New Year’s Revolutions at SOAB

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Great show of support from the Northern Alliance! SOAB_VQ Son of a Bench:  January 7, 2022 @ 5:30 am Pax – Wicked, Weed, Byrider, Black Swan, Pity the Fool, Cottontail, Pitino, All Blacks, Sacked, JR, Nails, Red Dragon Q – F3_Possum YHC on the VQ welcomed the 12 PAX at the first SOAB


That Takes Some Stones!

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08/27/2021 AO - Sonuva Bench Q - Bobby Knight (Sam Perkins) PAX - Stickshift, Pitino, Cottontail, All Blacks, Bartman, QIC Mission was stated, disclaimer was given, and each PAX was instructed to select a large rock that was challenging but manageable. I encouraged the fellas to be ambitious but not overzealous. I was then warned


School’s Out for Summer!

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06/04/2021 AO - SonuvaBench Weather - Consistently spitting and humid Q - Bobby Knight PAX - TPS (EC), Red Dragon (EC), All Blacks (EC), Stickshift (EC), Airball (EC), Marvel (2.0/EC), Pitino, Byrider, Foot Fairy, Slumlord, Whirlybird, Weed, Bulldog, ESL, YHC (EC) My 2.0, Marvel and I arrived early to find TPS already hard at work


Card Sharks

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Date:  5/14/21 Workout:  Sonuvabench Pax:  Heisenberg (Respect!), Kaizen (Respect!), Tent City, Fannie Mae, All Blacks, Cottontail, Fletch (Respect!), Nails (Respect!), Yooper, Udders (YHC) On a pleasant May morning 10 pax gathered on the edge of Natville to get better.  It went down something like this... F3 Disclaimer and Mission Statement Pledge of Allegiance at Shovel


What happens at SOAB…

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Pax Stick Shift, Red Dragon, Hoosier, Pitino, Slumlord, Kaizen, Uper, Wide Right, Whirlybird, All Blacks, Foot Fairy, Bobby Knight, TPS Great Friday AO   Stick shift and Slumlord were in rare form on Friday morning. Normally I would drop some burpees on the pax to minimize the mumble chatter, but today having compassion YHC sent


Cast Your Burdens Down

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The first Stonehenge was completed on June 26, 2020. Normally, I repeat event style workouts around the same time period as the previous event. However, the nature of tension and conflict between chapter members following the 2020 elections, led me to push the schedule up on this event and the Triple Lindy too (May 1,


Blimps and Bear Crawls at SOAB!

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I admit that I almost "Hallpassed" on this one.  Saved by a EC-HC tweet to Xerox....Aren't you Qing at SOAB tomorrow?  Doh!  Wasn't in my calendar.  I think Slummy stuck me in there a while back. :) PAX: Byrider, All Black, Cotton Tail, Stick Shift, Red Dragon, Patino, Hoosier, Jitterbug -R- Q Here's how the


Craps with rocks? Everyone’s a winner

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  AO : Son of a Bench When : 10/9/20 PAX : Driveby, All Black, Naked Gun, Hoosier, StickShift, Slumlord, WKRP, BullDog, Fried Rice, Tiffany, Foot Fairy, Misfire, Bobby Knight, Marvel, AirBall, TPS QIC: Red Dragon Announcements Oct 24 Triple Lindey Blood Drive is coming Up. Register to Vote RD started the day opposite from

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