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Leg Day at CougarTown – Saturday Feb 20 2021

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YHC has to say this was the toughest Q on me to date. Didn't look that bad on paper, but do any? Couldn't walk right (or do stairs) for 3 days after - still loved every minute of it. PAX: Black Swan, The Red Dragon, Love Seat, Kaizan, Aquaman (LW), Bellhop, Foot Fairy, Hall Pass,


Say No More – Hall Pass and Patch CoQ

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Date: 2/6/2021 Workout: Cougar Town Location: Kernodle Middle School Pax: Bodett, Jigawatt, Love Seat, Patch (CoQ), Ozone, Hall Pass (CoQ), Norwood Background and Setup A while back in September YHC got an idea to create a circuit of exercises including makeshift hurdles.  After the workout, Hall Pass mentioned that we should team up and do


F3 Tribute to the 12 Days of Christmas

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First, always post your backblast, otherwise, it didn’t happen. Second, due to the increased vigilance at F3 CougarTown, the valet service has been discontinued. Please park your own vehicle. Third, make sure you have something to hold your weinkes, else they could blow away. Fourth, as the Q, we are requested to have our phones


Cougar Town Variety Pack

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It was a perfect morning at Cougar Town last Sat.!  I nice layer of gloom hung over the fields, as we began our approach to the track.... PAX:  Jigawatt, Patch, TPS, Wicked, All Black, See Thru, Magic Dragon, Foot Fairy, Bellhop, Kaizen, Jitterbug -Q Warm O SSH's, Lucky 7's, String Rippers, Lunges, Hi-Jack Hi-Jills, Press


Modify As Needed

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Cougar Town Saturday, October, 2020 0630-0730 36.132175, -79.880630 61 °F, 99% humidity Pax Drizzle (RESPECT!), Hall Pass, See Thru, Wicked (RESPECT!), WKRP (RESPECT), Kaizen (RESPECT!), Tommy Boy QiC Tommy Boy Quickly after rolling up to THE premier 0630 AO and hoping out of Ol' Blue, it became appearant that the Pax was a littl banged


A Different Kind of Noodle

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Date: 09/26/2020 Workout: Cougar Town Location: Kernodle Middle School Pax: Hoosier, Droid, Kaizen (Respect), Hall Pass, Jigawatt, Red Dragon, Bobby Knight, Steely Dan, TPS, Patch (QIC) Setup Hall Pass asked me on Wednesday if I’d Q this coming Saturday, as a substitute for Foot Fairy.  Not usually one to turn a Pax member down, I


Hit the Target Day at Cougartown

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PAX: Kaizen, Hall Pass, Crawlspace, Ozone, Snookie, Gigawatt, Patch, Ratchet (FNG-Nick Romanoski), Spark (FNG-Cassidy Woods), Emo (FNG-James Duncan), Longfellow (FNG-Dillon Salmon), Sign Flipper (FNG-Will Cadena), Dark Web (FNG - Joe Smith), Sacked - QIC 14 PAX including YHC showed up on time and ready to go at Cougartown this morning. It was a special honor


Crowd Favorite?

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July 11, 2020 CougarTown Easy Rider Peloton Pax Red Dragon, Drizzle, Bobby Knight, Magic Dragon, Cougar (2.0), SeeThru, AirBall, Foot Fairy, Canary, Stick Shift, Hall Pass, Steely Dan, Bravo, Centerfold, and TPS QIC TPS Well it’s been a year since the last Peloton adventure at CougarTown, and a classic is always a classic.  However, this


Birthday Bash @ Cougartown

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This is about as 'late' as you can get for a backblast without being too late. Friday night at 10:30pm before a 0630 workout. However, this #BB is not going to cover much of the workout exercises. After the crazy week, I just want to give credit to the pax that posted. Pax: Red Dragon,


ProBowl Party at Cougartown

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1/25/2020 6:30am-7:30am Cougartown Weather: Puddly but downright perfect PAX TPS, Red Dragon, Airball, Hoosier, Jigawatt, Wojo, Bodette, Lynda, Bruce Lee, Messy Mozart, Houlihan, Tommy Boy, Byrider, Bushwood, Strikeout, Snowflake, YHC YHC arrived early  to drive inspect the field of battle and drop coupons. The field was, for all intents and purposes, underwater, so an audible

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