Dash In The Deck

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PAX: Bushwood, Eggplant, Phoenix, Shocker, Jitterbug, Bird’s Nest, Drifter, Snooki, Xerox, Confusion, Red Dragon, TPS, Drizzle, Stickshift, Airball QIC: Poehler 10 PAX and 5 Ruckers braved the icy road conditions and much more importantly the rough conditions of the stairwell. It went like this: Warmarama: 15 SSH 10 Sun Gods 10 Reverse Sun Gods 15



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Natty’s Hump 1/19/2022 HIMs in Attendance:  Ricola (QIC), Sacked, Butt Fumble, Sugar Cake, Ozone, Viagra As you stepped out of your car and your feet touched the pavement, or at least where pavement would normally be, you felt the smoothness of a freshly Zambonied ice rink beneath your shoes.  The 28-degree morning had enabled a


Into the Wild

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As Greensboro AOs were converging to the safe haven of their subterranean hollows, YHC and Swanee rocked out with our socks out at the Shire's premier pain station aka Cadet Lab. The parking lot was completely useless if you didn't bring your skates, so we set up camp at the shelter. Check it out. WAR


Phil Conner’s Revenge

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YHC arrived right on time and gave the welcome and we got to it. Warm-a-rama We started off with a brisk mosey to a downrange parking lot and performed dynamic stretches in the form of toe touch jump squats, pendulum arms swing, Sun Gods, and Jump Split-Squats. THANG 1 Instruction: The Pax picked their favorite


Shake N’ Bake with a little strength

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Date: 12/28/21 Weather: Unseasonably Warm--50s Pax: Wojo, Drizzle, Demo, Short Squeeze, Lynda, Norwood (Q) Warm-O-Rama: 20 Side Straddle Hops 16 Hillbillies Quad, hamstring and calf stretches 800 meter run THE THANG Intervals Norwood felt the need for some speed as well as some strength training. After each interval and a ten count, pax alternated between


German Fitness Supermodel Spectacular

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Your boy rolled up to SCK at 5:28 just in time to give the salutations and F3 liturgy. 11 hard rocks were on deck to get better together. YHC guided the wary Pax to drop point and led those virulent warriors through the following German Fitness Supermodel Spectular workout. W.A.R.  Squat Circles Side straddle Hops


Winter wonderland escapade of sensual delights

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Magic was in the air this beautiful morn! 16 pax were giddy with eagerness for the charmed gifts that await them in Sunset Hills. Nymphs and fairies danced among us as we made our way toward the enchanted forest of delights. Upon our arrival, the pax were encircled by a sparkling mist as fairies waved


Everybody got Stoned at the Blue Plate, sort of…

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W.A.R. Side Straddle Hops Smurph SSH Homer-Marge (Thursday/Friday/Saturday) Phil Conners x4 = 20SC Bring Sally Up [Plank Up to std plank & Down to 6" plank along w/ the song] Stone Work THANG #1 (Get stones for Thang 1-3) Triceps Press Strict Curl Bent-Over Row Rifle-Carry Lunge Walk Sumo Squat Thruster Commercial Break: ThunderStruck AMRAP



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Date: 12/8/2021 Workout: It’s Just Lunch Location: Oak Ridge Town Park Pax: Dabo, Frog Slobber, Stubing, Snow White (Respect), Fore! (Respect), Kevin (Respect), Barney, Possum, Patch (Q) The Mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups, for men, for the invigoration of male community leadership. There’s a new game we’ll be

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