12 Post at Latham Grinder for a Post-Turkey Beatdown

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Latham Grinder - Nov 27, 2023 - QIC Huffy PAX:  Amphibious, CJ, Herme, Man Eater, Viagra, Big Sky, Sand Piper, Everest, Wojo, Don’t-cha-know, City Slicker, Huffy WARM-A-RAMA:  10 Side Saddle Hop (IC), 10 Windmills, 10 String Rippers, 15 second Stretch - right over left foot stretch, left over right foot stretch. Mosey to pavilion. 5


Boxing Beatdown at Wakanda

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AO: Wakanda Date: Saturday, November 18,2023 PAX: Chewy, Tesla, Nomex, HBO, Spare Time, YHC QiC: Boy Wonder Boxers are some of the fittest athletes on the planet. PAX endured a grueling workout based upon the routines of most successful boxers in history.   Warm-A-Rama: Slowsy around the traffic circle (2X), then to bus  lot SSH-


F3 Foundation Acceleration Workout Week 4 at Rainbow Dash

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Date: November 11, 2023 Weather: Cloudy, 45 degrees, 79% humidity PAX: Mickelson (War Baby), Lynda, Sugarcake, Rabbit, Flat Rate (War Baby), Picker, Ozone, Viagra, Brisket, Wojo (QIC), oh and Speed Bump (Flat Rate's doggo) The “Weekly Acceleration” is a pre-written F3 beatdown FROM F3 Foundation FOR the F3 PAX. During F3’s annual  fundraising campaign, Accelerate,


Circle of Pain at Sweat Angel (Shocker’s Fault)

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Date: November 9, 2023 PAX: Matlock, Eggplant, Crash, Frappuccino, Long Time (War Baby), Radiator (War Daddy), Wojo (QIC) Playlist: Wojo's running mix (sans speaker) #Cobains The best thing about getting to Q Sweat Angel is that I get to step out of my comfort zone (running & running bootcamps) and think creatively about designing a


Spiderman is a SOB

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Hobble & Gobble Thursday, August 17th 0630-0730 36.088011, -79.833612 75 °F, 79% humidity Pax Don't Cha Know (RESPECT!), Akron, 50cc (RESPECT!), Tammy (RESPECT!), Pocahontas, Tommy Boy QiC Tommy Boy It was a good day to be alive (as they all are) as 6 salty vets rolled up to Hobble & Gobble this morning. With the


Shake Weights Needs AC

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Shake Weights Tuesday, August 15, 2023 0530-0615 36.089259, -79.833084 84 °F, 72% humidity Pax: Ramses, Fannie, Frosty, Poehler, CJ, Stretch (RESPECT!), Don't Cha Know (RESPECT!), City Slicker (RESPECT!), Shocker (RESPECT!), Tommy Boy QiC: Tommy Boy Been a minute... GREAT to be back in the Gloom! Per usual, it was an unforgiving summer experience down in


3 Kinds of #Funishment on Everest at Latham Grinder

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Date: August 7, 2023 Weather: 71 degrees w/ 95% humidity, light breeze PAX: Ozone, Sand Piper, Amphibious, Everest, Huggies, Blue Oyster, Wojo (QIC) A Monday Q is easy to forget coming off a weekend, but a good site Q and Shenanigans are great resources if utilized properly. Unfortunately for me, I did not do that


Sweat Angel 2 Group Grinder on National Moon Day

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4 PAX post at Sweat Angel:  Etch-a-Sketch, Papale, Shocker, Huffy WARM-A-RAMA:  Side Straddle Hop / String Rippers / Windmills / Mountain Climbers / Imperial Walkers THE THANG:  2 Group Grinder Station #1:   AMRAP BICEP CURLS (ALTERNATE ARMS) SQUATS WITH WEIGHTS OVERHEAD TRICEPT EXTENSIONS LUNGE WITH WEIGHTS OVERHEAD SHOULDER PRESS BENT ROWS   TRANSITION – Tin Soldiers


Rotating Dealers at Quaker Crater

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Date: June 26, 2023 Weather: Party Cloudy, 69 degrees, 86% humidity PAX: Bootcampers (14) - Matlock, Finkle, Haz-Mat, Sir Charles, Huffy, Footloose, Big Sky, Ozone, Etch-a-Sketch, Crash, Paddleboat, Double Check, Lynda, Wojo (QIC); Walkers (2) - Bulldog, Nails A strong and pretty large group of men showed up this Monday morning to #getbetter. The Crater


Mudflap delivers Quality and Quantity

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6-6-23 Tuesday, 5:45 PM Blue Plate Special, your favorite PM AO workout. You can count on a pre blast, a Shenanigans Q sheet, and a strong lineup of excellant Q's. Check us out Tuesdays, 5:45 PM Leonard Recreation Center, 6324 Ballinger Rd, 27410. Mudflap delivered again!  Always brings the mustard and a well planned, organized

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