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Grab your ankles

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June 18, 2021 Grab Your Ankles...   Friday Broga has been a major staple of my routine for the past year or so. AirBall has been a great leader in providing this service to the group, but as we move forward with considering this as a formal AO location splitting from the Lunatic Fringe other


Everything Bagel

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WARMARAMA Mosey around school and back to parking lot x2. THANG LEG DAY + Prisoner Squats [x15sc] Pause Wojo Squat into Side Leg Raise w/3 pulse [Left/Right x 10/10sc] Curtsey Squat [Left/Right x15/15sc] One Leg Bridge [Left/Right x15/15sc] Chillcut Plank Donkey Kick w/x5 pulse [x10sc] Mosey around parking lot x1 EVERYTHING BAGEL Mike Tyson [x15sc]


Lunatic’s at the Fringe enjoy Burpee Miles

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Weather:  Aprox. 30 degrees F.  Wind: 10-15 mph from the N Time:  You know PAX: Hallpass, Pity the Fool, Steely Dan, Centerfold, Jitterbug (YHQ) Warm O: Alternating Lunges 10 IC Windmills w arm pump at top: 15 IC Lucky 7's Hi Jack Hi Jill: 10 IC String Rippers: 10 IC Up back and Overs: 10


Lunatic Fringe, 2/5/2021 – Embrace the Suck

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Date: 2/5/2021 Q: JR Pax: Buck, Baby Bop, Good Hands, Ricola, Patch, Canary, Pitty the Fool, Air Ball, Red Dragon, Steely Dan, Guiding Light, Foot Fairy, Spike, Jitterbug, Matlock, Explosion, Wicked, Gunny, under the disguise of Sakced. WAR: quick mosey tour of the battlefield pointing out the location of the "4 corners" back to flag


Steamin’ Lobsters With My Body Heat

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Date: 1/8/2021 Workout: Lunatic Fringe Location: Jesse Wharton Elementary Pax: Black Swan, Hall Pass, La-Z-Boy, JR, Pianoman, Wicked (Respect), Aquaman (Respect), Steely Dan, Guiding Light, Airball, Centerfold, Canary, Patch (Q) Weather will likely contain snow later today, but this morning we were a little above freezing.  Rain came through overnight and it was a little


Birthday wishes at the Fringe

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September 4, 2020 Stick shift needed a replacement Q. As if anyone could replace him or his counting abilities. But Guiding Light assured me I could suffice. Suffering Q brain freeze, YHC wasn’t sure what to do. Then, Centerfold mentioned Wednesday he was working on an F3 calendar and needed to know some birthdays. Light


Lunatic Fringe – Run / Core / Broga Sweatfest

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28/Aug/2020 Lunatic Fringe - 3 way tie for this weeks War Daddy! The Pax: Phoenix, Air-ball (Co-Q) JR, Spike (WB), Radiator (WD & respect), CJ, Gilligan, Snowflake (respect), Birds Nest, Black Swan, Piano Man, Aqua Man (WD & respect), Flamingo, Butt Fumble, Silicone, Strange brew, Baby Bop, The Blue Oyster (respect), Drizzle (respect), Hall Pass,


Loony Bin Fringe

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Lunatic Fringe Friday, August 21, 2020 0530-0615 Jesse Wharton Elementary School PAX  (28 with the Q) Airball, JR, Steely Dan, Pitty the Fool, Jingles, Magic Dragon, TPS, Black Swan, Foot Fairy, Centerfold, Jitterbug, Huffy, Guiding Light, Bones, Cheddar, Spike, Hoosier, Wicked, Buck, Canary, Piano Man, Aqua man, John Coctostan, Stretch, Bobby Knight, K-Cup QiC Ricola


Fringe gets Funky and Funk gets Fringy

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Lunatic Fringe Friday July 31, 2020 0530 – 0615 Temperature – a thick 75 degrees at launch Pax K-Cup, Phoenix, Flo Jo, Steely Dan, Bobby Knight, Red Dragon, Butt Fumble, Wicked-RESPECT, Buck, Radiator-RESPECT, JR, Ricola, Houlihan, Stretch-RESPECT, Guiding Light, Airball, Canary, Hallpass, TPS, Stick Shift, Spike, Explosion, Jitterbug-RESPECT, Baby Bop, Bruce Lee - QiC For


Two for the Price of One at the Fringe

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PAX: Short Track, Guiding Light, Everest, Eggplant, Patch, Xerox, Matlock, Jingles, Bodett, Canary, 3 f0r 1, Buck, JR, Spike, Birds Nest, Ricola, Centerfold, TPS, Stretch, Stick Shift, Bobby Knight, Tadpole, Red Dragon, Hall Pass, Airball, K Cup (FNG- Kevin Murray), Sacked - QIC On a super humid morning 27 PAX descended on the Fringe ready

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