Natty’s Hump

A Perfect World

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Date:  Wednesday, September 15, 2021 AO:  Natty's Hump QiC:  Boy Wonder PAX (24):  Snookie, City Slicker, Ricola, Gilligan, Silicone, Cheddar, Scooby Doo, Socrates, John Coctostan, Ozone, High Stick, Canary, Jitterbug, Xerox, Ramses, Mall Cop, Huggies, Golden Corral, Wojo, Norwood, Butt Fumble, Graffiti, Tommy Boy, Mile High, Boy Wonder Warm-a-Rama: Slowsey, Karaoke, High Skip, Defensive Slide,


Hump Day 9/8/21

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When   9/8/21 QIC        Snowflake The Pax: Amicus, Ricola, Steak Knives (Visitor from F3 Cape Fear), Cheddar, Silicone (R), Viagra (R), Birds Nest, Socrates, Earhart, Double Check (R), 50 CC’s (R), Houlihan, Oil Slick, Norwood, Huffy, Don’t Cha Know, Butt Fumble, Brett McCraw – FNG “Sandra”, and a couple of other PAX that did not make


The Q That Almost Wasn’t

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YHC woke up at 0430 this morning with questions in my head. My legs were still sore from Maneater's beat down at Shake 'n' Bake. I really wasn't sure I wanted to do a bootcamp and I needed to get at least 5 miles in for my cannonball training. I planned to do my usual


The Short Circuit

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Date:  7/28/21 Workout:  Natty's Hump Pax:  Don't Cha Know (Respect!), Hall Pass, Sir Purr (Respect!), Pamela, Gilligan, Silicone, Butt Fumble, Lynda (Respect!), Ricola, Jitterbug (Respect!), Ozone, Drizzle (Respect!), Patch, Hoosier, Settlement, Udders (YHC) On a warm July morning 15 fellow pax joined YHC at the original Wednesday workout to get better.  Almost have the pax


Grateful at Natty’s Hump 6-16-21

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Grateful  When   6/16/21 QIC        Snowflake The Pax: Norwood, Udders, Silicone, Jitter Bug (Respect), Pamela, Scooby Doo (Respect), Birds Nest, Sacked (Respect), Settlement, Gilligan, Fannie Pack, Whirlie Bird, Ozone, Stinky Cheese (Respect), Wojo (Respect)  Summary Great morning to enjoy the ball field. Cooler air, damp ground, freshly mowed grass – couldn’t ask for more.  Theme was


I want my F3!

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Norwood was born over a month premature weighing under 4 pounds 48 years ago today. Today he tips the scale at over twice that weight with about 20% of his total mass consisting of teeth and leg hair. Little known fact about Norwood; at the age of 5 he was rushed to the


4 Man Grinder at Natty’s Hump

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PAX: Scooby Doo, Jitterbug, City Slicker, Birds Nest, Whirly Bird, Blue Oyster, Sugar Cake, Wide Right, Slumlord, Stretch, Snowflake, Spackler, bones, Poehler, Xerox, Snookie, Cecil, Simone, Drifter, Schnitzel , Stinky Cheese, Drizzle, Wojo, JWoww, Cheddar, Shallow Hal, Boy Wonder, Akron, Weed, Gilligan, Lynda, Tommy Boy, Silicone, Double Check, JR, Thor, Sacked - QIC In near


” enough of that”

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What a great morning to Q the HUMP.  We had 26 plus myself to start the day.   Once Disclaimer was given 4 splinter runners and 3 ruckers went in separate directions.    The Pax Consisted of; SACKED, Sticky, Snooki "enough of That", Wojo, Sugar Britches, Sugarcake, Lynda, Settlement, Drizzle, Patch, socrates, bones, birds nest, Gilligan,


Totally 80’s at Natty’s Hump – #BB 02/24/2021

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A.O.: Natty’s Hump Date: February 24, 2021 Time: 0530 - 0615 Location: Jaycee Park PAX: Socrates, Longtime, Sacked (Respect!), Snowflake (Respect!), Snooki (Respect!), Settlement, Fanny Pack, Eye Roll, Jingles, Hall Pass, Spam, Gilligan, Everest (Respect!), Butt Fumble, Fannie, Matlock (Respect!), Etch-a-Sketch (Respect!) QIC: Etch-a-Sketch YHC was looking forward to hitting the glom with the PAX


The 2020 WAS AWESOME Workout!

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SUMMARY 21 pax gathered on this brisk 30 degree morning to celebrate 2020, the most awesome year ever, as well as a challenging workout and camaraderie. The mosey was punctuated with chatter of the wonderful adventures shared the past 365 days such as frequent gatherings in packed stuffy banquet halls collectively bellowing triumphant hymns and

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