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Drowning in Merkins (and H2O)

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Death Star Wednesday, May 4th, 2022 0530-0615 66° F, 84% humidity 36.20764° N, 79.80562° W Pax Gigawatt, Weed (RESPECT!), Gocu, DQ, Kaizen (RESPECT!), TJ Hooker, Pity The Fool (RESPECT!), Jelly Bean, Foot Fairy, JR, Geppetto, See Thru, TPS (RESPECT!), Jingles, Centerfold, Tommy Boy QiC Tommy Boy There's oonly one place to be on May the


Nordic Track – 12/11/21 – Christmas Movie Trivia

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Nordic Track – 12/11/21 – Christmas Movie Trivia EC coffee ruck performed by Sticky, TPS, TRD and Foot Fairy Mission Statement Delivered Warmarama: Mosey to covered area under the bleachers. SSH; Seal Jacks; BROGA Sun salutations; Flock of seagulls. Thang: Dice (Exercise): 2 – Burpees – 5; 10; 15 3 – Mike Tysons – 10;


Where the Wild Things Were

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W.A.R. Side Straddle Hops + Sun Gods-Extra Wide forward & Reverse + Wojo-Squat X Stretches Thang Commercial Breaks: Turk & Burps + Wheel Barrows Animal Movements Gorilla Walk Duck Walk Red Dragon Crawl Bear Crawl Crawl Bear Scaredy Cat Walk (Pike walk forward on fingers and toes: Forward/Facing Left/Right) Inchworm w/ Merkin (Performed In-place) Frog


Death Star 7/28/21

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21 including the Q suffered through a new type of workout. The Q couldn't count all that well, but there were plenty others who could. A little warm-a-rama and stretching, the thing was a "Time under Tension" style workout. A few odds and ends at the end and of course the close with Mary.


El Camino Real

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DEATHSTAR   When: April 28, 2021, 0530 QIC: Foot Fairy The PAX: Pity The Fool (Respect), Aquaman (Respect), Weed (Respect), Magic, TPS, Airball, Red Dragon, Jigawatt, Untouchable, TJ Hooker, Babybop, Loveseat, Steely Dan.   Conditions 64F and 56% humidity   At 0530, the F3 disclaimer was delivered and we moseyed on to the side of the school.  


Just Roll With It

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Date: 3/10/2021 Workout: Death Star Location: Northern High School Pax: Jigawatt, Baby Bop, Red Dragon, Aquaman (Respect), TJ Hooker, Hoosier, Wicked (Respect), Bodett, Foot Fairy, TPS, Good Hands, Love Seat, Stick Shift, Jitterbug (Respect), Airball, Canary, JR, Patch (Q) EC run with JR.  EC tire flippers TPS, Red Dragon, Hoosier and Stick Shift (don’t think


kinder and Gentler

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It was cold morning in Northern VA. My hope and goal was to be Kinder and gentler this AM.  27 Pax joined me on this beautiful Morning, some of which i believe came to test my new 2021 self.  Here are the ones that joined me (you figure out the plants that were sent to


Death Star – Inclement Weather Workout (IWW) 16.DEC.2020

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The PAX: Aquaman (Respect / Consistent / Improving Rapidly), TPS (Enthusiasm all the time - Memory!), Airball (Site Q / Grinder / Speed), Hoosier (Great working through the injury/ Tough / Grizzled), Peekaboo ( No sleep / Commitment) , Wicked ( Blessed). Death Star - WOD  1 mile warmarama hike - 15 Christmas Dash 12 Santa’s


An Ode to Iron PAX Challenge and Audibles

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PAX: Ric Flair, TJ Hooker, Wicked, See Thru, TPS, Xerox, Stickshift, Red Dragon, Slumlord, Bodett, Jigowatt, Aquaman, Piano Man, Drizzle (QIC)   It was a great morning with perfect weather and a great group of veterans showed up to Death Star.  The mumble chatter started early and often so YHC knew his work was cut


A bit unorthodox

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Date: 08/19/2020 Workout: Death Star Location: Northern Guilford High School Pax: JR, Black Swan, Good Hands, Gherkin (FNG), Rick Flair, Piano Man, Aquaman (Respect), Baby Bop, Mr. Magic, Philly, I Pity The Fool (Respect), Flamingo, Stick Shift, Red Dragon, TPS, Hall Pass, Wicked (Respect), Hoosier, Centerfold, Magic Dragon, Steely Dan, Foot Fairy, Airball, Patch Mission

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