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Fun in the Sun

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It's Just Lunch Wednesday, June 9, 2021 1200-1245 36.174045, -79.995933 83ºF, 66% humidity Pax Percy, Frog Slobber, Dabo, Kevin (RESPECT!), Body Bag, Daughtry, Ponch (RESPECT!), Tommy Boy QiC Tommy Boy YHC was planning to bring the heat to Southern Virginia but no need, Mother Nature already provided. All that was needed was a truck bed



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Date: 5/5/2021 Workout: It’s Just Lunch Location: Oak Ridge Town Park Pax: Aldi (Respect), Barney (Respect), Black Swan, Spurrier, Guiding Light (Respect), Hazmat (Respect), Ponch (Respect), Caddy, Kevin (Respect), Cuffy, Daughtry, Snow White (Respect), Udders, Patch (Q) The Mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups, for men, for the invigoration


Wheel Unfortunate

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F3 It’s Just Lunch, Wednesday 04/07/2021 PAX:  Byrider, Dabo, Udders, Aldi, Cuffy, Barney, Black Swan, Frog Slobber, Kevin, Snow White, Ponch, Patch, Magician, Spurrier (QIC) Wheel Unfortunate Warm-O-Rama –  Short Mosey To Park Maintenance Building Side Straddle Hops (x15 IC), Forward Side Straddle Hops (x15 IC) Criss Cross Side Straddle Hops (x15 IC) Heisman's (x15 IC)


Soggy Bottom Boys

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Three super studs from the hinterlands of Natville converged at IJL for a proper beatdown. The rain fell down, but spirits were up. YHC misplaced his winkie, so this is a broad sketch of the mayhem that ensued. Thang Rocky Merkins Touch-down 1.5 Squats w/ Scapula Rows at half-squat Inch-Worm Burpees Tri-Merkins (Diamond-Regular-Wide accordion-style format


It’s Just St. Patrick’s Day

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Date:  3/17/21 Workout:  It's Just Lunch Pax:  Spurrier, Fletch (Respect!), Snow White (Respect!), Spicoli, Stubing, Kevin (Respect!), Magician, Caddie, Black Swan, Dabo, Frogslobber, Udders (YHC) On a cool St. Patrick's Day a dozen pax converged on Oak Ridge Town Park to get better during Natville's favorite lunchtime workout:  It's Just Lunch! It went down something


Debut of the Pain Bucket

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F3 It’s Just Lunch, Wednesday 02/24/2021 PAX:  Spicoli, Slummy, Black Swan, Udders, Dabo, Daughtry, Magician, Snow White, Ponch, Windmill, Don’t Cha Know, Spurrier (QIC) Debut of the Pain Bucket   A PAX of 12 welcomed the sunny, 70 degree day at It’s Just Lunch in beautiful Oak Ridge, NC.  There was some mumble chatter a few


It’s (More) Than Just Lunch – Feb 17, 2021

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YHC was a long time admirer, first time Q-er of this AO on February 17. If you haven’t been out to the lovely Oak Ridge Town Park, it’s certainly worth the beat down. I hear the gathering at the Lowe’s Foods Beer Den afterward is even better. We started out with an approximate 400m warmup


It’s Just January

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Date:  1/13/21 Workout:  It's Just Lunch Pax:  Barney (Respect!), Caddy, Cuffy, The Situation, Magician, Patch, Ponch (Respect!), Frogslobber, Spurrier, Dabo, Kevin/FNG-Jeff Bacon (Respect!), Black Swan, Daughtry, Crawlspace, Udders (YHC) On a pleasant January day 15 pax descended on Oak Ridge town park to enjoy some beautiful weather and a lunchtime beatdown.  YHC was pleasantly surprised


Let’s Celebrate over Lunch

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F3 It’s Just Lunch – Wednesday, January 6th, 2021 PAX:  Daughtry, Aldi, Udders, Crockett, Pitino, Ponch, Black Swan, Magician, Naked Gun, Hazmat, Frog Slobber, Dabo (co-Q), Spurrier (co-Q), Today we celebrated two firsts in the short history of It’s Just Lunch...we recognized our 1 year AO anniversary and we had our first ever shovel flag


I Can’t Put My Arms Down

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It's Just Lunch Wednesday, December 23, 2020 1200-1215 36.174056, -79.996250 48 °F, 48% humidity Pax Saban, Spurrier, Schnitzel, Windmill, Black Swan, Fletch, Magician, Patch, Ponch, Griffin Duhaime (FNG - Body Bag), Frog Slobber, Aldi, Barney, Parker Zieg (FNG - Beer Goggles), Tommy Boy Q in Charge (QiC) Tommy Boy It was a clear, warm, and

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