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Boiler Room Stair Work at the Hobble

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AO: Hobble Gobble      DATE: 6-9-2022 11 PAX: STP, Gekko, Pamela, Dont Cha Know, Stretch, Akron, Poehler, Phoenix, Tommy Boy, Fannie, Sacked - QIC At 5;30 a.m. sharp we had a few folks coming in hot, but what do we do. We start at 5:30 a.m. sharp. With welcome, mission, and 5 core principles


Poseidon’s Trident

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Hobble & Gobble Thursday, May 12, 2022 0530-0615 36.08799° N, 79.83364° W 57 °F, 92% humidity Pax Don't Cha Know, Phoenix, Kilowatt, Fannie, Bushwood, STP, Oil Slick, Philly Special, Annie Oakley, Akron, Sugar Cake, Wojo, Poehler, Stretch, Gecko, Canary, Tommy Boy QiC Tommy Boy Two years ago, this ragtag bunch of goonz went from being


Like Spartan race but different

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APRIL 23, 7 AM. The site Q and i had signal's crossed and he allowed me to Q. THANK YOU Always a pleasure leading the Pax. Here's how it went down: - SunGods; chanooks, Moroccan nightclub,mt climbers, Imperil walkers, flutter kicks. Next short, i mean Short mosey Count off 1/2, 1/2... 1- American hammers, 2


Hell or High Water? We Want Both!

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Hobble & Gobble Thursday, February 24, 2022 0530-0615 36.08807° N, 79.83391° W 52 °F, 81% humidity Pax Philly Special, Oil Slick, Sugar Cake, Scratch (RESPECT!), Gecko, Double Pump, Akron, Don't Cha Know (RESPECT!), Drifter, STP (RESPECT!), Annie Oakley, Tommy Boy QiC Tommy Boy YHC got the call around 3:15 yesterday afternoon that H&G needed a


Doughnuts around QDOBA at Hobble & Gobble

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January 13, 2022 11 PAX: Don't Cha Know, Tommy Boy, Temple, STP, Philly Special, Oil Slick, Scratch, Gunny, 50CC, Gekko, Sacked - QIC Brief welcome in the parking deck and then we loaded up and headed out Ruck and Coupon walk over to the Sears parking lot and circled up for the Warm-A. Covered the


The Spin Cycle

By |2021-12-30T07:51:56-05:00December 30th, 2021|Categories: Greensboro, Hobble & Gobble|

Hobble & Gobble Thursday, December 30th, 2021 0530-0615 36.087931, -79.833921 61 °F, 96% humidity Pax Don't Cha Know, Annie Oakley, STP, Double Check, Earhart, Scratch, Temple, Akron, Phoenix, Tommy Boy QiC Tommy Boy With the end of 2021 just around the corner, YHC decided to bring a little extra funishment to Hobble & Gobble this


Willingness vs. Ability

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Hobble & Gobble Thursday, October 28, 2021 0530-0615 36.087918, -79.833732 48 °F, 95% humidity Pax Bushwood, Annie Oakley, Stretch (RESPECT!), Gecko, Oil Slick, STP (RESPECT!), Frosty, Steak Knives, Candy Cane, Sugar Cake, Matlock (RESPECT!), Drifter, Temple, Akron, Scratch (RESPECT!), Tommy Boy Q Tommy Boy It's always a good day at Hobble & Gobble! YHC figured


Sandbag Burpees…..

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F3 Hobble Gobble Thursday, October 21, 2021 0530 – 0615 60º F I was really pumped for this Q. After watching some of the selection videos from GoRuck it gave me several workout ideas and the motivation to push the PAX a little. Pax The Pax of: STP (respect), Bushwood, Stretch (Respect), Dial-Up (Respect), Poehler,


It means, “Good For You,” right?

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Hobble & Gobble Thursday, August 12, 2021 0530-0615 36.087918, -79.833732 72 °F, 93% humidity Pax Don't Cha Know (RESPECT!), Earhart, Gecko, Scratch (RESPECT!), STP (RESPECT!), Fanny, Akron, Poehler, Short Track (RESPECT!), Gunny, 3-Card Monty, Popeye (RESPECT!), Phoenix (RESPECT!), Steck Knives, Tommy Boy QiC Tommy Boy It was a soupy kinda Gloom this morning at H&G.


Tetanus Shot Party Favors!!

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PAX: Tommy Boy, STP, Don’t Cha Know, Gecko, Scratch, Short Track, Newhart, Canary, Drifter, Bushwood QIC: P-o-e-h-l-e-r Eleven guys Hobbled & Gobbled throughout the K&W/Friendly parking deck and stairwell. This is day 1012 of the stairwell not being cleaned and it showed that said it was utilized anyway. Take home Tetanus shots were given out

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