Northern Ruckus

Building Blocks at the Ruckus

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The Pax Puddle Jumper, Robin Hood, Phoenix, Mall Cop - QIC The Thang 4 brother ruckers gathered in the gloom on June 29th for a bit of all three Fs. YHC had warned via twitter that all needed to bring gloves. As we prepared to start, YHC opened his trunk to let the PAX know


It’s Merkin Season

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The PAX: Robin Hood, Bodet, Grand Master Flash, Don't Cha Know, Mall Cop - QIC The Thang Many people think May the Fourth is Star Wars day, but it is more importantly the first day of Merkin season. 5 pax set off into Country Park on opening day to bag their legal limit. The pax


Europe Stories

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PAX: Phoenix(Q), Snookie (Respect), Mall Cop, Double-check, Hosier, Tommy Boy, McGuyver. YHC had just come back from a three week trek across Germany, Austria, and Hungary. It was nice to get back in the gloom and relive the liter beers and sausage options from Germany. The conversation took a turn into colon-blow inducing food choices...


Time to Make the Doughnuts

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PAX: Abu, Robin Hood, STP, Etch-a-Sketch, Tommy Boy, Snookie, Don'tChaKnow, Yellow Brick Road, Mall Cop - QIC The course: The weather threw everyone for a loop. It felt down right balmy out after posting in the freezing weather earlier this week. It was my first time leading a ruck. In addition to miles and smiles I wanted to get at least 100 merkins in.


Miles & Smiles?

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Northern Ruckus Saturday, July 21, 2018 0600-0700 36.119179, -79.834466 69 °F,  93% humidity Pax Airball, Don’t Cha Know (RESPECT!), MacGyver, Blue Oyster, Terry Price (FNG- Endless Love), Long Time, Jack Rabbit, Mapquest, Drizzle (RESPECT!), Tommy Boy QiC Tommy Boy Be careful whom you share a pint with... you just may wind up with an impromptu Q detail on your calendar. After celebrating Flo's


Flutter Kicks for Everyone

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Northern Ruckus Saturday, July 14th, 2018 0600-0700 36.119232, -79.834461 67 °F,  93% humidity Pax Yellow Brick Road, Long Time, Wojo, Bed Bug, Blue Oyster, Hoser, Tommy Boy QiC Tommy Boy Remember that time when YHC said he was hanging up his Q Boots for awhile? That was 5 days ago. YHC has Qed twice since


Ain’t Ruckin’ for Nuthin’ but a Good Time

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Northern Ruckus Saturday, March 3, 2018 0600-0700 36.119001, -79.834603 33 °F,  47% humidity (+windy as hell) Pax Bed Bug, WoJo, STP (RESPECT!), Long Time, Etch-A-Sketch, Don'tcha Know, Tommy Boy QiC Tommy Boy Rucking; until you've experienced it, you just don't get it. YHC is speaking from experience. There's something truly invigorating about shouldering a chosen


A Walk in the Park – 12/16/2017

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For once,  I had nothing to say. No chippy tweet to encourage the PAX an hour early to race out for what I consider one of the top F3 events each week. I remember back to October 2016 when J-Love called me out to show up for this workout having a solid Q for CougarTown.


A Humbling Thing Happened on the Way to the Ruckus

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Northern Ruckus Saturday, November 25, 2017 36.119197, -79.834450 36 °F , 84% humidity LET'S RUCK! Pax TPS, Bodett, See-Thru, Airball, Houlihan, Drizzle (RESPECT), Smokey, Butt Fumble Tommy Boy QiC Tommy Boy When Everest put out the call for a substiQ, YHC figured, "Why not? I've got the CN Q, might as well give it a