Cornwallis’ Nightmare

Cornwallis Nightmare 1/9/2021

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Cornwallis Nightmare Saturday, January 9, 2021 0700-0800 30° F (Feels like 25° F) PAX: Bones, Ozone, Nails, Toto, Long Time, Daisy, Hazmat, Bushwood and Pocahontas (QiC) posted for bootcamp.  Jitterbug joined COT following Nordikanda Run and Matlock joined following his Splinter Ruck.  11 PAX in total. YHC and Bushwood were greeted by Radiator and his


Tour De Cornwallis Nightmare

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Date: December 26 PAX:  Snookie ( Respect) Aurora (Respect ) Wojo (Resepct ) Scooby Doo ( Respect ) Bedbug  Mr. Incredible P{once ( Respect) Brexit Windmill ( Respect ) Sir Isaac ( Respect ) Hazmat ( Respect Site Q ) Sack ( Respect ) Daphne ( Respect ) YHM Picasso ( Respect ) Intro:  At


Masters & Marshall

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Date:  11/14/20 Workout:  Cornwallis Nightmare Pax:  Gilligan, Wojo (Respect!), Mudflap (Respect!), Snooki (Respect!), Sir Isaac (Respect!), Drysdale (Respect!), Etch A Sketch (Respect!), Agassi, Schnitzel (Respect!), Tammy, Pocahantas, Monacle (Respect!;  Gary Simon - FNG), Picasso (Respect!), Byner, Gunny, Udders (YHC) On a cool but pleasant November morning 16 Natville men met at Country Park to post


Gimme 5 at Cornwallis’ Nightmare

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Date: 9/5/2020 Weather: 71 degrees, 48% humidity (according to the Wojo weather station at 6:30 am) Pax: Picasso, Muggsy, Snookie, On Time, Sacked, Yeti, Windmill (War Daddy), Nutmeg, Mike Brady, Ozone, Tommy Boy, FNG Kewuan Brewington - Demo (War Baby), Wojo (QIC); Splinter Runner: Longtime;  Swimmer: Schnitzel 13 Pax showed up at Natville's granddaddy AO


Concert in the Park – Cornwallis’ Nightmare #BB 08/29/2020

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AO: Cornwallis’ Nightmare Date: Saturday, August 29, 2020 Location: Jaycee Park Launch: 7:00 AM PAX: Udders, Wojo (Respect!), Mudflap (Respect!), Sir Isaac (Respect! HBD!), FlatRate (Respect!), OnTime, Sacked (Respect!), Michelin Man, Patch, HazMat (Respect!), Sugar Cake, DOS, Nap Time, Picasso (Respect!), Etch-A-Sketch (Respect) QIC: Etch-A-Sketch YHC saw a message on the ol’ Twitters that Cornwallis’


Morning motivation at Cornwallis Nightmare

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Cornwallis Nightmare Saturday August 22, 2020 0700 – 0800 72º F, cloudy and humid Location: Country Park – where it all began! Its always good to connect with the veteran #HIM at Cornwallis Nightmare so when Butt Fumble put out the call for a substi-Q I though this would be the perfect opportunity for a


Bucket Tower – Patch’s VQ

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Date: 11/23/2019 Workout: Cornwallis Nightmare Location: Jaycee Park Pax: Everest (Respect), Sir Isaac, Stretch (Respect), Ozone, Windmill (Respect), Pacer (Respect), Drysdale (Respect), Mudflap (Respect), Matlock, Tommy Boy, Kay, Mall Cop, Crawlspace, Patch Mission Statement and Disclaimer Warm A Rama Sun Gods – 20 IC Hillbillies – 20 IC Seal Jacks – 15 IC Windmills –


8 Stations at The Nightmare

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PAX: Poehler, Pacer, Mugsy, Nutmeg, Bed Bug, Tommy Boy, Bones, Spackler, Stretch, Flat Rate, Sir Isaac, Hazmat, Snookie, Snowflake, Michelin Man, Verlander, Windmill, Magellan, QIC - Sacked   19 HIMS hit the Nightmare this morning for an 8 Station workout on the Diamond. The morning started off on a high note with Snookie and Bed


“Good Times at Cornwallis Nightmare”

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June 27, 2020 Cornwallis nightmare QiC : Spackler (respect) Pax : Hazmat (respect), Nutmeg (respect), Settlement, Windmill (respect), Stretch (respect), JLove, Falcon, Michelin Man, Brexit, Brandy (respect), Pacer (respect), Sir Isaac (respect), WKRP (respect), Wahoo (respect), Drysdale (respect), Sacked (respect), Ozone, Picasso (respect), Spackler (respect), Jingles   YHC arrived on site approximately 30 minutes before

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