Cornwallis’ Nightmare

Remember the Pain

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07/24/2021 AO - Cornwallis Nightmare Q - Bobby Knight PAX - Wojo (RESPECT), Snookie (RESPECT), Windmill (RESPECT), Sir Isaac (RESPECT), Ozone, Houlihan, Marvel, Hoosier, Sir Purr (RESPECT), Viagra (Splinter), Bones (Splinter), YHC Mission was stated. Mosey commenced. WARMORAMA SSH, Imperial Walkers, Windmill, String Rippers, Mountain Climbers, Merkins, Sun Gods, Mosey to the top of the


Adding to the Lexicon @ CN 07102021

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Cornwallis Nightmare Saturday July 10, 2021 0700 – 0800 70-72º F Pax Haz Mat RESPECT, Mugsy, Akron, Scooby Doo RESPECT, Houlihan, Birds Nest, Don’t Cha Know RESPECT, Phoenix RESPECT, Socrates, Sir Purr RESPECT, Windmill RESPECT, Sir Isaac RESPECT, Drizzle, Michelin Man, Ozone, Snowflake RESPECT, FNG – now Lederhosen, Tommy Boy, Bruce Lee - QiC We


Nightmare Dreams Come True!

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PAX: Sir Isaac (also known as Sir Charles...doh!), Kevin (respect), Windmill (Double Respect), Defib, Socrate, Oxone, Hazmat (Respect), Sacked (respect), Mugsy, Roscoe, Flamingo, Longtime -splinter run-, Matlock -splinter Murph-, Jitterbug- Q Perfect morning for the workout!  Clear, 60 degrees (ish), gorgeous!  LET FREEDOM RING!! After the intro, and disclaimer we Moseyed through the playground -Hey



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June 19, at 700 am we got together to have some fun at the park. At 7 I stated the mission statement. Then we said the pledge of ALLEGIANCE. Then a short mosey to the parking lot of the nearby church. We circled up. The we got right into Warm ma Rama. 1st exercise Side


Back At The Mothership

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Date:  6/5/21 Workout:  Cornwallis Nightmare Pax:  Crabcake, Red Card, Sacked (Respect!), Daphne (Respect!), Snow White (Respect!), Bones, Joey, Bruegger's (FNG - Ron Conner), Roscoe (FNG - Philip Griffin), J-Love, Picasso (Respect!), Double Check (Respect!), J-Woww, Birds Nest, Matlock (Respect!), Muggsy, Sir Isaac (Respect!), Haz-Mat (Respect!), Michelin Man, Houlihan, Ozone, Heisenberg, Udders (YHC) On a warm


Bed Bug + 5K + Grinder = a Nightmare at Cornwallis Nightmare

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18 of #Natville's best PAX ventured to the Nightmare to enjoy a 5K full body Grinder Bootcamp PAX:  Bed Bug (QIC), Wojo, JLove, Gilligan, Sacked, Crawl Space, Muggsy, Hazmat, Michelin Man, Xerox, Polo, 8-mile, Bones & Joey, Sir Isaac, Windmill, Schnitzel, Robin Hood, On-Time WarmORama: Mosey to the church parking lot where the PAX was


Cheating on the D A I S C H E, teasing CN

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YHC was given the opportunity to Q the MOTHERSHIP, aka Cornwallis Nightmare where it all started for Natville.  Where would we be without a beginning? There are some Red Woods out there who could give you a first hand account just ask them. Apparently some guys knew some guys and the story begins. CN was


Cold plain bone chillin Cold

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Ok Saturday April 3 I switched with another brother to Q the NIGHTMARE. Thought I would change it up a bit. Good morning, no FNG'S, PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE slow mosey to church lot. First Windmills cadence to 10 second String rippers cadence to 10   third 7's on my down to 21 fourth Morrocan night


A laundry list of exercises – #BB for Cornwallis’ Nightmare 02/20/2021

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A.O.: Cornwallis’ Nightmare Date: February 20, 2021 Time: 0700 - 0800 Location: Jaycee Park PAX: Mudflap (Respect!), Sir Isaac (Respect!), Snooki (Respect!), Five-Dollar Footlong, Stretch (Respect!), Phoenix, Michelin Man, On Time, Windmill (Respect!) Mugsy, Hazmat (Respect!), Ozone, Tommyboy, Don’tcha’ Know (Respect!), Gilligan, Drizzle (Respect!), Wojo (Respect!), Bedbug, ScoobyDoo (Respect!), Etch-a-Sketch (Respect!) QIC: Etch-a-Sketch Saturday AM


4 Man Grinder at the Nightmare

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28 PAX consisting of 22 Boot Camp, 5 Splinter, and 1 Pooch Walker took their DRP at Cornwallis Nightmare this morning. We are thrilled to welcome FNG's Bart (Carl Hieb) and Berbatov (Richard Weil who is Damage Control's 2.0).   PAX: Aurora, Damage Control, Michelin Man, Brexit, Picasso, Fannie and his 4 legged pal Nugget,

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