Shake Weights

Day after 9/11/23

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Welcome and mission statement noted. Q for today at Shake weight and tomorrow the Hump Here's how it went: Stretching   7's Lt Dan's Sun God's Hillbillies Squats Thang #3 Pair up - partner push ups -Partner sit ups - hand dumbbells right/left   Mary on your 6 - homer and Marge - flutters -


Shake Weights Needs AC

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Shake Weights Tuesday, August 15, 2023 0530-0615 36.089259, -79.833084 84 °F, 72% humidity Pax: Ramses, Fannie, Frosty, Poehler, CJ, Stretch (RESPECT!), Don't Cha Know (RESPECT!), City Slicker (RESPECT!), Shocker (RESPECT!), Tommy Boy QiC: Tommy Boy Been a minute... GREAT to be back in the Gloom! Per usual, it was an unforgiving summer experience down in


Small work out groups..

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This morning, July 18, 2023 4 of us had a great workout. Well it looked good on paper planning it. First off Sun Gods, then into Chilcutts, Lt Dans, into 7's then dirkins. Then using a dumbbell or kettle around the horn in fron of our bodies right and then left. The thang. Coupon to


The One with Monkey Humping Goblet Squats

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AO: Shake Weight Date: February 7, 2023 Time: 5:30 – 6:15 AM Location: Tanger Building Subterranean Parking Deck PAX (20): Houlihan, P-O-E-H-L-E-R, Phoenix (RESPECT), Bloomer, Stretch (RESPECT, Matlock (RESPECT), Oil Slick, Crawlspace, Frosty, Gekko, Don't Cha Know, STP (RESPECT), Bulldog, Linda (RESPECT), Wojo (RESPECT), Butterball, Fannie, Detention, Heimlich (RESPECT, Drifter (QIC) WARM-A-RAMA 10 SSH IC 30


Big Mary

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Ten gloom gods from the far reaches of Natville descended upon the hallowed ground of the K&W basement to complete the following self-improvement activities. Warmarama Clap-Backs Noland Ryan Wojo Squats The Thang Instructions: Complete the following super-set doing five single-count reps for each exercise. After completing the super-set, run to the first cone and return


ShakeWeights June 14, 2022

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June 14, 2022  SHAKEWEIGHT AO 14 PAX: Gekko, Lynda, Shocker, Snowflake, Boy Wonder, 50CC, STP, Phoenix, Poehler, Annie Oakley, Oil Slick, Stretch, Snookie, Sacked - QIC On a nice humid June morning 14 PAX descended on the ShakeWeight AO for a 45 minute beatdown compliments of YHC. With no FNG's and the mission and 5


Shakeweight 5/3/22

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The Site Q has a neat idea of 52 different Qs to take him through the year. I selected May as it would be warmer and seemed like as a good date as any. Here is how it went: PAX: Gekkco, Lynda, DoubleCheck, Ramses, Oil Slick, Snooki, 50cc, Crash, Anne Oakley, Phoenix, Poehler, Dr. Phil (Kotters),


The Moist Maker

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Shake Weights Tuesday, May 24, 2022 0530-0615 36.08838° N, 79.83304° W 62 °F, 94% humidity Pax City Slicker, Don't Cha Know, Snooki, 50cc, Houlihan, Phoenix, Eggplant, Akron, Butt Fumble, Gekko, STP, Tommy Boy QiC Tommy Boy Our man Rameses was feeling a lil' under the weather so he did the smart thing and asked for


“Kill Zone” #weightnowait

By |2022-05-16T16:38:34-04:00May 16th, 2022|Categories: #ironsharpensiron, Shake Weights|

Date: 5/10/2022 AO:  Shake Weights I've been to the specific AO about twice and that's only because Site Q Gekko asked me to Q, lol! Well, I wasn't going to disappoint. The idea for this workout came out of my core track days when the fall season consisted of weights and no running workouts on


A Drago Ball Grinder at Shakeweight

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Date: April 19, 2022 Weather: 38 Degrees outside, buy maybe a little warmer in the premier F3 GSO Subterranean AO Lair PAX: 50cc, Phoenix, Stretch, Eggplant, Sacked, Shocker, Poehler, FloJo, Akron (War Baby), Annie Oakley, Gekko, LYnda, Crash, Huffy, Snookie (War Daddy), Wojo (QIC) Ruckers: Short Circuit, Bodett, Bruce Lee Fartsacker: Tommy Boy Whenever you

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