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Nordic Track – 12/11/21 – Christmas Movie Trivia

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Nordic Track – 12/11/21 – Christmas Movie Trivia EC coffee ruck performed by Sticky, TPS, TRD and Foot Fairy Mission Statement Delivered Warmarama: Mosey to covered area under the bleachers. SSH; Seal Jacks; BROGA Sun salutations; Flock of seagulls. Thang: Dice (Exercise): 2 – Burpees – 5; 10; 15 3 – Mike Tysons – 10;


The 2021 12 Days of Christmas (Nordic Tract Edition)

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Date:  11/27/21 Workout:  Nordic Tract Pax:  Big Worm, Stick Shift, Udders (YHC) On a cold November morning 2 fellow pax joined YHC in beating the fartsack to post at the premier Saturday boot camp in Southern Virginia:  Nordic Tract!  The mood was bright after the Wolfpack's big football win the night before over that team


Good Morning Nordic Tract!

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Nordic Tract Saturday September 25, 2021 0700 – 0800 50ish, nice cool gloom Pax Black Swan, Cotton Candy, Stick Shift, Big Worm, Ginobili, Yooper, Jon (FNG) now Chutzpah, Bruce Lee - QiC We began our morning with an affirmation of the one singular mission of F3: The Mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and


Tough Crew at Nordic Tract

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YHC was ready to get back on the Q wagon after a week of vacation and three days of business travel. The morning started like many others with a preRuck to get in some miles and setup. Normally, I would be joined by Red Dragon, but he was MIA on vacation in Massachusetts. I think


Work out was hard but not as hard as the 2nd F

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Paying my contractual obligation to Sticky-I arrived at the great white north expecting to see a huge crowd since I called out the Oakridge and North west boys to support their local AO and that there M's really do not want them around.  It didn't work, they obviously still believe their M's want them around


The Nordic Challenge 2021 Edition

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Date:  7/3/21 Workout:  Nordic Tract Pax:  Big Worm, Bodett, Stick Shift, Upper, Udders (YHC) On a pleasant July morning 4 pax joined YHC at the premier Saturday workout in "Southern Virginia":  Nordic Tract! YHC was excited to return to one of the best AO's in all of Natville.  With our country's 245th birthday the next


3rd Annual Bo Derek CSAUP

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The third annual Bo Derek got off without a hitch at 6am (two hour time limit this year). This year the challenge got bumped up a notch by adding cinder blocks at each end of the football/soccer/futbol field with crawl, lunge, trot and hopping variations resplendently demonstrated by yours truly. The boys cycled through all


superhero workout

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PAX: Big Worm, Stick Shift, Eggplant, Bulldog, JZ, Spurrier Warmarama: moseyed to the school Thang: based on Neiley Rey's Iron Man and Thor workout, which you can find on google. Iron Man workout had 8 exercises, we did them together with little rest, 5 rounds. Last 2 rounds were combined, so we did double the


Nordic Tract Easter Egg Hunt Pergatory

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Date: 4-3-21 Where: Northwest Guilford High When: 7-8 AM in the Gloomy goodness Why:  To plant, grow, and server small workout groups for men, for the invigoration of male community leadership. Who:  10 hardy Natvillelites:  Black Swan, Big Worm, Stickshift, Wicked, Hoosier, Patch, Airball, Xerox, Udders, Jitterbug Q Temp: 32 F, Wind: none, Dew..Frozen, Sun:


Spring Equinox = Balanced Beatdown

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03/20/2021 AO - Nordic Tract Q - Bobby Knight PAX - Stickshift, Hoosier, Udders, JR, ESL, JZ (Respect), YHC I arrived to find Sticky and Hoosier getting in some EC on the track while I set up. With the scene set, we moved to the shovel flag to celebrate the Spring Equinox. The Mission and

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