Stinky Workout

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PAX: TPS, Tommy Boy, Picasso, Gecko, Good Hands, Aurora, Gunny, Double Check, Drifter, Don’t Cha Know QIC: P-o-e-h-l-e-r Looking for a stinky A.O.? Well look no further as we had all the smells at Shake Weight today that 11 guys could take. Skunk, fart, creek rot, cigarette smoke, man I felt like I was at


That was ridiculous

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W.A.R. Peaceful Warrior (Toy Soldier variations) [ICx20 for all] *pause-pulse at top of movement Opposite Leg - Opposite Hand Same Leg – Same Hand Alternating Side Leg Raise Alternating Rear Leg Extension Mosey to Soccer Field Opener Walking Merkins around soccer field *Pax line up SD & perform pushup in unison BEAR *everything Single Count


Better than Yesterday – Arise 9/1

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An epic VQ of convergence proportions… 6 shovel flags, 44 Pax strong... a storm of gloom descended the the Arise AO… Pax: Thermonator Bruce Lee Square WoJo J Wild Shallow Hal Nomax Drizzle Popeye Fannie Guiding Light Zerox Nancy Maneater Snow Flake Stretch Golden Corral Pacer Stick Shift John Coctostan Gekko Tommy Boy Bushwood


Rise/Hypnotize workout.

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Those early to rise on this humid morning and found their way to Mendenhall Middle School were awakened to a first ever Norwood special Herb Albert/Notorious BIG warm-o-rama to get the blood flowing. We welcome FNG, Bryan aka Magnolia who kept pace with this determined bunch. We also welcome back Flash Dance, who has not


Damn that was fast!

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The Murph Thursday, Aug 20th, 2020 0530-0615 Jesse Wharton Elementary 70 °F Pax Blue Oyster R, Canary, Viagra R, Rick Flare, Big Boy, Strange Brew, Radiator R, Long Time, Airball, JR, Reddragon, Halitosis, Wicked R, Hoiser, Bones R = Respect (over 50 years) QiC Bones Today the Pax was challenged and Accecpted the opportunity.  We


No Tree Huggers Allowed!

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It's Just Lunch August 19, 2020; 12 noon Oak Ridge Town Park Weather:  84 degrees, sunny Total mileage: 1.60 mi PAX(10): EPA, Spurrier, Nutmeg, Magician, Dabo, Byrider, Daughtry, Barney, Ponch, WKRP-QIC.  Since I don't know how to use my phone, I was unable to tape Namarama since I still do not know how to use


What happens when you mix Broga, Milates, Wojo and Mall Cop?

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After days of on and off rain, the weather broke in anticipation of the sweatfest to be revealed at Circletime. 22 brave souls pressed their bodies to new limits. After the formalities were rifled through, the Q drove the Pax mercilessly toward all glory to be had. W.A.R. [Mosey Lap around the school] THANG Abs


Holy Ruck!

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It was a misty morning. Not too rainy, and just cool enough to make it comfortable. That is, until the ruck started. YHC gave the disclaimer and offered up a word from his daily devotional from Proverbs 18:24; "One who has unreliable friends soon comes to ruin,     but there is a friend who sticks closer


Norwood selfishly declares the coveted BLIMPS workout an acronym for whatever he damn well pleases

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BLIMP purists must be twisting in their fart sacks. Norwood arrogantly decided that Bobby Hurleys will suffice instead of Burpees. Other depraved indulgences not fitting of a Q included Lieutenant Dans instead for Lunges and Step-Ups instead of Squats! Norwood how dare you sully our revered Exicon with your vile debauchery! You are not worthy

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