BLINK 18 2 at Uptown Funk #BB 05/07/2021

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A.O.: Uptown Funk Date: May 7, 2021 Time: 0530 - 0615 Location: Downtown / Children’s Museum PAX: Graffiti (Respect!), Montage, Ricardo, Tesla, Earhart, Ozone, Drysdale (Respect!), Amphibious, Pacer (Respect!), Phoenix, Huggies, Bones, Joey, Lynda (Respect!) Etch-a-Sketch (Respect!) QIC: Etch-a-Sketch As a good Q should, YHC went into research mode to prepare for leading the PAX


Apollos Ghost at Closing Time

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Cool running at Closing Time, all got better. YHC had the opportunity to Q the Nations original and premier PM AO. Thank you for the opportunity. It had been a busy week with business improving and trekking up the Everest of the East with fellow Pax. Work, and other responsibilities kept YHC from having a


The KING of THE PM Q’s the Plate

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Thunder and Rain were pulling out of the Blue Plate AO on 4-4-21. Hazmat had signed up to Q on the sheets, then backed off, YHC needed a sub and Apollo agreed with no hesitation. Back around 2016 or 2017 Apollo had the then sacrilegious idea that maybe F3 could work in the evenings. Maybe


Coffee Talk

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Date:  5/4/21 Workout:  Shake & Bake Pax:  Whirly Bird, Air Ball, Jingles, Xerox (Respect!), Patch, Wojo (Respect!), Centerfold, Maneater, Red Dragon, Demo, Drizzle (Respect!), Norwood, Everest (Respect!), Udders (YHC) On a swampy Tuesday May morning 13 fellow pax joined YHC at the premier Tuesday running workout in Natville:  Shake & Bake! It went down something


GoodNews 4/23/2021

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The morning was quite the shocker for many with temps in the low/mid 30s. Kept many of the regulars in the #fartsack. Date 4/23/2021 Pax: Pheonix, Double Pump, Snooki, Jingles, Harry Carrey, Bodett A welcome and disclaimer was given and we moseyed over to the church parking lot for: WARM-A-RAMA: Pax was asked to say


Build Up Reps at Good News

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PAX in Attendance: Flo Jo, Birds Nest, Double Pump, Xerox, Explosion, Bruce Lee, Radiator, Phoenix, and Sacked - QIC On a beautiful, breezy spring morning 9 PAX including YHC to the DRP and posted GOOD NEWS. With everyone gathered and ready we launched right at 5:30 a.m. WARM-A-RAMA Self Hugs Sun Gods x 10ic each


Plisskens VQ- So Hot Viagra’s Hair Was Hot

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Plissken’s VQ at the Blue Plate Special. Pretty special for the site Q to have the honors of a new to F3 fella step up to Q.   It’s a regular occurrence at the Plate. What’s the secret? You ask! Always be closing! A word to the wise, it pays to advertise. F3 is free in


El Camino Real

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DEATHSTAR   When: April 28, 2021, 0530 QIC: Foot Fairy The PAX: Pity The Fool (Respect), Aquaman (Respect), Weed (Respect), Magic, TPS, Airball, Red Dragon, Jigawatt, Untouchable, TJ Hooker, Babybop, Loveseat, Steely Dan.   Conditions 64F and 56% humidity   At 0530, the F3 disclaimer was delivered and we moseyed on to the side of the school.  


Something Different

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Date:  4/20/21 Workout:  Cadet Lab Pax:  The Situation, All Blacks, JR, Weed (Respect!), Stubing, Spike, Black Swan, Pitino, Spurrier, Fannie Mae, EPA, Daughtry, Cottontail, Buck, Udders (YHC) On a cool April morning 14 fellow pax joined YHC at the premier Tuesday boot camp in Southern Virginia:  Cadet Lab! It went down something like this... 10


Hey, I found my notes – #BBB Quaker Crater 03/08/2021

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A.O.: Quaker Crater Date: March 08, 2021 Time: 0530 - 0615 Location: Jefferson Elementary School PAX; Udders, Bobby Knight, Polo, Bulldog, Bruce Lee, Nails, Heisenberg, Etch-a-Sketch QIC: Etch-a-Sketch Major #cobains for the belated backblast #BBB. Made notes, lost notes, found notes. Here is a quick re-telling of our adventures: YHC recalls that there was a

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