Captain Insano’s Revenge @ the Blue Plate

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It was a cool 80 degrees when yours truly strode into the AO. The poor unsuspecting Pax arrived in good spirits. The Q gave the classic F3 introduction and put the B.O.G. to work. W.A.R. HUG THYSELF TWIST MONSTER LEG CIRCLES STANDING ROLL OUT (touch your toes and rag doll yourself back to an upright


To Infinity and Beyond @ Sad Clown Killer

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The theme of this workout was to "infinity and beyond". The Pax ran a figure eight loop with four stops along the way. There was a "wall" station, a Merkin (push-up) station and plenty of creative "hill work" at the inclines. All got better. W.A.R. HUG THYSELF TWIST MONSTER LEG CIRCLES STANDING ROLL OUT WALL


B is for beatdown

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The Q had the privilege of leading twenty-eight studs at Closing Time. He promised them a classic beatdown. He delivered. Warm Up Mosey to the parking lot in front of the Red Gate at Country Park. Side-Straddle-Hop [20 In Cadence] Toy Soldier [20 In Cadence] The Thang Instruction: Starting at the Intersection of the Red



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Quaker Crater Monday May 17, 2021 0530 – 0615 50s and feeling great Pax JR, Buck, Spike, Weed - RESPECT, Ozone, Graffiti - RESPECT, Bulldog, Montage, Bruce Lee – QIC YHC shared the appropriate disclaimers and with no FNGs present we moseyed from the front of the school down to the intersection leading to the


Morning motivation at Cornwallis Nightmare

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Cornwallis Nightmare Saturday August 22, 2020 0700 – 0800 72º F, cloudy and humid Location: Country Park – where it all began! Its always good to connect with the veteran #HIM at Cornwallis Nightmare so when Butt Fumble put out the call for a substi-Q I though this would be the perfect opportunity for a


Playlist of pain: Natty’s Hump 06162020

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Nattys Hump 6/16/2020 After 36 hours of rain, we caught a window with no precipitation and made the most of it. With forecasts changing by the hour I came up with a few different versions of fun for this iconic Wednesday AO. What went down was basically a merger of ideas from all different versions


Nightmare (Sort of) on Elm St Pt. Deux

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Prelude After a week of torrential rain it was wonderful to see the semi-clear skies of the early morning gloom. Fourteen brave souls gathered for an epic reenactment of the "Nightmare on Elm Street" beat-down 0f 2019. This time, instead of 200+ burpees, the pax were treated to a cornucopia of exercises with modifications offered

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