Latham Grinder

10 Strong at Latham Grinder

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DATE: March 18, 2024 PAX Total = 10    PAX: Eyeroll, Birds Nest, Wojo, Linda, Drizzle, Hermey, Bunny Slope, Viagra, Spare Time, QIC - Sacked An awesome group of 10 HIM's descended on the Grinder this morning for their DRP. With welcome dispensed we got at it. WARM-A-RAMA Phelps x 15ic Sun Gods x 10


12 Post at Latham Grinder for a Post-Turkey Beatdown

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Latham Grinder - Nov 27, 2023 - QIC Huffy PAX:  Amphibious, CJ, Herme, Man Eater, Viagra, Big Sky, Sand Piper, Everest, Wojo, Don’t-cha-know, City Slicker, Huffy WARM-A-RAMA:  10 Side Saddle Hop (IC), 10 Windmills, 10 String Rippers, 15 second Stretch - right over left foot stretch, left over right foot stretch. Mosey to pavilion. 5


3 Kinds of #Funishment on Everest at Latham Grinder

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Date: August 7, 2023 Weather: 71 degrees w/ 95% humidity, light breeze PAX: Ozone, Sand Piper, Amphibious, Everest, Huggies, Blue Oyster, Wojo (QIC) A Monday Q is easy to forget coming off a weekend, but a good site Q and Shenanigans are great resources if utilized properly. Unfortunately for me, I did not do that


“Keep It Push-N-” #isthisarunworkout #Dhill

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Date: 3.13.2023 AO: Latham Grinder  Started @ 5:30 AM, welcomed the Pax, stated the mission, and the disclaimer then got down to business! Warm-a-Rama: Started with Side Straddle Hops x12 IC. Then Mosey across Wendover Avenue onto Cridland Rd. A quarter of the way down - 2nd warm-up exercise - Hillbillies x12 IC. Continued down


W-C-W! (Work-Crawl-Work)

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Date: 8/01/2022 AO: Latham Grinder At 5:30 AM, I welcomed everyone, proclaimed the F3 Mission, made mention of the Splinters cutting out, and began with a short mosey/Warm-o-Rama on the way to the Thang! Warm-a-Rama:  As we were on our way to the Cathedral Church off of N. Elm/back of Murrow Blvd. we stopped and


Moving from Me 2 We #grindtime

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Date: 5/23/2022 AO:  Latham Grinder The idea of this workout is from my pastor's sermon referencing Mark Chapter 6 specifically on the feeding of the five thousand with 5 loaves and 2 fish. Mainly, the 12 disciples had to feed the 5,000 and Jesus continued to bless the baskets of five loaves and 2 fish.


Fun With Ladders

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AO:  Latham Grinder Date:  Monday, March 21, 2022 QiC:  People's Q PAX (6): Bird's Nest, Tetanus, Huggies, Gilligan, Chinese Downhill, Boy Wonder Warm-A-Rama: 16 IC- SSH, Toy Soldiers, Imperial Walkers, String Rippers, Mosey to church steps. The Thang: Ladder 1: 1- Wojo Squat, run to top of stairs, 9- Merkins. Ladder 2: 1- Bobby Hurley,


Something Familiar

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Date: 9/27/2021 AO:  Latham Grinder The idea around the workout was "togetherness," the last workout had some real bonding/sharpening of iron.  It was my 2nd Q within a day separation so "WHY NOT!" Hey something familiar, but with a different spin! The highest rep would still be 25. I welcomed everyone, proclaimed the F3 Mission,


The Pirates of Penzance

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Date:  Monday, September 13, 2021 AO:  Latham Grinder QiC:  Peer-Led with framework from Boy Wonder PAX: Nomex, Belshnickel, Coach K, Snakes On A Plane, Boy Wonder; Everest, Scooby Doo, Gilligan Warm-a-Rama: SSH, Imperial Walkers, Hillbillies, Sun Gods, Abe Vigoda, Mosey to Church The Thang: Each PAX calls out exercise, all PAX Bear Crawl up first


The Tenzing Norgay

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Date:  Monday, September 6, 2021 AO:  Latham Grinder (Labor Day Convergence) QiC:  City Slicker, Boy Wonder PAX (44):  Humphrey Bogart, Amphibious, Norwood, Snakes On A Plane, Hazmat, Saban, Golden Corral, Crawlspace, Sacked, Bobby Knight, Akron, TJ Hooker, Awkward, Big Worm, Foot Fairy, Goku, DQ, Scratch, Cheddar, Hoosier, Stickshift, Weed, Bones, Flo Jo, Square, Stretch, Socrates,

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