Cougar Town

Were you wearing your helmet??

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Unbeknownst to me, I have officially been nominated as Wicked’s ghost writer and back blast provider for all workouts. It must have been in the small fine print of the northern soul crusher LLC alliance paperwork which I did not read completely.  this is now carried over into all of his workouts where I might


50 Seconds is longer

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JULY 6, 2019 PAX Drizzle, Red Dragon, Misfire, AirBall, Seethru, Steely Dan, quick draw, STP, TPS   Great morning after a long week of some challenging workouts so I decided to go easy on them/me by rehashing an oldie. Tabata-style workout except I streatched the HIIT portion to 50 secs with only 10 sec recovery.


Great Morning for Group Work at Cougar Town

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PAX: Red Dragon, TPS, Airball, See Thru, Spackler, Snowflake, Magic Dragon, Misfire, Radiator, Steely Dan, Bruce Lee, Poehler, Naked Gun, Sacked - QIC On a perfect morning 14 PAX including YHC posted Cougar Town ready to get after it. There was a lot of activity at this AO prior to the 6:30 a.m. launch. Pulling


Its Cougar Town

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“Grin & Bear it” Excited to be back on Q at Circle Time. Unfortunately, I had injured my rib/side earlier this week at Circle Time doing Xerox’s power ups (can’t sue F3), which had become progressively more uncomfortable as the week went on,but got really bad after working with TPS’ battle ropes during EC prior


MMA = Meow Meow Awesomeness

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Cougar Town Saturday, March 16, 2019 0630-0730 36.132175, -79.880630 42 °F,  43% humidity, windy Pax See Thru, Hoosier, Buddy Rich, Air Ball, TPS, Crawlspace, All Blacks, Red Card, Expired (RESPECT!), Houlihan, Schnitzel (RESPEKT!) Bradley Towers (FNG- Chappy), MacGyver, Ozone, Slumlord, Red Dragon (EC), Whirly Bird (EC), Tommy Boy QiC Tommy Boy Perhaps it was the


The whole truth…

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March 2, 2019 As The Godfather of F3 Cougar Town, YHC is always ready to Q when needed.  Trying to mix up the normal TPS workout, YHC went way out on the limb to put this workout together. YHC was first in the lot to make sure the workout was prepped before anyone else arrived.


So Fresh, So Clean

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AO: CougarTown February 16th, 2019. Time: 0630 Conditions: 42F, Raining, dreary with a chance of slips and falls. PAX (Count 8): ByRider, Ozone, Air Ball, TPS, See Thru, Red Dragon (For EC Ruck), Magic Dragon and Foot Fairy (QIC). YHC got to "The Town" with dread that the sub-optimal weather conditions would have induced a fartsack epidemic but


Visit to the Neighbors

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COUGARTOWN 1/19/19 Almost as rare as the unicorn is a Bodett posting on a Saturday. Even more rare is a Bodett Q on a Saturday, and most of the time YHC may grab it last minute when someone find is unavailable at the last minute. However, Red Dragon had got me tied down way back


2 more substit-Q’s for the price of 1

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Cougar Town – 10/16/18 –    Chips was unable to Q this Sat as scheduled at Cougar Town, as is on the IR.  As it takes 2 PAX members to fill his shoes, Red Dragon and I were happy to step up and fill the void.   RD and I texted briefly on Friday -


From Chain Thingy to 3rd Base.

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Cougar Town Date: November 03, 2018 Time: 6:30am Conditions: 420F, Calm PAX (Count 6): Magic Dragon, Red Dragon, Airball, Bed Bug, Kaizen and Foot Fairy (QIC) 0630: Mission statement and disclaimer given. Short mosey to the Carolyn S. Allen Athletic Complex parking lot. Warm-A-Rama: Windmills – 20 String Rippers– 15 Nancy Kerrigans (10L/10R) Hillbillies- 15 SSHs– 30 Short mosey

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