Nordic Tract coupon carry

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Nordic Tract Workout: 9/28/19 The Pax: Heisenburg, Udders, Virus, Misfire, Flamingo, YHC (Stubing) Somehow or another Virus called me out on the F3 Twitterverse. Seems like a Q was needed for Nordic Tract, so YHC obliged without too much peer pressure. Keep in mind YHC hasn't had the Q in quite some time, much less


The Great Tribulation of Lower Summerfield

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On a dark and misty September morn' in Lower Summerfield... W.A.R. Motivator (Reverse Ladder 10,9,8...1: Side Straddle Hop, Seal Jack, Closed-Arm Jack & Lateral Bunny Hop) *Pax IC count down from 10-1 for each movement in sequence [Ex: 10 SSH, 10 SJ, 10 CAJ...] THE FOUR HORSEMEN White Horse In the spirit of 1984's greatest


Stacking the deck with Burpees

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Sweat Angel Thursday, September 26, 2019 0530-0615 36.121616, -79.834175 Gloomy. Pax (11 total) Jitterbug, Mr. Belding, Hoser, Daisy, Mall Cop, Tea Party, Ozone, Long Time, Explosion- Ruckers: Dial Up (RESPECT!), Phoenix, Radiator QIC Stinky Cheese No FNG’s present this morning.  Instead, a group of salty veteran Pax were assembled on this surprisingly cool September morn.


Broga Broga Broga

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Backblast – 9/17 – Circle Time   Fortunately C-thru, being the great AO site director that he is, pre-blasted that I was Q’ing at Circle Time…..which was timely as I was in the midst of a extremely busy call weekend and had forgotten I had signed up several months prior….. As I was still nursing


Quality vs Quantity at Cougar Town

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When   9/21/19 QIC        Snowflake The Pax:  JR, TPS, Red Dragon, Sacked (Respect), Glow, Kaizen (Respect), Foot Fairy, All Blacks, Steely Dan Summary 10 PAX rose to the occasion and conquered Cougar Town. For those of you that have not attended CT, it is a great AO with lots of options. The disclaimers were made and


Dear Abby…

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Closing Time • Thursday, September 19, 2019 • 1900-1945 • 36.132175, -79.880630 • 74 °F, 73% humidity Pax Wicked, Yeti, Flat Rate (RESPECT!), Slide Rule (RESPECT!), Apollo, Brandy (RESPECT!), Office Max (RESPECT!), Gravity (RESPECT!), Renaissance (RESPECT!), Micheline Man, Short Track (RESPECT!), The King, Gridlock (RESPECT!), Nom de Plume (FNG: Clell Clemmons), Tommy Boy QiC Tommy


Birthday Bash

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Date:  9/17/19 Workout:  Cadet Lab Pax:  Sneakers, Polo, Convoy, Stubing, Spurrier, Cottontail, Byrider, Pitino, Daughtry, ESL, Elaine, Udders (YHC) On a surprisingly warm September morning 11 fellow pax joined YHC for the premier Tuesday workout in southern Virginia!  It went down something like this: F3 Disclaimer and Mission Statement Mosey to Flag for Pledge of


The Grand Tour

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Date:  9/14/19 Workout:  Nordic Tract Pax:  Flamingo, Norwood, Udders (YHC) On a cloudy September morning Flamingo and eventually Norwood joined YHC for a semi-memorable day at Nordic Tract.  YHC rolled in hot at 6:59 am sharp after stopping by Virus's house to pick up the shovel flag.  Flamingo rolled in shortly thereafter.  It went down


It looked easier on paper

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Shakeweights Robin Hood in Q Pax: Daisy, Mall Cop, Fannie, Radiator, Phoenix, P-O-H-E-L-E-R, Bushwood, Streamer and frosty. No FNG's, disclaimer was read and the general intent was understood, and true to my 2ord there was no mosey with the exception of Mall Cop how did an EC run.  Special shout out to Phoenix and Radiator

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