Since running isnt allowed…

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Sweat Angel Thursday September 12, 2019 0530 – 0615 Arrived to the AO to find evidence that Phoenix was out for an EC Ruck – Tclaps to you brother. The faithful site Q arrived, planted the flag just as the remaining Pax began to assembled. Phoenix arrived with perfect timing, and at 0530 we commenced.


Check your calendar

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September 9, 2019   Reminded thankfully by site coordinator See-Thru via Twitter that YHC was on the Q for Monday morning. Can’t believe I was signed up for 3 Q’s in 4 days. Definitely need a better F3 secretary. #INDEED.  So I was totally planning on doing something for 9/9, but was dissuaded by my


No Thanks. I’ll take the stairs

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September 7, 2019 at Nordic track pax. Virus, misfire, eggplant, Udders, Polo, Daughtry, glow, nutmeg, double check and TPS. It had been months since I had Q’d out at Nordic tract or maybe it’s been months since I had been asked to Q out there not sure. Either way somehow site coordinator virus let it


Slamming Ironpax Challenge

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Lately I have been talking with Short Circuit on the topic of challenge. Over the last couple months I have been coming to workout, but not sure if I was challenging myself. I have focused on creating good habits such as waking up early, but sometimes I go on cruise control, living solely out of


Green Sally Up 3:30 of pure bliss……..even better 5X

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9/5/19 Sad Clown Killer When asked to Q YHC was challenged/wagered by Pitino to get 10+ PAX to post......terms were 10 burpees plus one for every PAX member over the ten mark. So I blasted some texts out with personal invites and creative GIFs rallying the PAX to attend. Great work supporting the AO and


When life gives you lemons…

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Date: 08/30/2019 Location: Lunatic Fringe PAX: ESL1 Steely Dan Bruce Lee Jingles Etch-a-Sketch  (Respect!) Fried Rice2 J-Woww Snookie (Respect!) Amphibious3 Butt Fumble Jitterbug (Respect!) Hushpuppy Silicone Cornhole HUD Nelson (FNG - Matt Jackson) Short Circuit QIC: Short Circuit YHC had not prepared on Qing this morning; but after eye-balling the watch, and noticing no Q


Rest = Merkins @ Sweat Angel

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Thursday, August 29, 2019 Sweat Angel 0530-0615 PAX: Jitterbug (RESPECT), Frosty, Bushwood, Streamer, Gunny, Hoser, Udders, Tea Party (RESPECT), Shocker (Respect), Bob The Builder, Dial Up (RESPECT) and Pocahontas (QiC) Jitterbug had been EH-ing YHC to come Q Thursday's premier non-running AO, and after some rescheduling, the day had finally arrived to post and Q


Peloton rides…

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Two weeks ago, YHC attended cadet lab only to find out there was a Q opening for today. Never wanting to leave a site Q scrambling, I told cottontail I would be willing to serve and have an appropriate beatdown ready for the pax. YHC decided to bring back a favorite I had previously shared


McDonald’s Souvenirs

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  Date 8/26/19 AO Col ‘Hard’ Fax Pax: Hoosier, Awkward, Caddy, Cottontail,ESL, Pitino, Byrider (Q) YHC arrived a little early and knocked out some EC running. As I rounded the buildings I spot Pitino and Hoosier stretching. Hoosier found some goodies laying in parking lot.....a knock off Ironman and some Macdonald’s sweet and sour sauce.

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