Cougar Town

Jocko Beginner at the Cougar Town

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PAX:  Jiggawatt, TPS, Weber, Ozone, Ponch, Kaizan (IR appearance), YHC Jitterbug Inspired by Jocko Willink's workouts listed in his "Discipline Equals Freedom" book, I decided to introduce one to our group at Kernodle Middle's AO. Warm-O Plank hold 15 secs, Hip Dips: 5 ea side, Slow Full squat hold: 10 secs, 1 Burpee, 5 SSH's


CougarTown July 16, 2022

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July 16, 2022 AO: CougarTown PAX: Hall Pass, FNG- Hulk, FNG- Handspring, Drive Thru, Burnout, FNG- Bow Tie, Lazyboy, Big Poppy, FNG- Flash, QIC - Sacked On a perfect Saturday morning for a beatdown 10 PAX including YHC decided to take their DRP at CougarTown. All days are special in the gloom, but this was


Slumy’s Magical Mystery Tour

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Per the command of the Great and Powerful Site-Q, I picked up the next available Q slot. I did not know that today was the Sixth Anniversary of Cougartown, the LEGENDARY AO where heroes are born. Learning this, I had to come up with a BootCamp of legendary stature... WARMARAMA The Pax moseyed over to


Saturday Suicide Run

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AO:  CougarTown Date:  Saturday, April 9,2022 QiC:  Boy Wonder PAX (4) :  Hall Pass, 50cc, Bodette, YHC- Boy Wonder (Kilowatt for EC Ruck and Kaizen for COT)   Warm-A-Rama: Mosey to Allen park, Karaoke, backward, regular; SSH, Sun Gods, Modified Abe Vigoda, Imperial Walkers   The Thang: Suicide run in Allen Parking Lot. All exercises


Slummy Shines (Again)

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Location: Cougar Town Date: 02/26/2022. Time: 0630 Conditions: 36F, 2mph NNW breeze. PAX (Count 7):  TPS (R), Slumlord, Airball, JR, Hall Pass, Red Dragon, and Foot Fairy (QIC) At 0630 F3 disclaimer and mission statement delivered. Warm-A-Rama: SSH IC- 20 Curb to Curb- Sun Gods (Fwd and reverse), Golf ball bick ups Abe Vigoda -


Nordic Track – 12/11/21 – Christmas Movie Trivia

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Nordic Track – 12/11/21 – Christmas Movie Trivia EC coffee ruck performed by Sticky, TPS, TRD and Foot Fairy Mission Statement Delivered Warmarama: Mosey to covered area under the bleachers. SSH; Seal Jacks; BROGA Sun salutations; Flock of seagulls. Thang: Dice (Exercise): 2 – Burpees – 5; 10; 15 3 – Mike Tysons – 10;



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12/4/2021 AO - Cougartown Q - Bobby Knight PAX - Airball (EC), TPS (EC), Hallpass, Gigawatt (EC), Bruce Lee (EC), Houlihan (EC), Steely Dan, Foot Fairy (EC), YHC Mission was stated. Mosey commenced. WARM-O-RAMA SSH, Sun Gods, Abe Vigodas, String Rippers, Goofballs Mosey to the top of the trail across Drawbridge. THE THANG Being an


CougarTown 8/14/21 – Fill in Q

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Baby Bop needed a fill in for his scheduled Q and YHC had to post at CT for his #natvillesummerchallenge stop. It was a match made in heaven. PAX: Hall Pass, Giggawatt, Eggplant, Bodett Greating/disclaimer/mission were given. W-A-R: Mosey to track SSH x 15 IW x 15 IC StringRippers x 10 IC Sungods x 10



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Cougar Town Saturday 17July 06:30 - 7:30 Humid Pax (5): Jiggawat, Hall Pass, Magic Dragon, Love Seat, Kaizen QiC: Kaizen Whiffle Bats Whiffle Balls 55 Burpees + 120 Mike Tysons + 40 Burpees Warm-A-Rama Side Straddle Hops Sun Gods Chinooks String Rippers Runner Stretches The Thang Hit n Run Competition Driving contest - longest ball


3 Y +10 D Cougar Town

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Date: 7/10 Pax: Kaizen, TPS, Air Ball, Steely Dan, JR QIC: JR Recycled WO from previous Cougar Town Q 3 years and 10 days previous, in memory of "The Fight." WAR: Nope Thang: Start with 2 minute plank, incorporate 10 peter parkers IC, 10 MTN Climbers IC, 6" hold and 10 Merkins.  Mosey to track

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