Jitterbug celebrates 6 yr w the Sad Clown Killers!

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6 years ago, Dec. 18th, 2 friends encouraged me to check out F3!  Tight Squeeze -Frank Thomas & Nixon -Ashley Cobb, thanks to both of them for knowing me well enough to tell me, "You're gonna love it!"  Yep!  My first AO was Derailler (now Lunatic Fringe) w Longtime on the Q. So, my buddy



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Second chance at showing my New Year resolution-Kinder and Gentler-  this one was going to be tough since Slummy and Stick shift were coming to the beat down! Full disclosure I almost slept through this one but luckily on got a punch in my side to get moving.   We had   a great group of men,


We want to see you Lead

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Date: 11/19/2020 Workout: Sad Clown Killer Location: Summerfield Community Park Pax: Steely Dan, Cottontail, Stick Shift, JR, Buck, Xerox (Respect), Slum Lord, Kaizen (Respect), I Pity the Fool (Respect), Foot Fairy, Black Swan, TPS, Patch (QIC) Quite cold this morning just under 30 degrees.  Didn’t keep these vets away from the AO. Mission Statement was


Solid Sunday

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Another glorious Sunday started off right with a mosey in the gloom! The PAX: Powder Puff, Stinky Cheese, Bodett, Pacer, Ricardo, Nancy, 3-For-1, Cornhole, Drizzle, Graffiti, Guiding Light, Lynda, Big Sky, Former FNG Pixar, Mall Cop EC: YHC was planning on getting a few extra miles in early and had put out an invite a


You want me on that wall!

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Sad Clown Killer- 7/9/20 PAX- Misfire, Root, Mugsy, Nestegg, Foot Fairy, Airball, Red Dragon, Slumlord, TPS, Black Swan, See Through, Stickshift, Cottontail (QIC)   Warmarama- some new-to-the-PAX exercises to test all of our coordination Short mosey around the community center building- pay no attention to the large cardboard Weinke behind the building... Seal Jacks x15IC


“Cross the Line”

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Excited to be back on Q at SCK. Decided to “borrow” (aka steal) some workout ideas from HIM Thuminator’s last Q at Cougartown and came up with the following. An extremely wet Mini-murph turned in by The Red Dragon (TRD), TPS and myself.  Yes, the water logged tired was flipped – TPS witnessed the flipping


Elevator Work in Summerfield

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A small but gritty PAX of 4 had a good time going up to floor 36 and then back down. PAX: See Thru, Misfire, Matlock, and QIC-Sacked We started with a mosey to the first corner making our way around the lake and circled up for the warma WARM-A-RAMA Sun Gods X 15IC ea direction



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I read with great fervor the post from CrotchRocket about the success of the Spring LEAP season. There is nothing quite like the thrill of seeing more and more men #FreedToLead. And then I thought about my own LEAP experiences, from the very first time I went to another area to launch all the way


DRWs in Brunswick County NC Beaches

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Are you a #SadClown when on vacation at one of the Brunswick Co, NC Beaches?  That includes Sunset Beach, OIB, Holden, Oak Island, Bald Head, Kure Beach, Carolina Beach. @F3BrunswickDRW is a service to connect the southern-NC-beach-vacationing men of F3 Nation for DRWs to help you avoid #SadClown syndrome.  Here is how it works: You


Preblast: SPEEDFORNEED 1st Race Metro- American 4miler 7/4/17

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*RACING CHARIOT IS HERE! Here is updated preblast with movie trailer video for the Metro American 4miler race (click above).  Please follow @F3SpeedForNeed as communications will be transitioned to that Twitter handle. YOU MUST REGISTER BY JUNE 21 TO GUARANTEE YOUR GENDER SPECIFIC SHIRT * SPEEDFORNEED Inaugural Race!!! After months of planning, marketing, praying, fundraising, and

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