Nice Stroll in Summerfield Park

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8/8/19 Sad Clown Killer PAX: Amphibious, Mel (F3 Sandhills), Pitino, Nest Egg, Byrider, Misfire (QIC) On a beautiful cooler August morning in Summerfield, the workout went like this. WAR-   SSH, Imperial Walkers, String Rippers, Leg Stretch, Calf Raises, Sun Gods, Hug Thyself THANG- mosey to covered picnic tables for sets of Dips, Step Ups,


Ethereal Music

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Location: Circle Time   Date: August 5, 2019.   Time: 0530   Conditions: 69F, otherwise as expected for a Monday morning in the gloom.   PAX (Count 15): Air Ball, Bones, Happy Gilmore (FNG), Hush Puppy, Long Time, Steely Dan, TPS, Crockett (Respect), Drizzle (Respect), Everest (Respect), Huffy (Respect), Jitter Bug (Respect), Sacked (Respect), Spackler


Keep Yourself Alive!

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Date: 8/3/19 Weather: Humid and sunny about 74 degrees Pax: Fins, Striker, Ikea, Long Time, Pinto, Brisket, Chedda, Mickelson, Khakis, Ewok and Norwood (Qs) Warm-O-Rama: Mosey around school 20 Side Straddle Hops 20 Imperial Walkers 10 Windmills THE THANG PART 1: "Keep Yourself Alive"  The energized tune by Queen known as "Keep Yourself Alive" foreshadowed


Bi-Annual Nordic Tract Q

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Date: 08/03/2019 Location: Nordic Tract PAX: Flamingo MisFire Guiding Light STP (Respect!) Daughtry Virus Stay-at-Home Mom (FNG - Mike Corcoran, Respect!) Short Circuit QIC: Short Circuit Not much to say.  Virus EH'd YHC into Qing Nordic Tract.  YHC obliged.  PAX gathered at NWHS pre 0700, circled up, YHC gave the disclaimer, and then we got


Dirty Coupon Relay at Cornwallis’ Nightmare

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DATE: August 3, 2019 Weather: 68 degrees and SOUPY! PAX: (24 + 2 from nomad workouts) - Phoenix, Don't-Cha-Know (solo bike ride nomad), Bruce Lee (solo Murph nomad), Amphibious, Sir Purr, Birds Next, Brexit (War Baby), Sir Isaac, Gingivitis, Michelin Man, Stretch, Brandy, Windmill (War Daddy), Daphne, Sacked, Snowflake, Haz-Mat, Apollo, Schnitzel, Etch-A-Sketch, LYnda, Puddle


A Roofie in Your Sports Drink

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Wakanda Saturday, August 3, 2019 0700-0800 36.0605° N, 79.7644° W 72 °F,  77% humidity Pax Boy Wonder, Crazy Joe (insert Law & Order sound effect here), Dial-Up (RESPECT!), Akron, Coach K, Expunged (FNG- Joshua Vereen) , Cool Runnings, Gucci (FNG- Bobby Manning), Tommy Boy QiC Tommy Boy Due to a last minute change in family


Close Your Legs

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Closing Time Thursday, August 1, 2019 1900-1945 36.119490, -79.834389 78°, 82% humidity Pax: Patch, Bodett, Slide Rule (RESPECT!), Xerox (RESPECT!), Gingivitis (RESPECT!), Magellan, Michelin Man, Hush Money, Office Max (RESPECT!), Schnitzel (RESPECT!), Gridlock (RESPECT!), Brandy (RESPECT!), Phanatic, Apollo, Windmill (RESPECT!), The King, Flo, Gravity (FNG- Abebe Kebebe), Tommy Boy QiC: Tommy Boy Site Q, Apollo,


Unintentional Malicious Shoulder Smoker

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Date: 08/01/2019 Location: Sweat Angel PAX: Spackler (Respect!) Snookie (Respect!) Boone's Farm Hoser Dial-Up (Respect!) Bulldog Guiding Light Huffy (Biker - Respect!) Don't-Cha-Know (Biker - Respect!) Schnitzel (Biker - Respect!) Short Circuit QIC: Short Circuit YHC's pre-workout morning in a nutshell... Alarm goes off at 4:39 - awake.  Close eyes, open back up - clock


Should we Murph??

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August 1,  2019 12 pax showed up. Some even parked in the right lot.   Pax. BoatShow, Hallitosis, Longtime, AirBall, chaka khan, Baby Bop, Gigawatt, Bones, Jingles, Huggies, Radiator, and Tps


The Dirty Sock Begins

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Location: DeathStar Date: July 31, 2019. Time: 0530 Conditions: 69F, 54% humidity. PAX (Count 10): Air Ball, Amphibious, Baby Bop, Magnus, Magic Dragon, Red Dragon, See Thru, Wojo, TPS and Foot Fairy (QIC) YHC got to the AO to “chalk the grounds” and found Wicked doing some active stretching and RD+TPS wrapping up their EC

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