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Body Destroyer – In Cadence

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We're Baaaaaaaaack! Sweat Angel is back in action! It was going to be hard to top last week's Taylor Swift inspired awesomeness but I felt like I was up to the challenge. With this being the first official Sweat Angel since Phase 1 began it was time to shock our bodies back into shape. Hall


Sweat Angel

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Pax: Q: Stinky Cheese, Jitterbug, Spackler, Phoenix, Shocker, Snookie, Patch, Poehler, Warm-a-rama: SSH IC x 15 Imperial Walkers IC x15 Squates IC x 15 Sun Gods IC x 15 String Rippers IC x 15 Mountain Climbers IC 15 Thang: 3 Stations, Lt. Dans to each station from Shovel Flag Station 1: Clean & Press x15


Sweat Angel get’s Miami Vice style SMACKDOWN!

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From the Great an Powerful "Crockett" True to its mission the Sweat Angel PAX enjoyed not running for 45 minutes. It’s early but positive feedback from participants is flooding in. For example, “The walking part was good,” “While walking I was able to let my mind just drift and it was then that I thought


Day 4 of Everest 6 for 60 Challenge

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Date of Workout:  10/31/2019 14 Pax were met at COT with two splinter Ruckers.  All got better today.  Thankful that the hard rain held off and thankfully for the opportunity to lead and include this as Day 4 of the Everest 6 for 60 Challenge.  After a brief disclaimer, we began.... ... Warm-O-Rama: Side straddle



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It's leg day!!!! I had to lay off lifting heavy on my legs while training for the Cannonball. With that behind me, I was excited to have the opportunity to punish my legs again. After reciting the mission statement I warned the PAX that I had given this workout a test run on Monday and


Undead Evil Wizards, Sandbags, Broga

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W.A.R. TOY SOLDIERS + INCH WORMS + LUCKY 7S (ranger + regular + werkin) THANG 1 Instruction: EMOM w/ 30 10-ish Seconds Rest One Round CHAIR BACK-SQUAT w/ SANDBAG ALABAMA PROM DATE w/ SANDBAG aka HIP THRUST WALKING LUNGE w/ SANDBAG to Tree of Woe [on back or shoulder (if shoulder, switch on way back)]


Stacking the deck with Burpees

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Sweat Angel Thursday, September 26, 2019 0530-0615 36.121616, -79.834175 Gloomy. Pax (11 total) Jitterbug, Mr. Belding, Hoser, Daisy, Mall Cop, Tea Party, Ozone, Long Time, Explosion- Ruckers: Dial Up (RESPECT!), Phoenix, Radiator QIC Stinky Cheese No FNG’s present this morning.  Instead, a group of salty veteran Pax were assembled on this surprisingly cool September morn.


Sweat Angel Sept 19 2019

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Sweat Angel Thursday, September 19, 2019 0530-0615 36.121616, -79.834175 56°F, 97% Humidity Pax (11 total) Frosty, Short Circuit, Dial Up (RESPECT!), Phoenix, Boones Farm, Long Time, Eye Roll, Hoser, Butt Fumble, Jitterbug (RESPECT!), QIC Radiator No FNG’s present this morning.  Instead, a group of salty veteran Pax were assembled on this surprisingly cool September morn.


Since running isnt allowed…

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Sweat Angel Thursday September 12, 2019 0530 – 0615 Arrived to the AO to find evidence that Phoenix was out for an EC Ruck – Tclaps to you brother. The faithful site Q arrived, planted the flag just as the remaining Pax began to assembled. Phoenix arrived with perfect timing, and at 0530 we commenced.

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