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CougarTown July 16, 2022

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July 16, 2022 AO: CougarTown PAX: Hall Pass, FNG- Hulk, FNG- Handspring, Drive Thru, Burnout, FNG- Bow Tie, Lazyboy, Big Poppy, FNG- Flash, QIC - Sacked On a perfect Saturday morning for a beatdown 10 PAX including YHC decided to take their DRP at CougarTown. All days are special in the gloom, but this was


Slumy’s Magical Mystery Tour

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Per the command of the Great and Powerful Site-Q, I picked up the next available Q slot. I did not know that today was the Sixth Anniversary of Cougartown, the LEGENDARY AO where heroes are born. Learning this, I had to come up with a BootCamp of legendary stature... WARMARAMA The Pax moseyed over to


Saturday Suicide Run

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AO:  CougarTown Date:  Saturday, April 9,2022 QiC:  Boy Wonder PAX (4) :  Hall Pass, 50cc, Bodette, YHC- Boy Wonder (Kilowatt for EC Ruck and Kaizen for COT)   Warm-A-Rama: Mosey to Allen park, Karaoke, backward, regular; SSH, Sun Gods, Modified Abe Vigoda, Imperial Walkers   The Thang: Suicide run in Allen Parking Lot. All exercises


Slummy Shines (Again)

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Location: Cougar Town Date: 02/26/2022. Time: 0630 Conditions: 36F, 2mph NNW breeze. PAX (Count 7):  TPS (R), Slumlord, Airball, JR, Hall Pass, Red Dragon, and Foot Fairy (QIC) At 0630 F3 disclaimer and mission statement delivered. Warm-A-Rama: SSH IC- 20 Curb to Curb- Sun Gods (Fwd and reverse), Golf ball bick ups Abe Vigoda -


Nordic Track – 12/11/21 – Christmas Movie Trivia

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Nordic Track – 12/11/21 – Christmas Movie Trivia EC coffee ruck performed by Sticky, TPS, TRD and Foot Fairy Mission Statement Delivered Warmarama: Mosey to covered area under the bleachers. SSH; Seal Jacks; BROGA Sun salutations; Flock of seagulls. Thang: Dice (Exercise): 2 – Burpees – 5; 10; 15 3 – Mike Tysons – 10;



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12/4/2021 AO - Cougartown Q - Bobby Knight PAX - Airball (EC), TPS (EC), Hallpass, Gigawatt (EC), Bruce Lee (EC), Houlihan (EC), Steely Dan, Foot Fairy (EC), YHC Mission was stated. Mosey commenced. WARM-O-RAMA SSH, Sun Gods, Abe Vigodas, String Rippers, Goofballs Mosey to the top of the trail across Drawbridge. THE THANG Being an


CougarTown 8/14/21 – Fill in Q

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Baby Bop needed a fill in for his scheduled Q and YHC had to post at CT for his #natvillesummerchallenge stop. It was a match made in heaven. PAX: Hall Pass, Giggawatt, Eggplant, Bodett Greating/disclaimer/mission were given. W-A-R: Mosey to track SSH x 15 IW x 15 IC StringRippers x 10 IC Sungods x 10



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Cougar Town Saturday 17July 06:30 - 7:30 Humid Pax (5): Jiggawat, Hall Pass, Magic Dragon, Love Seat, Kaizen QiC: Kaizen Whiffle Bats Whiffle Balls 55 Burpees + 120 Mike Tysons + 40 Burpees Warm-A-Rama Side Straddle Hops Sun Gods Chinooks String Rippers Runner Stretches The Thang Hit n Run Competition Driving contest - longest ball


3 Y +10 D Cougar Town

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Date: 7/10 Pax: Kaizen, TPS, Air Ball, Steely Dan, JR QIC: JR Recycled WO from previous Cougar Town Q 3 years and 10 days previous, in memory of "The Fight." WAR: Nope Thang: Start with 2 minute plank, incorporate 10 peter parkers IC, 10 MTN Climbers IC, 6" hold and 10 Merkins.  Mosey to track


Set The Right Goals

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Date: 7/3/2021 Workout: Cougar Town Location: Kernodle Middle School Pax: Foot Fairy, Air Ball, Kaizen (Respect), TPS, Hall Pass, Red Dragon, Wicked (Respect), Misfire, Ponch (Respect), Patch (Q) The Mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups, for men, for the invigoration of male community leadership. Warmarama Mosey over to the

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