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Triple Nordic Tracts & F3 Kids Combo

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Nordic Tract and F3 Kids Saturday August, 24, 2019 0700 – 0800 mid 60s and rainy The Tri-Q team of Triple Flip, Messi Mozart, and Bruce Lee pulled into the AO with wipers on ready to lay out a (potentially) soggy course of events for a Nordic Tract meets F3 Kids beat down. As we


Bi-Annual Nordic Tract Q

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Date: 08/03/2019 Location: Nordic Tract PAX: Flamingo MisFire Guiding Light STP (Respect!) Daughtry Virus Stay-at-Home Mom (FNG - Mike Corcoran, Respect!) Short Circuit QIC: Short Circuit Not much to say.  Virus EH'd YHC into Qing Nordic Tract.  YHC obliged.  PAX gathered at NWHS pre 0700, circled up, YHC gave the disclaimer, and then we got


Training to Storm Area 51 at Nordic Tract

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It was YHC's first time to Nordic Tract and YHC had a hard time finding the launch point but eventually spied a few Pax stretching and getting ready.  This is a great AO with lots of great areas to work.  I encourage others to come and check it out.  We waited an extra minute as


Nordic Tract Fireworks at July 4th Convergence

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When   7/4/19 QIC's: Udders, Virus, Snowflake The Pax:  Long Time, Daughtry, Sendek, Tommy Boy, Sacked (respect), Mr. Belding (respect), Red Dragon, Hooker, Eggplant (respect), Fried Rice, Brandy (respect), Snookie (respect), See Thru, Fannie, Cecil, Boone’s Farm, Ricola, Puddle Jumper, Khakis, Sir Purr (respect), Ozone, Polo, Pitino, Patch, Misfire, Bedbug, Airball, TPS, Bruce Lee, Messi Mozart,


Back Home Again

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Date:  6/22/19 Workout:  Nordic Tract Pax:  Byrider, Daughtry, Pitino, Stubing, Virus, Udders (YHC) On a humid June morning 5 fellow pax joined YHC at the premier Saturday bootcamp outside Natville's city limits:  Nordic Tract! YHC put out on APB for a substitute Q so he could earn another checkmark to the Natville Summer Challenge.  However,


Sneakers Birthday Party

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Date:  4/6/19 Workout:  Nordic Tract Pax:  Daughtry, Misfire, Sneakers, Spurrier, Virus, Udders (YHC) On a pleasant Saturday morning 5 fellow pax whipped the fartsack to join YHC at Natville's hidden gem:  Nordic Tract! Bodett was supposed to Q, but went on the IR yesterday #GetWellSoon and YHC was honored to step into his place to


Beginner’s Guide to Parkour

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F3 Nordic Tract Northwest Guilford High School Saturday:  03/30/17 PAX: Virus, Hesienburg, EPA, Polo, Udders, Daughtry, Spurrier (QIC) A PAX of 7 explored the unknown on a mild overcast morning at Northwest High School.  YHC knows the Nordic Tract campus well and used his Q as an opportunity to share the terrain with other PAX. 


As good as it gets. EC, NT, 3.21 dash

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The morning started off normally rolling into CougarTown for EC. Red Dragon joined at 5:45 as planned for some LAX practice. 45 min private lesson plus equipment rental charged to my F3 monthly dues. Now the irony, YHC had the Q at Nordic Tract. So when Butt Fumble, Wingman, Ozone, and RD headed off into


Ladders and Clocks at Nordic Tract

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PAX: Misfire, Snowflake, Udders, EPA, Virus, Spurrier, Daughtry , Guiding Light, Sparky, LaRue, Heisenberg, Sacked - QIC On a cool breezy morning 12 PAX including YHC ventured to the great Northwest ( High School that is) for a Nordic Tract special. From expansive parking lots, to steep hills and bleachers, to a nice track, and


Gimme Shelter

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Date:  2/23/19 Workout:  Nordic Tract Pax:  EPA, Heisenberg (Respect!), LaRue, Sparky, Virus, Udders (YHC) On a cold, rainy February morning 5 fellow pax whipped the fartsack to join YHC at the premier Saturday AO in the "outskirts" of Greensboro:  Nordic Tract!  This is a wonderful AO (and in YHC's humble opinion the best in Natville),

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