The Murph

Murph 2021

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May 31, 2021 YHC arrived in the lot at CT right around 5:10am knowing a few faithful pax might not have read the Shenanigans or remember it was Memorial Day. True to form, Weed and Socrates joined me and I advised them of their respective choices. They opted for a Socrates ‘Tabitha’...aka tabata for the


Cadet Lab 3/30 BB & Cross Ruck Announcement

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Date: 3/30/2021 Pax: Foot Fairy, Guiding Light (Jacko Wink), Buck, Misfire, Spike, Cotton Tail, Black Swan, Pitino, Slumlord, JZ, TPS QIC: JR 04:55 -  The Gloomfather rolls in - reserved parking for both TPS & YHC is occupied by a heaping mound of mulch. Disappointing,  YHC feels a disruption in the force due to this unthinkable


Damn that was fast!

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The Murph Thursday, Aug 20th, 2020 0530-0615 Jesse Wharton Elementary 70 °F Pax Blue Oyster R, Canary, Viagra R, Rick Flare, Big Boy, Strange Brew, Radiator R, Long Time, Airball, JR, Reddragon, Halitosis, Wicked R, Hoiser, Bones R = Respect (over 50 years) QiC Bones Today the Pax was challenged and Accecpted the opportunity.  We


De-icing volunteers – The Murph

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Disclaimer: YHC was the last (running late) Pax to arrive at the AO and was summarily rewarded (a.k.a. voluntold ) with the opportunity to provide the backblast. Aye! Pax: TPS, matlock, Hoosier, Airball, Red Dragon, Hall Pass, Radiator, Golden Corral, Viagra, Bruce Lee The Pax pulled, pushed and squatted their way to a great start


The Murph!

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Thursday, August 22nd 2019 0530-0615 72 Degrees F, humid, low breeze Jesse Wharton Elementary 10 with Q Viagra, Udders, TPS, Chaka Kahn, Bruce Lee, Golden Coral, Blue Oyster Respect, Hush Puppy, Boat Show, Bones QiC Bones Welcome > Mission Statement -> Disclaimer -> Beat-down. The Thang Pax Split into 2 equal groups starting at opposing


Should we Murph??

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August 1,  2019 12 pax showed up. Some even parked in the right lot.   Pax. BoatShow, Hallitosis, Longtime, AirBall, chaka khan, Baby Bop, Gigawatt, Bones, Jingles, Huggies, Radiator, and Tps


Another Murph

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Nine packs showed up for traditional Murph including bookend mile runs. Pax included Golden corral Bob the builder blue oyster red dragon baby bop jingles halitosis Hozier and TPS   nuff said   Prayers for baby bop and the 135 other people from his church traveling to do mission work in South Carolina next week


4/1 Circle Time

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QIC: JR PAX: (FNG) Mike Hayes - Pitty 'Da Fool, Steely Dan, Jingles, Drizzle, Stage Fright, Defib, Bob the Builder, Freezer Burn, See-Thru, Bodette, Red Dragon, Air-Ball, Matlock, Dirty Laundry, Buck, Ketchup, Spike, JR. Warm-a-rama: Not really... Thang: The Murph.  YHC tried to describe the WO and mask it as something special that was created


FNG at the MURPH

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it doesn’t happen often but much like an eclipse an FNG can show up at the Murph. YHC knew Wicked was out of town and decided to Q the workout. The numbers had been dropping with regulars being pulled in many directions, so I coordinated to have Red Dragon and AirBall post alongside for some


Murph x Bones v Ketchup

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we don’t often get a lot of new people at the murph. This week we were treated to have AirBall and Red Dragon back from a long hiatus along with Murph rookies Bones and Ketchup. Although I think Bones might have been out once before it was not recognized formally. Pax. Hoosier, AirBall, ‘the Red

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