Nightmare (Sort of) on Elm St Pt. Deux

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Prelude After a week of torrential rain it was wonderful to see the semi-clear skies of the early morning gloom. Fourteen brave souls gathered for an epic reenactment of the "Nightmare on Elm Street" beat-down 0f 2019. This time, instead of 200+ burpees, the pax were treated to a cornucopia of exercises with modifications offered


Preparing to Wade through the Swamp

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Slammin' Sammy's Smackdown Feb 12 2020 530-615 + 3rd F and free coffee at Cornhole's tailgate afterwards The last days have water-logged our fair city.  Not to be denied, we opted to get out in the Gloom though water sat knee high across Lindley Park and kept us from pull ups and playgrounds.  YHC was



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Who's Your Daddy aka Hoosier of Lower Natville reached out to YHC to host a beat down of epic proportions. As is the MO of yours truly, no workout is repeated twice, though elements are recycled, borrowed or stolen from the "Internet" or from the Q Masters of GSO. In this light, YHC fearing the


That was bananas

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YHC made yet another appearance at the AO that started it all in Natville. With two big races on the horizon, many O' Pax were set for a splinter run. Undaunted, YHC pressed on with a gaggle of ten brethren. The unsuspecting Pax were treated to a little pre-Mary work which included YHC's newly christened


Feats of Strength at the Crater

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Quaker Crater 12/23/2019 Weather: 40 degrees and steady rain PAX: Bushwood, Bobby Knight, Wojo, Short Circuit, Tesla, Ozone, Bruce Lee, Houlihan, Muffy (Respect! - visitor from F3 Houston), Puddle Jumper QiC: Puddle Jumper As the site Q, it's always good to have a beatdown or two in your hip pocket just in case.  When YHC


Tour De Wakanda

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Wakanda Saturday December 7, 2019 0700 – 0800 Arrived at the AO an hour early to make a final decision on the pain stations. I parked in the parking lot after a successful canvas of Wakanda. Waited in the car reviewing the exercises until Square pulled up. Pax Square, Nomex, Luke Cage, 8 Mile (Respect),


Going to School with Billy Madison

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Date: 11/16/19 Time: Gloom Temp: 40 Weather: Blowing Strong Location: 36.109236, -79.799235 SF: Present Slight scheduling SNAFU put YHC on the last minute Q for the #Daische.  As Robert Plant belts it out so well, "It's been a long time, been a long time, Been a long lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely time!" Good to

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