When life gives you a crater

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Quaker Crater Monday July 1, 2019 0530 – 0615 Pax Short Circuit, Ozone, Confusion, Sir Charles (RESPECT), Puddle Jumper, Thurmanator (RESPECT), Bulldog, HUD, Double Check, Butt Fumble, Stretch (RESPECT), Ramses, Bobby Knight, Bruce Lee – QIC; Nomad, Thor, Quick-Draw, splinter Pulled into the AO to layout the lesson plan for the Pax and was met


Cornwallis Nightmare is on fire

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When: 11/11/17 QIC: Polo The Pax: Jitterbug, Bedbug, T-Bow, Wingman, Windmill, Apollo, Fanatic, Snowflake, See-thru (double dip), Air ball, Overrun, Spam, JLove, Hush Puppy, Billboard, Hoody, Norwood, Ketchup, Polo (Q).   19 Pax showed up at Cornwallis Nightmare on a crispy cool morning defeating the fartsack. Despite that morning temperatures were in the upper 20’s,


The Case for Happy Hour

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By now, you have likely heard some mumble chatter around Hump Day Happy Hour.  You may be wondering what is going on with this 2nd F. Yes, we are making a concerted effort to promote 2nd F, including HDHH.  There is a Twitter handle - @F3HDHH.  If you haven’t already, head out to the Twittersphere and follow


Embracing The Day at Fenceline

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As I pulled into the parking lot at the FENCELINE AO the first thing I see in the mist and falling rain was Butt Fumble planting the Shovelflag. Awesome way to start the morning - TClaps BF. With the rain Q's know that numbers can be very low, but Gilligan pulled in, Blue Oyster pulled in, Tommy Boy

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