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Closing Time: 100% Full Body Destroyer

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Workout Date: 09/15/17 The siren had sounded… the call had been made…… there was no turning back….Natville's Fartsackers had posted. Sure they looked well reseted having slept in that morning. There hair was combed, they had already showered that day, why there wasn't a blurry ID dog in the bunch ( with the exception


“If liking Katy Perry and drinking margaritas is gay, then who wants to be straight?!”-Skylark

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SWEAT ANGEL 8-24-17 YHC gave the F3 spiel. No FNG on site, only vets. YHC opened the test of manhood with a little prayer and encouragement to start the day talking to the big G first. Warm-a-rama Plank Variation (with a dash of diamond merkins) + SSH + Big Ol’ Sun Gods & Chanucks Tha


Rainbow Dash Kickstart

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21 Greensboro natives rolled out of a warm sack to seek an adventure at the newest neighborhood AO.  So many AO's so little time to crush them all.  It was a beautiful way to start the day so being in familiar territory we opted to leave our weapons in our cars and get to it.

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