A better “M-E” in 2023!

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Date: 1.07.2023 AO: Wakanda  Started @ 7:00 AM, welcome the Pax, stated the mission, and the disclaimer then got down to business! Warm-a-Rama: Mosey to a small parking lot closest to circle traffic for Sun God's (frontward/backward) x10, Imperial Walkers x12, Modified Side Straddle Hops (jump, bend, touch toes) x15 IC, Windmills (hold each side


Go with the Flo!

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Date:6/01/2022 AO:  Local Honey The idea for this workout came from a variation of my 1st VQ. I grabbed most of the exercises and figured I'd go with the flow. A workout that continues without breaks giving a constant movement. 4 stations with 3 exercises per station with drills between - a simple workout with


“Kill Zone” #weightnowait

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Date: 5/10/2022 AO:  Shake Weights I've been to the specific AO about twice and that's only because Site Q Gekko asked me to Q, lol! Well, I wasn't going to disappoint. The idea for this workout came out of my core track days when the fall season consisted of weights and no running workouts on


Ap[plyo]ied Physics

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INTRODUCTION The brave and virtuous Pax of Greater Natville & beyond joined YHC for a plyometric extravaganza of legendary proportions. YHC regrets not visiting this premier AO beforehand, however, YHC left with a great appreciation for future devilish self-improvement opportunities at the situs. SQUAT & LUNGE VARIATIONS [single-counts] BROAD JUMP into REVERSE BROAD JUMP 180▫


Slumy’s Magical Mystery Tour

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Per the command of the Great and Powerful Site-Q, I picked up the next available Q slot. I did not know that today was the Sixth Anniversary of Cougartown, the LEGENDARY AO where heroes are born. Learning this, I had to come up with a BootCamp of legendary stature... WARMARAMA The Pax moseyed over to

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