One Way to a Wojo-Approved Distance

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06/22/2021 AO - Shake 'n Bake Q - Bobby Knight Weather - Sticky PAX Present - Red Dragon (Site Q), Ramses, Wojo (Respect), Slag (Respect), Xerox (Respect), Demo, Jingles, Whirlybird, Drizzle (Respect), Graffiti (Respect), Centerfold, YHC 12 PAX gathered in the gloom (YHC included) for some cardio on the track at GDS. The Mission was


School’s Out for Summer!

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06/04/2021 AO - SonuvaBench Weather - Consistently spitting and humid Q - Bobby Knight PAX - TPS (EC), Red Dragon (EC), All Blacks (EC), Stickshift (EC), Airball (EC), Marvel (2.0/EC), Pitino, Byrider, Foot Fairy, Slumlord, Whirlybird, Weed, Bulldog, ESL, YHC (EC) My 2.0, Marvel and I arrived early to find TPS already hard at work


F3 Tokyo Drift

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AO: Uptown Funk Date:  Friday, June 4, 2021 QiC:  Boy Wonder PAX (27):  City Slicker, Picasso, Ricardo, Hazmat, Icarus, Gunny, Butt Fumble, Norwood, Drysdale, Akron, Explosion, Huggies, Backdraft, Graffiti, Earhardt, TJ Hooker, Simone, Nails, Bones, Fletch, Lite Brite, Pacer, Flo Jo, Golden Corral, Poehler, Boy Wonder Warm-A-Rama: Mosey to Parking Deck, SSH, Sun Gods, Hillbillies,


Sweating in the morning

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June 3 Sweat angel 6 brave souls showed up this morning in the warm and overcast gray sky morning. Boat Show was a bit late but I forgot my New Casio Watch I bought just for F3. We started with the pledge, short disclaimer and got into warm a RAMA. -Stretches plank and right foot


I want my F3!

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Norwood was born over a month premature weighing under 4 pounds 48 years ago today. Today he tips the scale at over twice that weight with about 20% of his total mass consisting of teeth and leg hair. Little known fact about Norwood; at the age of 5 he was rushed to the


Murph 2021

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May 31, 2021 YHC arrived in the lot at CT right around 5:10am knowing a few faithful pax might not have read the Shenanigans or remember it was Memorial Day. True to form, Weed and Socrates joined me and I advised them of their respective choices. They opted for a Socrates ‘Tabitha’...aka tabata for the


Everything Bagel

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WARMARAMA Mosey around school and back to parking lot x2. THANG LEG DAY + Prisoner Squats [x15sc] Pause Wojo Squat into Side Leg Raise w/3 pulse [Left/Right x 10/10sc] Curtsey Squat [Left/Right x15/15sc] One Leg Bridge [Left/Right x15/15sc] Chillcut Plank Donkey Kick w/x5 pulse [x10sc] Mosey around parking lot x1 EVERYTHING BAGEL Mike Tyson [x15sc]


Pace yourself!

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Starmount Stampede May 27, 2021 5:30 AM Temperature: 67 degrees Fahrenheit, Full moon, beatiful morning to run! PAX:  Scooby Doo (RESPECT), QuickDraw, Everest (RESPECT), Footloose, Hermey, Wilma, Hairnet, Amphibious, Gilligan, Explosion, Valentine, Thor, GoldenCorral, Nancy, WKRP (RESPECT). 15 total.  No FNG's. Dislcaimer/Mission Statement Mosey to warm up legs.....Warmarama:  SSH X25 IC, SunGods X15 IC, 25



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Date: 5/25/2021 Workout: Blue Plate Special Location: Western Guilford Middle School Pax: Guiding Light (Respect), Michelin Man, Short Bus (Respect), Dapper Dan (Respect), Damage Control (Respect), Odessa (Respect), Gunny, Desk Pop (Respect), Heisenberg (Respect), Minute Man (Respect), Expired (Respect), Plissken, Robin Hood, Ratatouille (Respect), Mr. Hand (Respect), Imelda (Respect), Fletch (Respect), Windmill (Respect), Patch (Q)

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