the cockroach of death or getting smoked by a roach

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4/18/19 Sweat Angel in the Safety Town parking lot PAX: Jitter Bug (respect), Tommy Boy, DontChaKnow (respect), bulldog, ESL, Boones Farm(syrup), Bodett, Mall Cop, Phoenix(ka-KA), Ramses, Guiding Light, Short Circuit, Bruce Lee, Crawlspace QIC: Crawlspace WAR: 20 SSH IC 10 Sun Gods IC 10 MNC IC 10 Air Claps IC 10 Sun Gods, reverse direction


Golfing on the Death Star

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Date: April 17, 2019 PAX: Foot Fairy, See-Thru, Air Ball, Red Dragon, Drizzle, and Magic Dragon QIC: Jingles Warm-O-Rama: Quick mosey around the parking lot followed by: Hillbillies Sun Gods Chinooks Lucky 7s Goblet Squats The Thang: Feeling inspired by the Masters, YHC set out to play golf.  I couldn't find my clubs, so I


The Easter Bunny paid a visit to Shake N Bake

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Date: April 16, 2019 PAX: Simone, Mr. Belding (RESPECT), Everest (RESPECT), Settlement, Lynda (RESPECT), Halitosis, and Schnitzel (RESPECT). QIC: Jingles On an unexpectedly cold April morning, 8 PAX gathered to do some track work.  The Easter Bunny deposited a basket of eggs at the track, leaving the workout up to fate.  After a quick Warm-O-Rama



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DATE: 24 hrs after tax day TIME: 5:30 am, apparently not early enough, given the mass of EC runners/ruckers TEMP: 38 deg. (WTF!?!) PAX: Boonie, Fannie, Etch a Sketch, Long Time, Graffiti, Dont Cha Know, Mall Cop, Cecil, Bodett, Tommy Boy, Bob the Builder III, CJ, Pheonix, Radiator, Bed Bug, STP, Confusion, FNG-Brian Dearman-Bandwagon QIC:


A walk (or run) in the park

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  Pax: Windmill (Respect), Sacked (Respect), Mezzi Motto, Stretch (Respect), Stage Fright, Matchbox, Mudflap (Respect), Spackler (Respect), Bruce Lee, Short Track , Hazmat (Respect), Wingman (Respect), STP (Respect), POEHLER, WoJo, Bird’s Nest, Bones, Bed Bug, Flat Rate (Respect), Matlock, Snowflake (Respect), Brandy (Respect), 2:1 (Respect), Schnitzel (Respect)   On a humid morning 24 PAX came



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Cougartown, 4/13/19 PAX: Red Dragon, The Fixer, TPS, Ozone, Crawlspace QIC: Crawlspace WAR: 20 SSH IC 10 Hilly Billy's IC 10 String Rippers IC 10 Abe Vagodas IC THANG The Filthy Fifty. Each exercise perfomed 50 times, single count. For leg exercises, the discipline was split between the two legs. 50 Bench Step Ups 50


Whole lotta sandbaggin’ (the good kind)

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Sweat Angel April 11, 2019 5:30-6:15 AM PAX-  Bodett, Jitterbug (RESPECT), Bruce Lee, Cecil, Tea Party, Etch-A-Sketch, ESL, Wojo, Short Circuit, Butt Fumble, Boone's Farm, Bedbug, Don't Cha Know (RESPECT), Stringer, Bulldog, Ramses, Phoenix, Guiding Light YHC was presented with the opportunity to Q for the first time from site Q Jitterbug (thanks for getting


The Front 9

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Sonuvabench 4/12/19 PAX- All Blacks, Pitino, Byrider, Daughtry, Sneakers, Harbaugh, Bulldog, Cottontail (QIC)   Warm-a-rama- skipped it!  No time!  We just moseyed to far end of parking lot to start the Thang   The Thang Being Masters week, PAX took part in a 9-"hole" workout.  4 cones were spaced in the parking lot at ~85,


A Burden to Bear

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Natty's Hump Wednesday, April 10, 2019 0530-0615 36.119226, -79.834468 62 °F,  37% humidity Pax Wojo, Bruce Lee, Guiding Light, Sacked (RESPECT!), Houlihan, Stage Fright, Slumlord, Nomad, Confusion, Phoenix, Blue Oyster, Long Time, Fannie, Sugar Cake, Hush Puppy, J-Love, Fromage (RESPECT!)< Poehler, Norwood, Stretch (RESPECT!), Tommy Boy QiC Tommy Boy Something was in the air as

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