It’s Just a Wheel of Misfortune + LUNCH

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It's Just Lunch @ Oak Ridge Town Park 2021-09-08 8 PAX: Nails, Kevin, Caddy, Bartman, Pursey, Short Bus, Dabo, Black Swan (Q) Weather Conditions were Surprisingly pleasant, considering it looked like the end of the world just an hour earlier. Around 11 am, the clouds parted, the rain stopped, and YHC sent a dove out.


No burpees at Shake & Bake

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9/7/21 AO Shake & Bake Weather perfect for running PAX 16!! Airball, Mall Cop, Drizzle, Untouchable, Winnie the Pooh, Slag, Matlock, Wojo, Everest, Red Dragon, Ramses, Demo, Bobby Knight, TPS, Centerfold, Byrider (Q) YHC arrived just early enough to place cones on track. Mission statement was recited FLAWLESSLY. Immediately following it was a monologue of


JR is Afraid of Clowns

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Cadet Lab 9/7/21 PAX- Situation, JR, Weed, Kaizen, Snookie, Polo, Cottontail (QIC)   What does the title have to do with the workout?  Nothing.  But it's still good to share.  PAX gathered at Oak Ridge Town Park to find the early set-up for this weekend's Ridgefest already underway.  JR was noticeably shaken by the presence


SubsiQ Again Again

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9/3/21 Pax - Ponch, Bartman, Byrider, All Blacks, Cotton Tail, Hoosier, Pitino, Stickshift, WhirlieBird Q - Red Dragon   With TPS on the plane back from Cali - I was able to get another opportunity to be on the Q.  I know people were looking forward to seeing the Gloom Father, but they got stuck


Sweat Angel Sept 2

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Event: Sweat Angel (Jaycee Park) Date: Sept. 2, 2021 Weather: Clear and cool, mid 60s F PAX: Snooki, Short Circuit, Centerfold, Wide Right, Whirlybird, Socrates, Huffy, Black Knight (Q) Start:  F3 mission statement WARM-O-RAMA: SSH x 15 IC Imperial Walker x 10 IC Hill Billy x 10 IC Sun gods x 10 IC Reverse Sun gods x 10


What Does the FOX Say?

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Sad Clown Killer 2021-09-02 PAX: Red Dragon, ESL, Kaizen, Flamingo, TJ Hooker, EggPlant, Hoosier, Weed, Stick Shift, Pity the Fool, Untouchable, CottonTail, BullDog, Black Swan Weather Conditions Clear & < 70 degrees, as noted by Xerox in the after-Twitter banter, given the visual clue that Sticky's guns are concealed. 0527 Baba O'Riley plays 0530 F3


Natty’s Hump September 1

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There were 14 of us today, 6 in the boot camp, and 8 spread among ruckers and runners. The bootcamp started with a different sort of warm up, progressed to some agility/foot speed drills, moved on to some wall time (squats and balls to the walls), some leg work, burpees, and ending with Mary. Tabatha


SUBSIQ Murph Style

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8/30/21 Col Hard Fax Pax - Bartman, BlackSwan, Weed, Pitino, ByRider, CottonTail, Tent City Q - Red Dragon   Pax Arrived I explained that I was in a SubsiQ for TPS who is in Cali for work for the next couple of days / weeks / months depending on the Adidas project - Good Luck


6 Stages of Pissed Off

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Date: 8/31/2021 Weather: Balmy 78 AO: Shake Weights PAX: Scratch, Snookie, Poehler, Backdraft, Fannie, Frosty, Graffitti, Gecko, Phoenix, Drifter, Lynda, Bushwood, Raditor, Sparta, Houilhan, Stretch, 3 Card Monte, 50cc, & Oil Slick I was fired up this morning! Not only with the non-sense and noise of the world but when YHC was preparing the location


City Boy Heads to the Country…

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Date: 8/28/2021 Weather: "Sticky" 73 (see what we did there) AO: Nordic Tract PAX: Stickshift, Big Worm, JR, Youper, Xerox, Patch, Pitino, Jitterbug First appearance out to the country also known as Nordic Tract. Once YHC got through customs and a full body cavity search, it was quite an enjoyable experience. When YHC arrived, Xerox

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