No Second Place Trophies

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10-17-18 F3 Colfax @ Colfax Elementary Amid the industrial cathedrals of North Colfax gathered 8 ardent soldiers of the gloom. They came, the saw, they conquered… Welcome Party Side Straddle Hop + Lucky 7’s (Ranger, Regular, Diamond) + Carolina Dry Docks Thang 1 Burpee/Sprint Ladder (10, 9, 8…1/% determined at random by Q) Thang 2


Nordic Tract Rising – Winter Has Come…

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YHC started hearing mumble chatter about a new AO several weeks ago.  Since this new AO (now officially known as Nordic Tract) is in my neck of the woods, I was curious and excited.  When Bodett mentioned a couple of weeks ago that he’d be unable to Q the official kickoff, I jumped at the


10/21/17: Tales of the Lexington Smoker and the four legged Merkin

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Pax: Wojo, Butthead, Gunny, BF, Chef Boyardee, Cereal Killer, Professor, Nancy, JLove, Falcon, TopGun, Hushpuppy, Sacked, FlatTire, ABear, SmoothD, BornAgainBeavis, Daphne (YHC)   It was an early, early, really early fall morning (5am) when 8 of Natville's finest (and me) loaded the Clown Cars and headed south to hangout with 9 of Lexington's newly sprouted Redwoods.


Dude, where are my keys?

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A dirty dozen descended on Booker T. Washington park on a perfect June morning.  58 degrees and sunny skies greeted 3 RVA pax, we had 4 FNGs, a visitor from Greensboro, and 4 returning Cville Redwoods get after it: Initial mosey across field for COP -  Disclaimer, Goodwill joined us on SSH, Merkins, Flutterkicks, Imperial


Merkins, Bear Crawls, and Carolina Dry Docks… OH MY!

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The K-Vegas crew stayed strong with 14 PAX arriving to enjoy an AM of perfect weather together in the Triad's AO of choice!  YHC was delighted to Co-Q with Crankbait and plant our ShovelFlag firmly into the lower parking lot (due to costruction this week).   Started things off with a mosey to the grassy


Partner UP!

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A Pax of 16, including 2 FNGs braved some dark conditions at Poison Ivy. It was hard to see the first parking lot and pretty much everyone missed it and had to turn around at the locked main gate, including YHC. The PAX took to the well lit Beeson Road for a long mosey from


The B.O.M.B.S in K-vegas

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13 faithful gathered on a cool, but humid morning.  After mission and legal disclaimer, mosey up to Grassy Knoll by the entrance for warm ups.  We then crossed the drive onto the practice soccer field up front to begin the hour of pain.  Field space was limited, due to the fact that there was a


Welcome to the Poison Ivy

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T-Claps for the launch of the first weekday workout.  It will forever be known as Poison Ivy.  10 Pax and 1 FNG showed up on the foggiest morning I have seen in a while.  Even though QIC checked out the site the day before, a curve was thrown and gathering spot had to be moved.


K-Vegas Labor Day Launch

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Congratulation on the first workout without the support of Winston-Salem or Greensboro.  18 Pax with 5 FNGs.  We had a strong showing and look forward to seeing more FNGs in the future. Warm-a-rama Mosey to small grass batch near entrance 25 x SSH IC 25 x Imperial Walkers IC 25 x Hill Billies IC 20

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