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Oct 6, 2021 It'sJust Lunch Pax: Dabo, Magician, Barney(R), Spurrier, Bartman, Blackswan, Cotton Candy(2.0), Snow WHite (R), Kevin(R), Crawlspace Q: Crawlspace WAR: Various exercises to warm up the body. THANG: 35 minutes of ab work. Most recovery was active utilizing Plank exercises. Multiple sets up Bruce Lee Abs, look it up if you're not familiar.



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09/27/2021 AO - Quaker Crater Q - Bobby Knight PAX - Ozone, High Stick, Oil Slick, Bulldog, JZ (R), Stickshift, Explosion, Houlihan, Dont Cha Know (R), Udders, YHC Mission was stated. Mosey commenced. WARM-O-RAMA We ran to the three-way intersection and circled up for: SSH, Hillbillies, Sun gods, Abe Vigodas, String Rippers, Mountain Climbers. Mosey


This was for you Janis!

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October 4, 2021 16 PAX: Bones, Untouchable, Red Dragon, Doctor Quin (DQ), Jitterbug (Double Respect!), Canary, Weeds (Respect), TPS, Chapetto, Stick Shift, Amicus, Airball, Aqua Man (Double Respect!), Drizzle (Respect!), Winnie the Poo and YHC Hall Pass. What a GREAT morning to celebrate the life of the late and great Janis Joplin who tragically lost


A Backblast for Northern Ruckus? 10/2/21

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YHC has early morning available as the 2.0 didn’t need to be to the ball field until 8:30. Therefore it was perfect timing for a 0600 workout. I enjoy N Ruckus, but some ole IV would be nice too. Ahh, memories… Date: 10/2/2021 Pax: Bodett, Phoenix Thang: And we are rucking… Pax started out towards



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Sept 25   Spoke with Hall Pass about picking up the Q.   He was still up in Maine and he did not have anyone sign up to Q.  I was a bit late to the announcement and I knew a lot of guys were out of town, so I was not sure how many guys


Jump around and sprint Backwards @ SCK w/ “Knees Over Toes Theme”

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Sad Clown Killer 2021-09-30 PAX: ESL, Kaizen, Xerox, JZ, TJ Hooker, So So, Snooki, Stick Shift, CottonTail, BullDog, Black Swan Weather Conditions B-E-A-Uitful Day! 0530 F3 Mission Statement and disclaimer is provided Warm-a-Rama 0532 Play "Jump Around" -Reverse lunges in place. -Jump when you hear "jump"... SSH when repeated "jump" Warm-a-Rama cont. Dirkins Dips Urkins Reverse


Great Morning at The Fringe

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October 1, 2021 9 PAX: Don't Cha Know, Canary, Silicon, GoKu, DQ, Ricola, Amicus, Hall Pass, Sacked - QIC On a perfect temp morning for a beatdown 9 PAX including YHC took our DRP at the Fringe. With everyone gathered and ready we got started right on time. After reviewing F3 Greensboro's start date (more


Dodging the rain at Cadet Lab

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9/21/21 Cadet Lab PAX: Pitino, Nails, Lazarus, Situation, EPA, Weed, Magnus, JR, Snooki, Kaisan, Daughtry, Cottontail, Spurrier, Misfire(QIC) Trying to plan the workout to avoid the rain, it was great to see that we avoided it until the very end. Typical WAR with a little Mosey around the parking lot with SSH, Sun Gods, Stretching


Balling at the Dash

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AO: Rainbow Dash Date: September 25, 2021 PAX: Snakes on a Plane, Rabbit (R), Hey Guy, Belsnickel, Eyeroll, Stryker, Viagra (R), Fanny Pack, Butt Fumble, Expired (R), Sticky Rice (FNG),  and Eggplant (R). QIC: Eggplant 11 pax assembled by 7am.  YHC delivered the mission and disclaimer, then a short mosey to the parking lot in


Circle Time – 9/20/21

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Pax - Amicus, Canary, Stickshirt, Wicket, Sacked, Dont you know, Weed, DQ, JR, Geppetto, UnTouchable, Xerox, TJ Hooker, Blanche, Ricola Q - Red Dragon Welcome Walking Warm A Rama Hug Thyself Sun Gods Hammy Pulls High Knee Pulls Side to Sides Stretch Jog   Thang - 14 Stations Jump Rope Mike Tyson Ball Slam Dead

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