‘Merica MMXXII

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Independence Day Convergence Monday, July 4, 2022 0700-0800 36.11882° N, 79.83412° W 72 °F, 83% humidity The Pax 3-for-1, Snakes on a Plane, Kamsahamnida, Stick Shift, Red Dragon, John Coctostan, Udders, Houlihan, Expired, Cheddar, Flo Jo, Ledecki, Stryker, Radiator, Tux, Mud Flap, Goku, DQ, Crash, Slumlord, Jingles, Mugsy, Hazmat, Stretch, Kevin, Windmill, Drizzle, Patch, TPS,


Cougar Town Nordic Tract convergence everyone wins

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Saturday December 28, 2019 YHC was contacted by Virus earlier in the week about holiday numbers and YHC recommended a CougarTown convergence. Then, there was the oddity of Pitino being downrange and Crawlspace changing plans so it was Red Dragon and AirBall double trouble co-Q until the sniffles hit his ‘air-ness’ leaving TRD with a


4 Years of F3 Greensboro – Aging Like a Fine Merlot

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  Undoubtedly, F3 has had an enormous impact in the lives of men… now not only in our communities but all around the world.  Today, F3 Greensboro came together in celebration of this impact on our lives over the past 4 years.  As you all know, the impact of F3 goes far beyond the fitness


Hurricane Florence hits town

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You knew it had to happen eventually. A Wicked and TPS coQ convergence with Nordic Tract and Cougar Town.  It was only a manner of time.   Making up on the calendar for Red Dragon from the Saturday morning Hoosier, Bodett, Slumlord and YHC we’re finishing up the ruck, YHC was determined to make it


F3 Natville Thanksgiving Convergence

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Date:  11/23/17 Location:  Jaycee Park QIC's:  Xerox (Planksgiving), Slum Lord (Murph), Udders (Run) On a cool Thanksgiving morning 71 pax (including 4 FNG's) descended on Jaycee Park for a great beatdown to start their Thanksgiving Day off right.  3 Q's were ready to deliver a beatdown, and it went down something like this: Xerox called


The 2017 MEGA, Part Deux, celebrating 3 years of F3 Greensboro, #CSAUP style

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Date: October 28, 2017 Location: Jaycee/Country Park (Cornwallis Nightmare AO) PAX: Shutterfly (BTown), Cecil, Long Time, Nomad, Fannie, Mister, Earhart, FloRida (K-Vegas), JR, Dr. Evil (K-Vegas), Graffiti, Lucky Charm (K-Vegas), Cornhole, 3 for 1, TPS, Kay (K-Vegas), Yosef (BTown), Don't Cha Know, Butt Fumble, Caddy (HP), Airball, Snowflake, Puddles, Crank Bait (K-Vegas), Sludge (K-Vegas), Sacked,


#TheMEGA 2017

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PRE-BLAST for The Megalodon aka #TheMEGA: 10/28/2017 F3 Natville (Greensboro if you are still new to our PAX) is honored to host the 2nd annual Triad area F3 #CSAUP event - The Megalodon or The Mega. F3 Winston-Salem hosted this initial CSAUP in March 2016.  We are excited to plant the shovel flag this


Labor Day Convergence – 90 Minutes of Pain

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45 of #Natville's finest, including 3 FNGs, broke out of their fartsacks for a little extended 1st F fun.  YHC and DOS had a little pain planned, and it went down a little something like this. After a little disclaimer, the PAX moseyed to the church parking lot for: Warm-O-Rama 5 Burpees OYO....and so it begins....

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