Quaker Crater

QuakerCrater-missin’ tha weather!

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(Late post for 8-15 ) 10 PAX got to enjoy a workout after all the rain with a sight-seeing warm-a-rama on the way to the KathleenClayEdwards library parking lot for a workout. Five stations working on all parts, with various jogging in between.  Mary shared by all. #allgotbetter. PAXvideo-QCrater


A bit of F3 Omaha in Natville

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Quaker Crater 2022-07-25 PAX: Wojo, Explosion, Hoolihan, Ozone, Pong, Fried Rice, Phoenix, Radiator, Lynda, Short Squeeze, Tesla, Cornhole (QIC) YHC posted with F3 Omaha a couple of weeks ago and came away with a renewed energy for how important the F3 Mission/F3 Core Principles and COT are as bookends to a workout. With that in


At the a Crater

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This morning 🌅 we got together for some mubble chatter and exercise. This is how it went: Mosey to intersection. Count 1/2 and warm mar ma. Side straddle hops, 7's, copper head squats and then lunges to next intersection. There partner planks and then moseyed to partner sit ups. Onto partner merkins and onto the


Shakin’ Off the Turkey

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When: 11/29/21 The PAX: CJ, JZ, Bobby Knight, Bulldog, Sir Charles QIC: Ozone 6 Natville Pax brought their ‘A’ game and made a tough workout look easy on a beautiful November morning at the Crater. Warm-A-Rama 1 SSHs X 15 – 1 Burpee Toy Soldiers X 15 – 2 Burpees Squatting Chinooks X 15 –


We fall but we rise again

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PAX: JZ, Bulldog (Q), Yupper, Nails, Wolverine, FNG Jedi Mindtrick, Wojo, Explosion, Ozone, Lynda Q mentioned this was a tough workout but had done this with 2.0s before, so should be hard but still doable. That got the PAX motivated, if the 7yr old girl did it I should be able to do it, right,


Surprise, It’s Leg Day! (Climbing Out of Quaker Crater)

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Date: Monday, August 23, 2021 AO: Quaker Crater Time: 0530 – 0615 Weather: 70°F, 92% R.H., clear PAX (17): Houlihan, Bruce Lee, Sir Charles (RESPECT!), Snooki (RESPECT!), Bulldog, Tesla, JC (RESPECT!), Go Blue, Ozone, Rameses, High Stick (FNG), City Slicker (RESPECT!), Akron, Saban, Lynda (RESPECT!), Oil Slick (FNG), Explosion QIC: Saban As YHC pulled into



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09/27/2021 AO - Quaker Crater Q - Bobby Knight PAX - Ozone, High Stick, Oil Slick, Bulldog, JZ (R), Stickshift, Explosion, Houlihan, Dont Cha Know (R), Udders, YHC Mission was stated. Mosey commenced. WARM-O-RAMA We ran to the three-way intersection and circled up for: SSH, Hillbillies, Sun gods, Abe Vigodas, String Rippers, Mountain Climbers. Mosey


Skipping with Snooki

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Monday September 20, 2021 What to call this work out? Utters said," first time working out to a Sinatra song"!  As we were leaving I think Jay Z said," Skipping with Snooki"! Got it and a great NAME. Ok, we met this am, nice dark morning. After doing the doing some warm up Sun God's

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