Soggy Wakanda

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PAX: Square, Spurrier, Mall Cop - QIC The weather was rainy and cool. Just my kind of weather since you can't tell I'm sweating. I arrived early to set up some cones on the track and got some running in to stay warm while waiting on the other PAX to post. For a moment I


Tour De Wakanda

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Wakanda Saturday December 7, 2019 0700 – 0800 Arrived at the AO an hour early to make a final decision on the pain stations. I parked in the parking lot after a successful canvas of Wakanda. Waited in the car reviewing the exercises until Square pulled up. Pax Square, Nomex, Luke Cage, 8 Mile (Respect),


Facing Your Fear

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Date:  11/23/19 Workout:  Wakanda Pax:  Dovetail, Akron, Square, Nomex, Cool Runnings, Gilligan, Scooby Doo (Respect!) On a cloudy Saturday morning with rain threatening 7 pax got up, beat the fartsack, and joined YHC at Natville's newest Saturday workout:  Wakanda!  YHC had heard from 3 potential FNG's that wanted to try F3, but they all bailed


Day 6 of Everest 6 for 60 Challenge

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Date of Workout:  11/02/2019 Day 6 of the Everest 6 for 60 Challenge.  Happy to have this one in the books.  What a week!  YHC feels so blessed to have this group.  A group of 7 Pax helped to finish it off.  We started with a mosey out and back Lincoln and then... Warm-O-Rama: Side


Lessons in multiplication, perseverence and addition (of a FNG)

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Wakanda Saturday September 14, 2019 0700 – 0800 Arrived at the AO a little early with Messi Mozart to layout the pain stations. Moseyed back to the flag to find 8 Mile prepping for morning and wondered if it may be the 3 of us. Right on time the rest of the Pax rolled in


Block Party at Wakanda

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PAX: Square, Cool Runnings, Poehler, Confusion, Coach K, Mall Cop - QIC It was a beautiful morning at Wakanda! We gathered at the shovel flag. YHC covered the mission statement and we were off. Warm A Rama: Side Straddle Hops Windmill Moroccan Night Club Chinooks String Rippers Mountain Climbers Thang 1: Mall Cop's Merkin Mania


A Roofie in Your Sports Drink

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Wakanda Saturday, August 3, 2019 0700-0800 36.0605° N, 79.7644° W 72 °F,  77% humidity Pax Boy Wonder, Crazy Joe (insert Law & Order sound effect here), Dial-Up (RESPECT!), Akron, Coach K, Expunged (FNG- Joshua Vereen) , Cool Runnings, Gucci (FNG- Bobby Manning), Tommy Boy QiC Tommy Boy Due to a last minute change in family


What a ‘Lucky’ Day to be at Wakanda!

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Wakanda & F3 Kids Saturday, July 13, 2019 0630-0730 36.060012, -79.765359 73 °F,  89% humidity Weather: Soupy – like running in a sauna! Pax: Square, Earhart, 8 Mile, Akron, Flo Jo, Double Trouble, Cool Runnings, Triple Threat, Golden Corral, Crazy Joe dunh, dunh (FNG Karari Johnson), Honey Bunches of Oats (HBO), Wojo (QIC) 12 men