Memorial let us remember

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Beautiful Saturday morning at the tennis courts. Here is how it played out: The Longest mile, 100 meter run 10 burpees, run, 10 squats, run, 10 merkins, run, 10 sit ups, then Snooki lead Flutter kicks, box cutters, low dollys and Curb appeal American Hammers. Billboard, guru, gronk, curb appeal, Robo cop, pipes, fire Marshall,


Walls and Bleachers Oh My!

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Date: May 22, 2024 AO: Slammin' Sammy's Smackdown (SSS) Location: Lindley Park 12 PAX: Nancy, Mallcop, Big Sky, Golden Corral, Short Squeeze, FNG-Jay-now Deuce, Mario, Cheese Steak, Freezer Burn, Nomex, Spare Time QIC: Tesla   Warmarama Sun Gods Plank and: Shoulder Taps - with mumblechatter Merkins - more chatter Knee Slaps - lots of mumblechatter


Parking Lot, Jungle Gym, Parking Lot, Picnic Benches, Stop

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Monday, May 20th AO:  Quaker Crater Location: Jefferson Elementary Weather:  Perfect PAX: Short Squeeze, Daughtry, Explosion, Ozone, Mesquite, 2 additional QIC: Tesla No: 8 total PAX   Warmarama Sun Gods Get down to plank: Shoulder Taps Merkins Knee Slaps Mountain Climbers Recover! Hillbillies Mosey! Made it about 100 ft...Parking Lot Suicides of 3 parking lines


Tabata with a Coupon – Fenceline May 21, 2024

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Tuesday May 21, 2024 0530-0615 Irving Park Elementary School 61° F, 90% RH Pax (8 with the Q) Bootcampers: Double Check (Respect!), Ozone (Respect!), Blue Oyster (Respect!), Ricola, Bunny Slope Splinter Ruckers: Gilligan, Snowflake (Respect!) QIC Radiator No FNG’s present. Mission was stated and disclaimer was disclaimed. Modify as needed. Warm-A-Rama (All In Cadence except


Max Effort

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F3 Cornwallis Nightmare Saturday, May 18, 2024 0700 – 0800 61º F I wanted to do something different. I was also keeping a close eye on the forecast and thought it may rain so I decided we would work out under cover & run back a workout I did at Wakanda in February. Pax The


73.3 Years

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Natty's Hump Wednesday, May 15, 2024 0530-0615 36.132175, -79.880630 62 °F, 95% humidity Pax Ricola, Akron, Danno, Wojo, Settlement, Ozone, Phoenix, Sugar Cake, Snowflake, Radiator, Bones, Long Time, Stryker, Bodett, Jitterbug, City Slicker, Silicone, Extra Point, Jingles, Norwood, Big Papi, Tommy Boy QiC Tommy Boy YHC may have spent a little too much time lallygagging


Beautiful sunny Morning at the park

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7:00 Creekside park in Archdale NC. The sun is up and birds are chirping!!! Here is how it went down. Stretching and then 10 rounds or more: 100 jump ropes 10 push ups 10 box jumps or step ups 10 sit ups 10 Mountain climbers 10 Squats 1 FNG. After workout circle up, F3 names


Quaker 6-week back strengthening

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YHC envision AOs having specific focus on in their workouts. As an example, YHC is pushing for Quaker Crater to focus on the back for next 6 weeks. Various Q's will lead in this 6 weeks, but will follow similar exercises, with the expectations of: 1) consistent focus which leads to improvement 2) predictable workouts,


Today at tennis courts. 5k race day @ Creekside

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655 almost everyone is there but pipes was late, no problem my friend!!! Stretching, arm circles forward, backwards, hug yourself, touch three places, on our six; right leg out, left leg out, apple sauce, baby pose, up dog, down dog... Pairs and pipes, curb appeal and Snooki. 150 squat jumps, partner jogs around courts 150


10 Strong at Latham Grinder

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DATE: March 18, 2024 PAX Total = 10    PAX: Eyeroll, Birds Nest, Wojo, Linda, Drizzle, Hermey, Bunny Slope, Viagra, Spare Time, QIC - Sacked An awesome group of 10 HIM's descended on the Grinder this morning for their DRP. With welcome dispensed we got at it. WARM-A-RAMA Phelps x 15ic Sun Gods x 10

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