F3Family Feud

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Somehow YHC was conned into signing up to Q Circle time twice in one month. I decided to make this mornings workout an opportunity to learn more about pax members and some of the history of the Greensboro F3. With a 20 question inspired workout challenge. Pax. 3for1 AirBall amphibious Buck matlock Cthru Xerox Sacked


Wojo's Special Edition Lunatic Fringe

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25 men heard that Boone's Farm took over the Fringe and wanted to come out to kick off Good Friday with some weights and track time.  Butt Fumble did not want to disappoint as Wojo showed up with a pen and a pad to make sure the Leadership was on point.  Making sure to dot


Weights meet Lunatic Fringe

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Strong group of 18 PAX came out to enjoy the Lunatic Fringe weights focused workout. Not sure if it was the great weather or just because it was Friday, but lots of excellent mumble chatter throughout the 45 minutes workout.  Here's what we accomplished: Started with a short mosey around the lower half of the parking


Back Blast – Derailleur / Lunatic Fringe

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24 Pax turned out for a Yeti beat down and got stuck with a Wicked easy street beat down instead! T-Clapps to Sacked and Wilson for the Co-Q support and to all the Pax for some serious effort in the gloom! Many thanks to Yeti for allowing me to be the last Derailleur at GDS


Derailleur Pre-Blast

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Dear Natville Pax, Tomorrow at the Derailleur - Greensboro Day School Gather at 5:25, launch 5:30 - 6:15 hard stop. Please bring the FNG you've been EHing for a while, it will be perfect weather and I promise a different workout than what you've experienced lately.. YHC- Wicked😜 PAX: Wicked QIC: 03/11/16


Welcome to the Boatshow

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  20 Pax come to see the Boatshow.  Not at the Coliseum but at the Derailleur.  Mumblechatter followed over to the Cornwalis Nightmare on Saturday so you know he brought the pain.  Nice work Boatshow! Warmarama Ride your hoverboard to the site 20 side straddle hops 20 hillbilly’s 20 windmills The Thang 200 meter sprints


Hittin' the Box

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19 PAX posted to a strength, speed and agility beatdown that is commonly used by the #soccerarms crowd.  YHC doesn't understand why the PAX were so gassed afterwards, but here is what we accompished. WARM-O-RAMA Weight carry to the north end of the track 100 yard Mozy across the soccer field to the south end of the


Please don't make me run…

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We had 18 PAX post today for a focus on super-set strength training. Here's how we rolled: Warm - a - Rama: SSH Imperial Walkers Hillbilly's Sun Gods Planks left leg up and right hand up with a 10-count from Yeti right leg up and left hand up with a 10-count from Sacked Introducing the


Ding! Ding! Derailluer B-Bast here

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YHC was setting up as PAX slowly began filing in. On a relatively mild morning most it was perfect for some heart-rate recovery intervals. Some were confused by the change of location on the #shovelflag. Q decided that it is best not to have to crawl through the locked gate (#educationpaysoff). PAX were instructed to


Breakfast Burrito Details 02/20

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Looking forward to serving our homeless in downtown Greensboro on February 20th with my fellow F3 Brothers. Please visit Burrito Bikers website to learn more about this service project.  Here is the link: Here is how this thing will go down. Friday, February 19th come to my house (6732 Kenbeck Ct. Summerfield, NC 27358)  Starting

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