Sprints and Merkins

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PAX: Pacer, Mallcop, Nancy, Bulldog (QIC), Weasel, Fletch, Bundle, Puddle Jumper, Joanna, Gecko, Bob the Builder, Axle, Screwed, Gold Dust, Gepetto, Ultimate Warmarama: side straddle hops, IC 25. Ran to gravel lot. Thang: Run across parking lot, followed by a recovery exercise. Gradually we increased the intensity to 100% full sprint, which we did 10


Broken Blocks and Bear Crawls

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8/10/20 PAX Hoosier, Pitino, Black Swan, Cottontail, Slumlord, Byrider (Q)   YHC received a text Sunday night requesting some transportation home after the workout so Hoosier could run to AO......almost 6 miles in (STUD). I arrived early for some EC running with Pitino and as we rounded the corner back to the flag there was


Burpee Fiesta

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9 PAX avoided the fartsack and ventured out to Pearce Elementary for a humid workout in August. PAX:  Sumlord, Byrider, Pitino, Cottontail, Houlihan, Stick Shift (partial credit!), Black Swan, Drizzle (Q) The workout went down like this: Warm a Rama SSH x 20 / Sun gods and Shinooks x 12 / Imperial Walkers x 15


The “THUNDERSTRUCK” after Hurricane Isaias at Local Honey

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Local Honey Start time: 5:32 am Weather:  72 degrees Mileage:  1.43 miles PAX: 4+ 2 splinter ruckers// Huggies, Secretary, Eggplant (Respect!), Phoenix, Boy Wonder and Q-WKRP(Respect!) Mission of F3/Disclaimers. No FNG's. Mosey to end of street for active warm-up since the PAX did not know what was coming. Warmarama:  YHC decided to spice up the


Fringe gets Funky and Funk gets Fringy

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Lunatic Fringe Friday July 31, 2020 0530 – 0615 Temperature – a thick 75 degrees at launch Pax K-Cup, Phoenix, Flo Jo, Steely Dan, Bobby Knight, Red Dragon, Butt Fumble, Wicked-RESPECT, Buck, Radiator-RESPECT, JR, Ricola, Houlihan, Stretch-RESPECT, Guiding Light, Airball, Canary, Hallpass, TPS, Stick Shift, Spike, Explosion, Jitterbug-RESPECT, Baby Bop, Bruce Lee - QiC For


The Southern Cross by Pain INC

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July 27, 2020 AO: Quaker Crater 5:30 AM Weather: Hot and sticky PAX: Picassa (RESPECT), Pacer (RESPECT), Gunny, Evel Knievel (FNG), Ozone, Sir Charles (RESPECT), Ramses, Stretch (RESPECT), Bulldog, Guiding Light (Q) YHC had actually forgotten it was his turn to Q until Bulldog sent him a "What's up?" message the day before. ( Site


Again +1

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The PAX: Lynda, Bushwood, Daisy, Jitterbug, Stickshift, Patch, Mall Cop The Setting: It was a balmy and humid morning at Sweat Angel. YHC has been doing ECs solo for a while on Thursdays so I was pleased to see 3 PAX ready to run when I pulled in at 0500. We got our EC mosey


Community Leadership training

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Wakanda Saturday July 18, 2020 0700 – 0800 74º F and humid! Pax The Pax of : HBO,  STP (RESPECT), Square, Cool Runnings, Flo Jo, City Slicker (RESPECT) , TJ Hooker, Messi Mozart, Bones, Poehler, Akron, Rick Flair Woo, Don’t Cha Know (RESPECT), Root, FNG now: Dry Rub, Shallow Hal, Mall Cop, Bruce Lee –


“You need me on that wall”

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7-11-20 Weather 85 and sunny AO Nordic Trac PAX Flamingo, Fastball, Bowser, Situation, Virus, Spurrier, Flesh Wound, Byrider (Q), Tony Hawk (FNG) Warm:SSH, sun gods, windmills, Sting Rippers etc. We slow moseyed to the bottom of the hill parking lot near the baseball field. Thang 1 Bear craw up the hill knocking a merkin out


Crowd Favorite?

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July 11, 2020 CougarTown Easy Rider Peloton Pax Red Dragon, Drizzle, Bobby Knight, Magic Dragon, Cougar (2.0), SeeThru, AirBall, Foot Fairy, Canary, Stick Shift, Hall Pass, Steely Dan, Bravo, Centerfold, and TPS QIC TPS Well it’s been a year since the last Peloton adventure at CougarTown, and a classic is always a classic.  However, this

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