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1/5/2022 Death Star- 7 of Diamonds

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1/5/2022 Death Star PAX x 18 Schnitzel, Aquaman, Black swan, Red dragon, Foot fairy,  Radiator , Geppetto, TPS, Centerfold, Weed, Steely Dan, Untouchable, Airball, Pity the Fool, Wicked, JR, Jiggawatt, DQ (VQ) Warm-a-rama SSH x 14 String ripper x 7 Sun Gods x 14 (each direction) Windmills x 7 The Thang 7 of Diamonds The


El Camino Real

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DEATHSTAR   When: April 28, 2021, 0530 QIC: Foot Fairy The PAX: Pity The Fool (Respect), Aquaman (Respect), Weed (Respect), Magic, TPS, Airball, Red Dragon, Jigawatt, Untouchable, TJ Hooker, Babybop, Loveseat, Steely Dan.   Conditions 64F and 56% humidity   At 0530, the F3 disclaimer was delivered and we moseyed on to the side of the school.  


Just Roll With It

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Date: 3/10/2021 Workout: Death Star Location: Northern High School Pax: Jigawatt, Baby Bop, Red Dragon, Aquaman (Respect), TJ Hooker, Hoosier, Wicked (Respect), Bodett, Foot Fairy, TPS, Good Hands, Love Seat, Stick Shift, Jitterbug (Respect), Airball, Canary, JR, Patch (Q) EC run with JR.  EC tire flippers TPS, Red Dragon, Hoosier and Stick Shift (don’t think


DeathStar – Manifest Destiny

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August 15, 2020 PAX by Group Group 1 - Wicked, Magic Dragon, AirBall, TPS Group 2 - Ric Flair aka WOOO, Yeti Group 3 - Foot Fairy, Baby Bop, TJ Hooker Group 4 - Red Dragon, I Pity the Fool, Stick Shift, Drizzle, FNG TADPOLE, Flamingo   YHC had been looking forward to this Q


Mask On…Mask Off

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Location: Death Star Date: June 24, 2020. Time: 0530 Conditions: 70F, 82% humidity. PAX (Count 15): Wicked (Respect), Pity Tha Fool (Respect), Hoosier, Air Ball, Botox, Magic Dragon, Good Hands, Baby Bop, Steely Dan, Centerfold, Bodette, Red Dragon, TPS, See Thru and Foot Fairy (QIC) At 0530 F3 disclaimer and mission statement delivered. Mosey to


F3 DS ala Crockett

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Time Flew as Death Star Veterans Give Workmanlike Performance Weather: Dark, cold EC: Weights, concrete blocks and more were benched or hoisted in advance of 5:30 am start by Wicked, Hoosier, and Air Ball HIMs: Crockett was inspired and honored to guide the noisy, funny, restless, and hardworking team led by Air Ball (site Q),


F3 Death Star – Coupons Galore 1/8/2020

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F3 – Death Star 1/8/2020 PAX (14): Matlock (Respect), Hoosier, Bodett, Bruce Lee, See Thru, Magic Dragon, Amphibious, Foot Fairy, TJ Hooker, Baby Bop, TPS, Airball, Drizzle (Respect), Houlihan (YHC) Warm a Rama: 5 Burpees OYO Mosey 5 Burpees OYO 15 SSH IC 15 Mountain Climbers IC 15 Imperial Walkers IC Mosey YHC conveniently forgot


The Everything Bagel

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August 14 Inspired by the cottontail Q on Tuesday at the cadet lab, YHC decided to recycle and oldie but a goodie work out for the pax at deathstar on Wednesday. Pax. Steely Dan, baby bop, airball, red dragon, Hozier, TPS. Joined by the red dragon before the work out for a little EC ruck


The Dirty Sock Begins

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Location: DeathStar Date: July 31, 2019. Time: 0530 Conditions: 69F, 54% humidity. PAX (Count 10): Air Ball, Amphibious, Baby Bop, Magnus, Magic Dragon, Red Dragon, See Thru, Wojo, TPS and Foot Fairy (QIC) YHC got to the AO to “chalk the grounds” and found Wicked doing some active stretching and RD+TPS wrapping up their EC


Purple Sneaker Broga

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Location: DeathStar Date: June 26, 2019. Time: 0530 Conditions: 70F, 23% humidity. PAX (Count 11): Air Ball, Drizzle (Respect), Baby Bop, Radiator (Respect), Matlock, Hoosier, See Thru, Bravo, Khakis, TPS and Foot Fairy (QIC) YHC got to the North Star of the southern Virginia AO circuit to find the PAX including TPS and Hoosier having

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