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  PAX of 19 was courageous enough to show up on this very, very steamy morning. YHC had honor to lead and with lots of moseying, a lot of steaming was going on, with some coming out of the PAX’s ears. No FNG’s and after mission statement and disclaimer, off for the first mosey to


The Murph

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Golden Coral, Huggies, Airball, Hoosier, Hush Puppy, Baby Bop, TPS, Halitosis, Wicked, BLUE LINE (FNG Welcome),  Two Weeks (FNG Welcome), Bones, Viagra, Bravo, On Q - Red Dragon   Thursday is the Murph Day.   Today we decided to move along the Playground to Playground Murph. TPS mentioned a few weeks ago that between the


Nordic Tract Fireworks at July 4th Convergence

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When   7/4/19 QIC's: Udders, Virus, Snowflake The Pax:  Long Time, Daughtry, Sendek, Tommy Boy, Sacked (respect), Mr. Belding (respect), Red Dragon, Hooker, Eggplant (respect), Fried Rice, Brandy (respect), Snookie (respect), See Thru, Fannie, Cecil, Boone’s Farm, Ricola, Puddle Jumper, Khakis, Sir Purr (respect), Ozone, Polo, Pitino, Patch, Misfire, Bedbug, Airball, TPS, Bruce Lee, Messi Mozart,


Post 4th Beatdown at Cadet Lab

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Cadet Lab 7/9/19 PAX- Pitino, Muffy(f3 Houston), Doublecheck, Convoy, Piper, Elaine, Cottontail, JR, Daughtry, Misfire(QIC) Being so close to the 4th, you never know what kind of turnout you'll get so it was nice to see 10 PAX with cooler, breezy weather.  Great to have Muffy visiting from F3 Houston and for Piper's 3rd post


Enter the Roter Drache

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Inspired by other Pax Members who have added themselves into the F3 Schedule under the same name just in a different language the Red Dragon decided to start to add himself to the Q schedule under other languages also - Today the German Version of his name Roter Drache was on the schedule Pax -


Flippin Tire

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July 3rd Pax - JR - Defib - JLove - Buck - See Thru - FootFairy - TPS - BabyBop - Xerox - Magic Dragon - Steely Dan - Bodett - AirBall - FIREBALL (FNG) - Spike - Wicked - Saint - Your Q Red Dragon   Welcome Disclaimer Mosey Warmarama   After the Warmarama


50 Seconds is longer

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JULY 6, 2019 PAX Drizzle, Red Dragon, Misfire, AirBall, Seethru, Steely Dan, quick draw, STP, TPS   Great morning after a long week of some challenging workouts so I decided to go easy on them/me by rehashing an oldie. Tabata-style workout except I streatched the HIIT portion to 50 secs with only 10 sec recovery.


No holiday hangover at the Fringe

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Date: 05-July-2019 AO: Lunatic Fringe Pax: Red Dragon, Dirty Laundry, Airball, TPS, Leap, Tetanus, J-Love, Bobby Knight, Hi-Hat (Former FNG - Darin Perkins), QuickDraw (QiC) Post holiday workouts are always fun, YHC feels the need to atone for the horrible food and beverage that I had just put in my system so Q'ing at the


Like a bad carnival game

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Date: 02-July-2019 AO: Fenceline Pax: Bravo, Soap, JR, Spike, Buck, Awkward, J-Woww, Sugar Cake, Blue Oyster, Lynda, Guiding Light, Bobby Knight, Graffiti, Matlock, Butt Fumble, Jingles, Bones, Viagra, Striker, Bach, Earhart, Woody, Ozone, Khakis, Baby Bop, Jitterbug, Slumlord, Quick Draw (QiC) In the pre-blast for this workout, YHC had guaranteed less than 1 mile of


Building Blocks at the Ruckus

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The Pax Puddle Jumper, Robin Hood, Phoenix, Mall Cop - QIC The Thang 4 brother ruckers gathered in the gloom on June 29th for a bit of all three Fs. YHC had warned via twitter that all needed to bring gloves. As we prepared to start, YHC opened his trunk to let the PAX know

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