Cape Fear Pax), Flo Jo. QIC: Poehler YHC broke out his balls again for a little Balls of Fun workout. Everyone seemed eager to


Halloween on a Weekend

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PAX Mall Cop, Bruce Lee, Messy Mozart, Demo, Houlihan, Nomex, Square, Boy Wonder, HBO, MixTape, John Coctostan, Akron, Howler, Flo Jo, Tommy Boy, City Slicker, Poehler, Phoenix, Daphne, Double Pump, Rick Ross, Wojo, Back Draft, Dont Cha Know, Root (Q) WAR After an intermediate mosey to the rear bus parking log, the Pax assembled


To The Edge

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Wakanda Saturday, October 17, 2020 0700-0800 36.059985, -79.765298 43 °F,  87% humidity Pax Bruce Lee, Messi Mozart, Houlihan, Flo Jo, Demo, Bones, Square, Paula Deen, Wild Kratts, Root, Backdraft, Don'tcha Know, Puddle Jumper, Scratch, TJ Hooker, City Slicker, Stephen Brown (FNG- Double Pump), Akron, Wojo, Nomex, Kennon Fairley (FNG- Major Pain), Jingles, Junkyard Dog, Limp

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